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Welcome to my corner of EPZ! Thanks for dropping in – your comments and feedback are appreciated. I hope you like what you see! If you do, why not visit my website? C. Illsley Photography also has its own Facebook page...
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  • All good things come to those who wait

    Otherwise known as "to dive or not to dive - part 4"… I finally finished revising for and took the diving theory test yesterday - and I got 92%! What a swot I am! ;-) So it's definitely "to dive" now! My friend and I can finally go off diving with...

    21 Aug 2008 2:05PM | Read


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  • To dive or not to dive - part 3

    I did warn you in my first blog that my entries might be a bit haphazard… It's been a little while, so I thought it was time for another diving update: Well, we did dive that Sunday but we didn't get down to 18m as the buoy marking the point had ...

    8 Aug 2008 1:49PM | Read


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  • To dive or not to dive - part 2

    Happily, this time it was "to dive"! Yes, although my ears are still popping occasionally, I can now dive again - hurrah! We didn't go down particularly deep this time, but we saw lots of shoals of little fish and a perch that was about 30 cm long! A...

    16 Jul 2008 10:59AM | Read


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  • To dive or not to dive?

    Well today it's unfortunately "not to dive"… :-( I'm in the process of doing my PADI oper water diver certificate with a friend and we're not getting very far. Following holidays, thunderstorms, empty air bottles, mysteriously disappearing jackets an...

    10 Jul 2008 2:02PM | Read


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  • The Town of Towers and Wine

    Oberwesel on the river Rhine is known as the “town of towers and wine” (die Stadt der Tuerme und des Weines). It’s one of very few towns in Germany to still have at least some of its original old city walls and many of the guard towers that were part...

    27 Jun 2008 5:08PM | Read


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  • The best EUR73 I've spent in a long time!

    I went to see Bruce Springsteen live for the first time last night and had an absolutely fabulous evening!!! Flipping ridiculous price to pay for "standing room only" if you think about it (they're probably still trying to pay off the construction bi...

    17 Jun 2008 10:29AM | Read


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  • Goth meets Hello Kitty

    Duesseldorf has the highest Japanese population of any city in Germany and one of the highest in Europe. Every year it celebrates "Japan Day" where everyone can see and try out all things Japanese and lots of young people (German even more so than Ja...

    16 Jun 2008 11:30AM | Read


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  • Nearly 1,700

    As in "I've currently got nearly 1,700 RAW files in Lightroom awaiting editing"! Crumbs... Lightroom is creaking under the strain - it's probably not designed for that many, is it? I'll run a sweep on how many more I can get in before the computer ex...

    13 Jun 2008 1:56PM | Read


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  • Hmmm…a blog…

    I've pondered the idea on a few occasions, but time is always an issue! Would it be worth having a blog if I don't update it regularly? "Probably not if I had to go through all the mucking about of setting it up", I think and discard the idea again. ...

    12 Jun 2008 12:07PM | Read


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