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  • Part Two of my review of the cactus LV5

    Part Two of my review of the cactus LV5 Laser Trigger can be founfd on my blog here:

    21 Apr 2013 12:49PM  |  Read


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  • Cactus LV5

    Hot on the heels of my nerotrigger review, I have been asked to submit a similar review for the Cactus wireless laser trigger LV5 So watch this space :D0

    24 Mar 2013 8:52PM  |  Read


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  • Nero Trigger review conclusion.

    The conclusion of my nerotrigger review is now available here:

    24 Mar 2013 8:47PM  |  Read


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  • Nerotrigger Part Four: Timelapse

    A quickie this afternoon to test the timelapse function, not great but it shows the systems versatility. On my Blog HERE0

    18 Mar 2013 9:12PM  |  Read


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  • Nerotrigger Part Three: The Laser Function

    Part three of my review of the Nerotrigger can be found on my website blog here: Nerotrigger Part Three0

    17 Mar 2013 6:01PM  |  Read


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  • Nerotrigger Part two. The Sound Sensor

    The second part of my review of the Nerotrigger can be found on my website blog here: 0


    9 Mar 2013 9:08PM  |  Read


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  • Nero Trigger

    I have been asked by the makers of the photo trigger gadget Nero Trigger to provide an impartial review of the latest incarnation of their product. The first part of this review can be found on my website blog here: Nero Trigger Review Please ...0


    1 Mar 2013 8:40PM  |  Read


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  • 52 Week Challenge - Week 7 - Doors

    Doors! Not a particularly inspiring challenge for this week, in fact the challenge was mustering up the enthusiasm to meet the challenge. At least I can say this wasn't one of my suggestions. Never the less I took part as is the spirit of the challen...0


    18 Feb 2013 2:27PM  |  Read


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  • Strawberry Splat

    Another demonstration of the Triggersmart system, this time dropping a strawberry on to a spoon that has some white paint on it. This video was filmed on location in glorious 'Mossovision', as such the budget for the production was 0.00 and it s...0


    18 Feb 2013 8:15AM  |  Read


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  • 52 Week Challenge - Week 6 - Strangers/Candids

    I'm not averse to taking photos of strangers but for this challenge I completely ran out of time, so it's just a couple of images from me this week, I'm not too happy with either of them but it was a case of these or nothing. 0


    11 Feb 2013 8:58PM  |  Read


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  • 52 Week Challenge - Week 5 - Slow Shutter

    This weeks challenge for my '52 Week Challenge' was to use a slow shutter speed. For a couple of the images I used the LEE Big Stopper in bright daylight, the other was a series of images blended together to form one image. Brighton Wheel I wen...0


    3 Feb 2013 10:07PM  |  Read


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  • 52 Week Challenge - Week 4 - Looking up/down

    This week has been a challenge, not least because of the weather but also in finding inspiration for the subject matter. I have just a couple of shots that I'm happy with. The first Beach Huts took my fancy because of the bright yellow and blue sky. ...0


    27 Jan 2013 4:19PM  |  Read


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  • 52 Week Challenge - Week 3 - Mono

    The challenge for this third week of my 52 week challenge was mono. Today was the first day I was able to get out and about. It was a flat, dull day with the remnants of yesterdays snow more like slush and ice and nothing to particularly write home a...0


    19 Jan 2013 4:04PM  |  Read


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  • 52 Week Challenge - Week 2 Self Portraits

    It's week two of my 52 week challenge and the theme for this week is Self Portraits. Like the majority of photographers, I am more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it and I don't really know what to do on this side. The first image is a...0


    10 Jan 2013 8:57PM  |  Read


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  • 52 Week Challenge

    After my successful 365 Project whereby I took one picture everyday for 365 days and posted it, I am with some friends on F****r embarking on a new project. It is a little different from the 365 Project insofar as it is more defined; the 365 Project ...0


    1 Jan 2013 3:22PM  |  Read


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