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A quick view of cardikit's recent activity.

  • Fond Farewell... by cardikit

    My thanks for all your lovely kind comments, private messages and emails - I feel quite honoured that you have taken the time to contact me as you have done. Smile
    I wish you all the best - who knows - some of you - we may 'meet' again!! Wink

    Take care.

    Carol Smile
    • 2 Apr 2014 7:08PM
  • Meerkat by kathrynlouise

    A great image Kathryn He has such an endearing face. Smile

    • 31 Mar 2014 7:02PM
  • Gadouras river by GeorgePlatis

    The water looks so very clear George - lovely reflections and the sunlight is superb. Smile

    • 31 Mar 2014 5:11PM
  • "Field of Gold" by RonnieAG

    Beautiful Ronnie - a lovely splash of yellow on a dully day! Smile

    • 31 Mar 2014 5:10PM
  • Luis de Camoes by Chinga

    Looking right at you with that grin and a nod and a wink!! Wink

    • 31 Mar 2014 5:09PM
  • Redpoll by Brian65

    Three beauties Brian - lovely colours. Smile

    • 31 Mar 2014 1:26PM
  • Ferry across the Mersey by pentaxpatty

    ♪♪...cause this land's the place I love, and here I'll stay...♪♪

    What no buns today Patty - my tummy is rumbling - I need my 'fix'!! Smile

    • 31 Mar 2014 1:25PM
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    Maybe one should have say 10 awards a month that you can give when you feel like it. Sometimes it is really annoying if you got only the weekends to catch up on a slow co...
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  • Posted on brandish's profile

    Hi there - and welcome aboard!! (Not sure of your first name - so cannot address your personally). Anyway, would just like to say hope you find lots of hints and tips - and friends - on this fabulous site - should you ever need any help - please just ask. We are a nice happy bunch always willing to help each other out.

    Take care.

    Carol Smile
    • 12 Jan 2014 1:16PM
  • Posted on Gypsyman's profile

    Excellent portfolio. Plenty of variety - all which caught my attention. Grin

    • 26 Feb 2013 5:06PM
  • Posted on fentiger's profile

    Wow!! A simply stunning portfolio! A magnificent well-varied collection of images and each is very well presented. Grin

    • 26 Feb 2013 5:03PM

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