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Welcome to my profile page, please have a look through my previous work, vote or comment on anything that grabs you.

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A quick view of Carrera_c's recent activity.

  • Ignore The Cameras

    Thanks a lot for the feedback and modifications guys. I'm torn weather I like the monochrome's over the colour version, I like banehawi's mono conversion with the subject really popping out, even if he is walking the wrong direction. Tongue
    • 21 May 2014 9:11PM
  • Harley Davidson

    Monochrome works best for me, love the composition. Has a bit of an album cover feel to it.
    • 2 Apr 2014 10:35AM
  • Ladybird

    Brilliant detail, wonderful shot.
    • 1 Apr 2014 1:56PM
  • Furry Tales

    Lovely shot, I can't decide if I prefer the mono or colour, they both work really well. I think the colour adds a bit more background interest and warmth.
    • 28 Mar 2014 4:13PM
  • city at night

    Nicely handled exposure, not sure about the framing though. I like the window being used to frame it, just the fact it's not straight on.
    • 22 Mar 2012 9:16PM
  • Mr Big Moon :)

    You've handled the exposure very well, and the level of detail is great. Well done.
    • 12 Jan 2012 10:43PM
  • Isabel's Eye

    Really good detail in the eye. Would be a good one to try again and possibly increase the aperture to increase the DOF and bring some more detail into the eyelash.
    • 6 Jan 2012 3:12PM

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