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"Sonia" by Jayar31

It doesn't shriek "composite" at me at first but then when I think about it a bit I can see it is. You have a very strong directional light in the background which isn't matched by the light falling on Sonia. The light is very blue - again no sign of that on Sonia - her skin tones are very warm. Also you have managed to pull off the fact that she is sitting on top of the water!Wink I wouldn't put that key line inside the frame as it interferes with her hand etc. It could be a promotional shot for travel to India & the Taj Mahal Smile


Nautilus Shells

Nautilus Shells by dwilkin

I love nautilus shells - such a beautiful shape. Look forward to seeing your images with the new flashgun.

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Bridge Over Troubled Water by AndyD999

Yes, good composition. You need to darken the top right corner though which is lighter than the rest of the pic. This will hold the viewer's attention on the main action of the waterfall, fence etc.

Mod attached.

Best wishes


Dusk at Ferry Meadows

Dusk at Ferry Meadows by semismooth

A moody shot John with the dramatic sky and the strong trees. For me all the action is in that top part of the photo. I find the teasles a bit of a distraction. I can see why you wanted some foreground interest but even so you have a large expanse of water to the left with not a lot going on.

I think you have got two shots here - one focussing on the sunset and the trees. You might have to crop it to cut out some of the foreground water unless you can get closer. The other focussing on the teasels, making them bigger in the frame and having the sunset as a back drop. You would have to make sure though that the teasels do not get tangled up in the trees. I'm not sure it works by putting the two focal points together. But lovely mood.

Best wishes



Sunset by Krasimira

It's a good strong tree to set off against the sunset Krasimira. Usually we don't put objects right in the middle of the frame but in this case it might have worked better to have the tree central. If you had moved to the left it might have been possible to cut out the tree on the edge of the frame and place your main tree in the middle.

Best wishes


tiger 2

tiger 2 by STEVELIN

You have to have endless patience Steve to do the blending really well especially where you are using a black background and a much lighter subject Wink you have done a reasonable job here but the hard bits are the whiskers and the hair coming out of the tiger's ears. Zoom in so you are working with a very small brush, maybe even just one pixel and keep on going back and forwards with painting on the layer mask until you are satisfied. You can always get creative which means that you black out the area and then paint your own whiskers. I would use a graphics tablet rather than a mouse but I know lots of people can't get on with them.

Good luck


derelict boat

derelict boat by throgmorton

Definitely love the boat, good composition. Not sure at all though about all the light grey round about. Have you converted the shot to b and w and then added the coloour of the boat back in? The problem is that your eyes always get pulled to the lightest part of a pic which in this case is the "foliage" not the boat. So I think it would work better either all b and w or all colour.

Best wishes



Boring by Peter23

The reason the photo is dull and boring Peter is that there is no light to work with. You need some light playing on the hills or lighting up the grasses in the foreground to bring it to life. Preferably the soft light of early morning or late in the afternoon. I think processing can make a difference to an image but you need to have something decent to start with or else it will always be second best.

Your aperture seems stopped down at f20. This can lead to loss of sharpness due to refraction as the rays of light are squeezed through the tiny aperture. Your lens will work much better at f11, something like that. Such a setting will give you a faster shutter speed as well.

Unless you are very fond of the image I would start again and wait until the conditions are beeter for landscape photography,

Best wishes


Salt and bread

Salt and bread by Laslo

It caught my eye as well Laszlo Smile I really like the crunchiness of the salt and the textures of the bread.

It's hard to get this kind of work just right and it needs a lot of attention to detail. Here are a few pointers which might help. Take a close look at what is included in the background. there is a piece of paper or something behind the chair which is catching my attention. Also something else on the table to the top left.

On the lighting I keep getting distracted by the large dark flower on the table cloth right on the edge in the foreground. What would work best with the lighting is to get the main object in the pool of light the darker shadows round about. I think you have achieved this towards the back of the pic. I have uploaded a mod for you where I have burned in the foreground and sides of the table cloth a little.

the knife looks a little strange with the upper part of the blade suddenly in shadow.

The beauty with this kind of work is that you can always have another go. You have some strong elements here to work with and I wish you good luck.

Best wishes


Sea Water Massage

Sea Water Massage by bglimaye

The light is very nice but I agree that the horse does look very sad - thin and it's head is a bit down. Also the horse's head is in shadow so doesn't take advantage of the lovely light. It would have been better if the light was shining on the horse's face, but I know that you cannot always control these situations. Let's hope the horse recovers well.

Best wishes



edge by Roddy

Kinda works for me. I can certainly see that it is a landscape and I like the abstract feel. But what I find distracting is all the lens flares on the mountain area - they pull my eye strongly to that part of the pic and away from the edge. I suppose your problem is that you need to have some sort of differentiation of tone in the hill area or else it will just be a dark space. Also the mountain area is very large and dominant in relation to the edge. But it's interesting work and I would say keep going with it.

Best wishes


changing colours

changing colours by williamsloan

I'm in the "ditch the reeds" camp. Part of the point of this photo for me is the beautiful reflections of the autumn colours and teh reeds just cut right across those reflections.

Best wishes


snow on leave

snow on leave by christinecilia

Some interesting textures here with the snow and the leaves plus the blades of grass. The depth of field is very shallow - just a thin line a bit lower than half way up where things are in focus. Otherwise it's pretty much out of focus. I am not sure what you want me to look at - in other words what the most important part of the shot is for you. The best photographers guide you round their photographs by identifying the most important elements and then drawing your attention to them in a variety of ways - making an element sharp when everything else is blurred, possibly using colour, position in the frame etc. It can be quite subtle sometimes. Otherwise the eye just roams a bit aimlessly round the shot.

here I would have tried to find a nice shape of leaf or colour perhaps against the snow with not too much competition from other leaves around about. Frame the shot so that the leaf is in a prominent position, most likely following the rule of thirds. This should give you a better composition.

Best wishes


Veg Prep

Veg Prep by strokebloke

Looks good to me Jack. It's nice and bright with a variety of colours and textures. I agree with Nick about losing the pestle and mortar though. It looks a bit out of place both compositionally and with the theme of veg prep. Plus the oversharpening is apparent in the grain of the wood.

On the oversharpening point I have finally managed to get my workflow sorted out after what seems like many years of not getting it quite right. I leave my raw file pretty much untouched, then save my main work as a photoshop file with all the layers. when I want to do an output version, either digital or print, I take the photoshop file flatten the layers and save it as either a tiff or jpeg then apply the sharpening. That way if you balls up the sharpening you can always go back to the photoshop file and have another go.

Best wishes


Derwentwater Keswick

Derwentwater Keswick by AdrianP

I like the muted colours and agree with Paul that the background looks good. I also agree with him about the posts - they seem like an obstacle course that I need to get round rather than leading me into the picture.

best wishes


Ducks in the Mist

Ducks in the Mist by KatyJ

I think the composition is fine. You have got a triangle going on with the ducks in three positions which helps to move the eye around the picture. The flying ones are a particularly nice as they are just that little bit different and provide some movement in all the stillness.

best wishes


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