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  • Quote:Is there anywhere you can hire an Olympus OM-D E-M5 II and a 14-150 lens?
    Olympus Test And Wow

  • Quote:OP It's tricky for that kind of money because you want speed, i3 min, you want RAM min 6, preferably 12 or 16, and you want a big screen, no 13" stuff, then you want decent size HD. You will have to compromise, I'd go for this then beef it up later when funds allowed, by chucking in another stick of ram.

    I did actually look at that model and figured I might as well dig a bit deeper. Ended up with a Toshiba, i5, 8gb of RAM, NVIDIA graphics card and 15" screen that is taking some getting used to as my previous laptop was only 13"

    Thanks all for the comments anyway.

  • If you had about £500 to spend on a laptop, what would you get? Will run Lightroom and Photoshop CC and other everyday computing needs, streaming videos etc but not gaming. Screen is obviously important but I would ideally not want to go below 15" unless there is a very good case for it.

  • Quote:
    You find this acceptable do you


    I quite agree, that is completely unacceptable, hogging the outside lane like that.
  • I sold my Benbo when I migrated to M43, it was overkill for my kit, I previously had a D800 and associated lenses and it was great for that, solid as a rock and it could get into all sorts of positions. One thing I would add however is that you wouldn't want to take it on a 10 mile hike.
  • If you have a smartphone/iPhone, I'd recommend getting the Triggertrap app and dongle. Makes life a little easier. All the settings you need for star trails will be on the app. Cheaper than the MC-36 as well.
  • Getting back on track, I have still got my Lee 100mm filter holders as I kept the Big Stopper and Firecrest filter when I migrated to to MFT. The Oly 12-40 lens has a filter size of 62mm and I've even used the Lee holder on the kit lens I got with the E-M10; the 14-42 that has a filter size of 37mm. The 62mm adapter ring I already had and the 37mm came with a cheap ring flash I purchased

    *Edit, I remember I actually had to buy a step down ring, still worked ok though.

  • Quote:Below is an image I took during daytime, exposure was 20 seconds at f8.0, I might send the raw file to that guy who wrote the blog to see what he can do with it in Lr. The next image down is one that was overexposed because it was taken at 1/8000 at f1.4 and the sun killed it, I'll send him that one too

    Quote:and that's why I said what I did.

    Strange then that you should say that. One almost gets the impression that you jumped the gun a bit in trying to debunk what he wrote. And your 'examples' are still not relevant.

  • Quote:You can't shoot at wide apertures on a bright day without NDs

    Just to be clear, the author I linked to was talking about graduated ND's so your 'examples' are not really applicable. However, I do understand that it is just one persons opinion and others will also have an opinion.
  • MPB. You get peace of mind and after all the deductions from eBay and Paypal the prices received are pretty much the same.

  • Quote:I think Scott flipped it in order to try and thwart reverse image search etc.

    Ah! That explains why I can't find a single nicked image of mine. Tongue

  • Quote:is that The Shard?

    Yes it is.
  • With the Samyang 7.5mm. I wouldn't let go of mine........unless I'm overwhelmed by the urge to get the by the Oly 8mm.........................................when I win the lottery.

  • Quote:Since fox hunting stopped, there are more of them and they do more damage.

    Foxes are like humans in that they kill wantonly for what seems to be sheer pleasure. When a fox gets into a hen-house, it'll take one for food and kill the rest. The foxes have taken all but one of this year's crop of cygnets from the river near us.

    Source: http://www.ifaw.org/united-kingdom/our-work/banning-hunting-dogs/myths-realities#a4

    According to the UK Government Burns Commission, “the overall contribution of traditional fox hunting, within the overall total of control techniques involving dogs, is almost certainly insignificant in terms of the management of the fox population as a whole.” The fox population has not changed either since the Hunting Act as hunting with dogs never had a real effect on populations due to the fact that foxes are territorial predators whose population self-regulate. If you kill some in an area you are going to have foxes from other areas coming in to replace the population you eliminated. The proof of this is that when hunting with dogs stopped during the foot-and-mouth crisis, research from Bristol University (Harris, 2002) showed that the fox population did not increase. On the other side, if you try to kill many foxes in an area using all possible means, research (Baker & Harris, 2006) has shown that the likely effect is an increase in fox numbers.

  • Quote:Here are the first Nikon D5 camera rumors:

    New 20MP FX sensor 173 autofocus points Same processor as the D4s, and 15 FPS


    173 af points, I use one on my D4s, and have done since my 10D, the extra 4fps a sec won't make much difference as I shoot a lot on single shot, it will be interesting to see if the rise from 16 to 20Mp spoils the low light performance


    They obviously forgot to consult you on this. 172 wasted AF points and goodness only know why they should increase the fps when you won't use them. It's a travesty.
  • Olympus Test and Wow

    And I'd get the EM5 mk2 over the EM1