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A quick view of cathal's recent activity.

  • Bee in flight

    Great capture! Nice macro work. Love the clarity in the bee!
    • 22 Jul 2013 11:06AM
  • Moth

    Great use of macro!
    • 18 Jul 2013 10:07PM
  • Unfurled fern

    Nice composition and great detail! Like it!
    • 15 Jul 2013 6:38PM
  • Frog

    Thanks for the heads up on the ID Colin!
    • 10 Jul 2013 8:58PM
  • Golden Hour

    Really nice shot!
    • 9 Jul 2013 11:37PM
  • Luv them eyes.

    Nice portrait, although the retouch is a shade overdone for my own taste...
    • 9 Jul 2013 11:12PM
  • Twister

    Like the treatment and conversion on this.
    • 9 Jul 2013 11:09PM
  • Welcome aboard Matt. Great work - love your style and imagination. You should find a ready audience for your work here. Interestingly, I've also worked with Morrigan Hell, and you have an overhead shot of her on a rug that just rocks!
  • Exceptional portfolio. I've added you to my favourites.
    • Posted on angej's profile
    • 21 Mar 2006 12:31AM
  • Wonderfully creative, sureal portfolio. Excellent images - both technically and creativly.

  • A bit better than some of those duck shots you were taking in Marley Park, 25 years ago...
    • Posted on Ganto's profile
    • 9 Jul 2006 1:17PM
  • Great to see some of your xPan work up here at last! Cathal
    • Posted on BigCol's profile
    • 21 Dec 2005 4:25PM
  • An excellent portfolio with some very impressive images! Nice mix, some great models, superb style and great consistency. Nice to a variety of genres too. Add to favourites.

    • Posted on Tonyd3's profile
    • 31 Dec 2005 3:38PM