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  • Lake Geneva from the Castle of Chillon by stevesloan

    The colours in this are brilliant!
    • 3 Jan 2013 12:03PM
  • Sunset Girl by WhiteLily

    Very Good, I like the red colour of the water and the contrast between the reds and the blacks, good use of posotive and negative space
    • 18 Sep 2006 3:11PM
  • SHAFT by mini670

    I love this photo, definitly one the best I have seen on ephotozine. I like the way you've used the lines to draw the viewers eye around the picture and I thing the lighting is just right, theres a great use of perspective aswell
    • 21 Sep 2006 2:55PM
  • Brighton Sunrise by rnomis

    i like the reds and the blacks but the streak of red light in the middle looks out oif place. still though very good
    • 21 Sep 2006 6:36AM
  • Lilly by imjam

    like the blue and rede but could be a bit sharper
    • 20 Sep 2006 3:20PM