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Hi and thanks for popping in. I hope you like some of what you see, and if what you see reminds you of something you have in your portfolio, consider it the compliment I intended it to be.
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  • Appalachian Azure by taggart

    Love the lighting on this one.
    • 14 Jun 2022 8:17PM
  • Bee and Borage by CaroleA

    Thank you everyone. And thank you too banehawi - I know the basic principles of shutter speed but I’m not very good at working it out “in the field” which is why I rely on AP. I can’t take any credit for setting it where it was on this occasion Wink
    • 9 Jun 2022 7:06PM
  • Puffin With Catch. by Debmercury

    Superbly caught. Love that expression!
    • 3 Jun 2022 7:52PM
  • Highland Cow by Leedslass1

    Stunning shot, and a perfect mono. I like the windswept hair too!
    • 28 May 2022 9:12PM
  • Feet by CaroleA

    Thanks everyone. Can’t beat a nifty fifty! Smile
    • 28 May 2022 6:29PM
  • Dinosaurs Revisit London by SlowSong

    I saw that yesterday - the whole area vibrated when it roared! I think you’ve handled the colours well because although I suspect it was sunnier today, there’s a lot of grey to cope with.
    • 27 May 2022 10:21PM
  • Tiny Lanterns by taggart

    So pretty, and, as ever, beautifully presented.
    • 24 May 2022 10:39PM
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  • Posted on craggwildlifephotography's profile

    What a stunning portfolio! Some absolutely glorious images in there - perfect in every way.
    • 24 May 2022 4:26PM
  • Posted on Buffalo_Tom's profile

    I really enjoyed looking through your portfolio Tom - what a variety of subjects, and all captured so well. Will come back another time for a better look!
    • 23 May 2022 8:42PM
  • Posted on Chinga's profile

    What a colourful portfolio! It made me smile Grin
    • 23 May 2022 2:42PM
  • Posted on taggart's profile

    Aah I've missed so many of your consistently stunning images! Hope you're well - you've certainly not rested on your laurels!

    • 19 Jun 2011 8:27PM
  • Posted on Herge88's profile

    I said I'd be back and I am - I've been away for a while but have come back to so many lovely images. Too many to comment on individually, of course, so I thought I'd do one overall CLICK this way. The new b&w portfolio page is great!
    • 19 Jun 2011 3:30PM
  • Posted on wyatturp's profile

    Hi Doug

    Not been on here for ages, and one of the first things I find is this delicious-looking black-and-white portfolio page of yours that tells me I've missed lots of fantastic photos, all of which it shows off so well. Perhaps I ought to think about re-joining e2!
    • 19 Jun 2011 3:28PM
  • Posted on bliba's profile

    Well Ollie there are too many images for me to comment on since I haven't been on this site for ages. Suffice it to say there are some crackers in here, so please accept this as an overarching CLICK. Looking forward to a longer browse in your portfolio.

    All the best
    • 19 Jun 2011 3:22PM
  • Posted on wyatturp's profile

    Hi Doug - not been very active on EPZ for a while but I can see you've posted some belting images in my absence. There are far too many to comment on individually so thought I'd do an overall Click here - but I'll be back!

    Keep up the good work

    Carole 
    • 26 Mar 2010 7:38PM
  • Posted on ChiliMan's profile

    Well, you've been quite the busy Chili while I've been away! Glad you've found your mojo again (and, from your last image, your dad too). Some great images on here; I love the variation - and, of course, your inimitable commentaries!

    See you around!

    • 14 Mar 2010 5:38PM
  • Posted on kitsch's profile

    I haven't been into your PF for a while for all kinds of reasons, but just wanted to put on record (again) my appreciation for your work. Some truly fantastic images in there. Have you made any steps into the commercial world yet? - I think you should.

    All the best
    • 14 Mar 2010 5:27PM
  • Posted on princezippy's profile

    Wow - you've been busy since I last popped into your PF! You've changed your style but not the quality - I simply haven't time to look in detail at every one so please accept this comment as a vote for all of them (a quick glance tells me I like them all!). Have you discovered HDR by any chance?

    All the best
    • 14 Mar 2010 5:24PM
  • Posted on akh's profile

    Just popped back to your PF after an absence on EPZ - I see you're still posting consistently lovely images - an inspiration. Only sorry I haven't time to comment on them individually.

    Best wishes
    • 29 Aug 2009 12:12PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    I see you've been as consistently good as ever whilst I've been away from the site! I'm only sorry I don't have time to comment individually but take it as read I'm impressed by every single one!

    Best wishes
    • 29 Aug 2009 11:49AM
  • Posted on gorhug's profile

    Just found your pf after you visited mine - thank you. You have some lovely images in here - too many to comment on individually - but I shall be keeping an eye out for new ones from now on!

    Best wishes
    • 29 Aug 2009 11:29AM
  • Posted on sut68's profile

    "Clocked" your PF so time back, but only just got round to having a proper look. Consistently high standard, with some truly stunning images. Too many to comment on individually but hopefully I'll catch you as you go along now.

