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  • Camera and lens data

    I remember when I started on my photographic journey, slavishly reading books, magazines and brochures and noticing strange little numbers and letters under some of the fabulous images before me. You’ve probably seen them yourself. 1/250 @ f8 or 1/60...0

    14 Sep 2009 12:08AM  |  Read


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  • Trade shows and the Zen of contentment

    As I write this, the IFA exhibition is underway in Berlin. This trade show hosts a large photographic element, although it majors on consumer electronics. For many people, trade shows are a major event, as new or forthcoming products are announced, a...0

    9 Sep 2009 10:13AM  |  Read


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  • Size matters!

    “You can forget taking that with you. This is a family day out!” The tone of her voice indicated that the impending trip to a wildlife park was to be enjoyed for the sake of it, rather than as a photographic expedition, as she looked towards my ca...0

    7 Sep 2009 10:10AM  |  Read


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  • I’ve started “blogging”!

    I’ve started “blogging”! If a picture tells a thousand words, and this is a photography site, why should any of us blog? Let me get one thing off my chest first. I abhor the word “blog”. I prefer to think of them as “columns”. Just like in a newsp...0

    6 Sep 2009 6:08PM  |  Read


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