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  • Posted on: Photographer sues New York City for $1 million

    Yes, it might seem, "greedy," but if more people don't step up and sue the city, it will just become even more unbearable for photographers. I was down there last month doing some street photography and was stopped twice in the span of an hour's time. It just isn't right. And the officers go from one person with a camera to the next. I've never seen it this bad. The city has to do something about re-training the officers.
    • 2 Jul 2009 6:47PM
  • Posted on: More images stolen from Flickr

    Her parents should contact CNN or any large, New York newspaper and the story would become big enough for all the ambulance chasers here to take the case for far less than the one her mom contacted. This is an absolute disgrace and being that she is underage and being violated in this way, she would have a very strong case. Such a talented, young woman. It's so sad to see something like this happen to her.
    • 4 Jun 2007 10:54PM

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  • Posted on CutTheBondWithTheMoon's profile

    you have a wonderful, interesting, diverse portfolio, elizabeth. i love your work. =)
    • 14 Aug 2012 9:39PM

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