    I've never really gone for landscape photography but this is enough to make me re-think!
    • 21 Apr 2009 8:10PM
  • Posted on martin.w's profile

    Hi Martin - just been back for another peek 'cos I know I've missed loads along the way. Still that consistency, and now I know just what efforts you go to to get these images, it's even more impressive.

    Thanks for all your support and encouragement so far by the way.

    • 21 Apr 2009 7:37PM
  • Posted on ChristineL's profile

    Thanks for your click on my orchid image, the more so because it led me here. You have some lovely, understated yet striking images in your portfolio. Will visit again soon.

    • 24 Mar 2009 8:08PM
  • Posted on Boyoclark's profile

    Hi Bryan

    Thanks for your comment on my latest image - the more so as it led me here! You have some great photos in your PF - I particularly like your B+W images (my favourite genre) - the clarity and toning is really good.

    You've inspired me to go and try some of the techniques you've used, like the motion blur ones. So thanks on both counts!

    All the best
    • 3 Jan 2009 7:21PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    Just to add my comments to all the above. Been browsing when I should have been working, such was your portfolio's appeal! I'd click every one if I had time, and I'm not just saying that to be polite.

    • 5 Dec 2008 8:20AM
  • Posted on wyatturp's profile

    Why have I not put a comment in your portfolio before....? Some cracking and thoughtful images, and an interestingly wide variety. Some of your recent ones have been superb.
    • 9 Nov 2008 3:07PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    Just come across your portfolio and enjoyed a happy while browsing. Consistently excellent, and very varied. I also like the way you frame your images in a consistent style - makes for a very pleasing overview. Marked you as a favourite, and I'll be back!

    All the best
    • 28 Sep 2008 11:18AM
  • Posted on sherlob's profile

    What a fantastic portfolio: too many images to comment on individually, but some really classy shots there, and lots to inspire. I'll be back!
    • 26 Sep 2008 11:16AM
  • Posted on SecretSnapper's profile

    Thanks for popping by my portfolio. Just had a good rummage through it and found some images that I'd obviously missed when they first appeared - like your daughter's budgie for example. Brilliant! You have a very diverse PF with some intriguing shots in it.

    All the best
    • 21 Sep 2008 12:36PM
  • Posted on taggart's profile

    Hi Jennnn

    Long time no speak!

    I know this is a cheat's way of doing this, but I popped into your PF to see what I've missed over the past few months whilst I've been away, and there are far too many great images to click! So I'll give you an Big Click this way and hope you'll excuse me for taking the quick way out. I can see I have a lot of viewing to do tonight........

    Take care
    • 14 Sep 2008 8:07PM
  • Posted on rusmi's profile

    I know this is a cheat's way of doing this, but just wanted to say that I've had another look in your PF to see what I've missed over the past few months whilst I've been away, and there are far too many great images to click. I'll be back when I have more time to browse properly but meantime, thanks for sharing such lovely images. Consistently fantastic.
    • 14 Sep 2008 7:57PM
  • Posted on ade_mcfade's profile

    Hi Ade

    I know this is a cheat's way of doing this, but just wanted to say that I've had another look in your PF to see what I've missed over the past few months whilst I've been away, and there are far too many great images to click. Please accept this as an overall click - apply any one of the following comments as appropriate and whichever you fancy: great composition / clarity / colour / dof; well composed / taken / seen; keep 'em coming etc etc. ; )
    • 14 Sep 2008 7:46PM
  • Posted on Herge88's profile

    Hi Matt

    I've noticed you've been a regular visitor to my portfolio, and of course I've then popped across to yours many a time. I thought it was time I added a comment here.

    You have some lovely images in your portfolio: I like the variety, for one thing, and also that you present your images so consisently well. All fanstastically sharp and well composed too. I'll be back!!

    • 21 Jun 2008 1:57PM
  • Posted on glazzaro's profile

    I can't believe I haven't left a comment here before this, especially as you are in my favourites list! And having had to scroll down a long way to see if I had or not, I see what a lot of entries you've had - and all so well deserved too.

    Your images are consistently superb, and all so beautifully presented (the consistency of framing just adds to the overall class of your PF). I've never attempted avian photography but you make it look so easy I might have a go (I know it's not though)!
    • 1 Jun 2008 6:49PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    I can't believe I haven't added a comment on here before this! (I thought I had, but still....)

    Your work is always of a consistently high standard and I love the way you present them uniformly (and tastefully). Every one is so crisp and clear, and you often catch some perfect wildlife moments. I'm sorry I haven't time to comment on them all individually, but thanks for sharing.
    • 19 May 2008 6:32PM
  • Posted on climbing_orchid's profile

    Hi Liz

    Just spent a happy while wandering through your PF. I love your floral images, and in particular the lilies / lily stamens. Your presentation is great too, but then you're a D+T teacher.....

    I'll be back!

    All the best
    • 6 May 2008 8:44PM

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