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Hi and thanks for popping in. I hope you like some of what you see, and if what you see reminds you of something you have in your portfolio, consider it the compliment I intended it to be.
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Hi I'm Carole: I live in Sheffield, England.

I consider myself an enthusiastic amateur. I cut my teeth on a Nikon Coolpix 3100 which served me really well but then moved onto a Nikon D50 which taught me a lot. It was in automatic mode for a long time but I slowly got the hang of using it manually. After that, I moved on to a Nikon D200 (fabulous camera) and finally to my current D7000. I was pointed in the direction of this site by a couple of other members, and am glad that I was: it's such a friendly and helpful place to be.

Although I'm not as active as I used to be I still pop in from time to time to enjoy others' photos.

To all who have clicked, commented, advised, shared some amazing images, passed the time of day via PM or simply made me laugh over the years - thank you.


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