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  • Project 365-4

    I was sitting contemplating what I was going to photograph for my project today and I happened to glance in the garden. So I became a wildlife tog for a few minutes. This little blighter is one of a nesting family that lives in my next door neighbour...0


    4 Sep 2011 3:37PM  |  Read


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  • Project 365-3

    The hut in the middle is just one of a very, very few huts on Hove promenade that does not have a number. It is in fact Number 365, so to make it a little more obvious I have included the huts either side. Taken with the Oly XZ-1 and I thought I'...0


    3 Sep 2011 3:48PM  |  Read


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  • Project 365-2

    Todays Pulitzer prize winner was taken during a break from work and a trip to the local cemetery, which it has to be said contains a multitude of opportunities. Taken with the Oly XZ-1 and processed on my ipad in snapseed and then PS express. 0


    2 Sep 2011 5:18PM  |  Read


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  • Project 365-1

    Well this is the first in what I hope is a year long venture. As the first entry suggests I will be using a Nikon camera, D300s, and an Olympus XZ-1. The photographs will mainly be processed in Snapseed. :D 0


    1 Sep 2011 5:28PM  |  Read


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