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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • Capture

    Thanks for all your votes and comments, greatly appreciated.
    • 23 Dec 2020 5:44PM
  • Gone Fishing

    Thanks very much for all the awards........greatly appreciated.
    • 27 Oct 2020 3:19PM
  • Look at me

    Thanks everyone
    • 4 May 2019 7:34PM
  • Monach of the Glen

    Thanks for all the comments.
    • 3 Apr 2018 8:52PM
  • HMS Queen Elizabeth

    Nice shot Brian
    • 1 Jul 2017 9:19PM
  • Untitled

    Yes it is
    • 13 May 2017 10:38AM
  • Calm

    Thanks for your kind comments, greatly appreciated.

    The sun is setting approx 15.30 here at present Coen.

    • 27 Jan 2016 6:58PM
  • Faith Obae - studio nude

    Nice pose, great lighting, good overall finish, great image Barry.
    • 2 Oct 2014 5:49PM
  • Sunset

    Hi guys thanks for taking the time to comment.

    Iíve Just been cleaning out some old files on an external hardrive and trying to see if any of the images could be enhanced.

    The original image was shot in the strong winter midday sun and was a little bland. I just wanted to try and create a more colourful, surreal painted effect to make it a more interesting image. Not sure if this works or not, I do kind of like it in a strange sort of way.

    Appreciate your views.
    • 26 Jan 2012 6:50PM
  • Waterfall

    Hi Paul, you are correct. This was shot in almost total darkness and with the falls comming down both sides. I've never seen the falls with so much water.


    • 28 Dec 2011 9:28AM