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    Yup... all fixed now. Would appear to be a case of "Don't quote me"!
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  • Leica M digital

    "what you doing here then ?!! Here I can ignore the "Well I think the new rubber grips are an improvement" discussions and there is no danger that I will be cornered b...
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  • Youngest ePhotozine member?

    I use Nikon, so when he does get a dSLR ther is no point in anything else, as he can use my lenses... wait a moment, I think I've just found the reason to buy him a Canon...
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  • First Image for 2006!

    That is really sad you fisher for clicks you! Simon
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  • Renewing e2 subscription...

    I started so I'll finish... I renewed a few moments ago. Having become addicted to the extra statistics, and some of the other features, I really missed them. I sti...
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  • Posted on: ePHOTOzine have a gift for you

    Ah e2... been wanting to renew for a while. Great idea giving everybody e2 for a week... should hook a few members... great to see my settings restored even though it's been a while.

    • 25 Dec 2008 4:51AM
  • Posted on: Pentax put 645 Digital Medium format camera on hold

    How long before "On hold" becomes "Cancelled"?

    I think Pentax are in a similar position to Minolta, as both were very late to the digital party. As a result they will have lost a lot of their existing customer base to other brands. Now, Olympus are back with a vengance, and SONY have the resources to really push their photo division forward, so they have a lot of lost ground to capture.

    The K10D is a good body, but the system back-up isn't as good as it's rivals. Where they need to put their resources right now is into their lens line-up, to challenge the big boys.
    • 27 Aug 2007 12:16PM
  • Posted on: Olan Mills are back

    Couldn't agree more... not inspiring.
    • 12 Jul 2007 12:57AM
  • Posted on: Sigma announce launch of DP1

    Hmmm.... The link doesn't work, and if you do go to the Sigma site, there is no new information, and old pictures. You can get the brochure if you dig hard enough, but can't find a price anywhere.
    • 25 Apr 2007 2:44PM
  • Posted on: Zara select C-Design Fashion as their standard design solution

    I'm struggling to see how this "news item" is relevant to ePZ...
    • 24 Apr 2007 4:04PM
  • Posted on: Close to the edge

    Is this really news?
    • 21 Apr 2007 11:03AM
  • Posted on: Nikon gearing up for Focus

    At PMA in Vegas a couple of weeks later... allegedly!
    • 15 Jan 2007 2:09AM
  • Posted on: Leica M8

    Can't wait to see the results from this one!
    • 15 Sep 2006 10:27PM
  • Posted on: Renowned photographer, Bob Carlos Clarke dead

    Bob was my favourite photographer. His work is fabulous, and drove my interest in photography. I met bob, and have a signed book and poster. Another one of the greats gone.
    • 27 Mar 2006 9:16AM

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  • Posted on TheViking's profile

    Welcome aboard Matt. Great work - love your style and imagination. You should find a ready audience for your work here. Interestingly, I've also worked with Morrigan Hell, and you have an overhead shot of her on a rug that just rocks!
    • 30 May 2007 2:43AM
  • Posted on angej's profile

    Exceptional portfolio. I've added you to my favourites.
    • 21 Mar 2006 12:31AM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    Wonderfully creative, sureal portfolio. Excellent images - both technically and creativly.

    • 6 Feb 2006 11:10PM
  • Posted on Ganto's profile

    A bit better than some of those duck shots you were taking in Marley Park, 25 years ago...
    • 9 Jul 2006 1:17PM
  • Posted on BigCol's profile

    Great to see some of your xPan work up here at last! Cathal
    • 21 Dec 2005 4:25PM
  • Posted on Tonyd3's profile

    An excellent portfolio with some very impressive images! Nice mix, some great models, superb style and great consistency. Nice to a variety of genres too. Add to favourites.

    • 31 Dec 2005 3:38PM

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