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A quick view of carlos73x's recent activity.

  • In The Swing Now by Kim Walton

    excellent shot, great idea
    • 30 Sep 2005 3:49PM
  • Thanks by X5DJM

    Much better David, works really well now
    • 11 Oct 2005 2:43PM
  • Go on, have another drink on me... by Rob_p

    Rob, let me give you some advice. When commenting on other peoples work, think before you write something, try a little tact. You annoyed me with what you wrote, but others would get upset and you can put people off there efforts altogether by making harsh comments. You're only a kid, and don't tell me what I have and haven't discovered, I've probably forgotten more than you know. Anyway, I'm not going to turn this into a slanging match, just be a little more diplomatic in future. I don't mind if someone criticises my work, but theres a thing called constructive ctiticism, you know where you give advice on how something could be better achieved. At your age and level of experience, I really don't think you have that much to offer (I'm not trying to insult you, I'm just pointing out a fact!) I was experementing with the images to see what I could create, rather than copying other teqchniques, and it wasn't just a case of addind "a" filter, there is a process that goes into all of them. other people liked it and gave me clicks. Of course I didn't expect everyone to like it. Generally, if I don't like something, I either don't comment or I try to give someone a bit of advice. I don't proffess to be an expert in any way, but sometimes people need a little pointing in the right direction, for one thing I NEVER rubbish anyones attempts.

    Anyway, your work is ok, I like some of your pics, you do show potential and have an eye for a good image. When I get myself a scanner I'll upload some of my older shots, taken with proper cameras, then you'll see what I can do, and what I've discovered. In the meaning of proper, I bought the S7000 earlier this year, they are only toys in comparison. I got it for cost efficiency and convienience. I like the quality it produces, looks good on a monitor anyway, and thats the way photography is going. Some years ago, I owned a Hasselblad 500cm, now thats a proper camera. There is a world of difference beleive me. That's going back a while, I had an absence from photography for a few years due to illness and am only just getting back into it. So, please no more comments like your first one, I don't mind you telling me things like "the colours look a little flat", which by the way, they look quite strong on my screen, thats why i didn't increase them any more, but just mark my words and think before you comment.

    Now after my little rant, good look with your course and all the best.
    • 11 Oct 2005 8:56AM
  • Level Rest by X5DJM

    Beautiful colours David, nice1
    • 11 Oct 2005 2:44PM
  • Double wave by X5DJM

    Great shot, excellent
    • 11 Oct 2005 2:45PM
  • iniuria by TopGun

    fab portrait
    • 10 Oct 2005 7:54PM
  • Mexico Headland by toonboy

    fantastic scene, but dont really like the grad, think its a bit too dark
    • 10 Oct 2005 7:52PM

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