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Welcome to my portfolio. Please feel free to comment and critique and please have a go at modifiying any of my shots.

Its no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.
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  • Let's go fishing...

    Quote:be prepared to dive for a shot of a kingfisher in action

    I've got my aqualung gear ready!!!😁😁😁
    • 28 Nov 2020 11:08AM
  • Black Leaves Matter

    Great Title...and demonstrates how absurd the movement is...😁
    • 28 Nov 2020 9:08AM
  • A Picture which asks a Question . . .

    Did the woman get hers too?? 😁😁😁
    • 28 Nov 2020 9:06AM
  • Into the Sun

    Mono please...her shadow is keeping you apart appropriately 😁
    • 28 Nov 2020 9:05AM
  • "Going , going , gone !!! "

    Fun set!!😁😁
    • 28 Nov 2020 9:01AM
  • the shadows of your pebbles

    I bet some small child in a Chinese sweat shop sits polishing pebbles til they can't polish no more!! 😁😁
    • 28 Nov 2020 9:00AM
  • Lovers.

    Has to be the colour... oblivious to all that steel and glass...did the planners think that the tree would soften the ghastly design? 😁
    • 28 Nov 2020 8:58AM
  • Hi Bobbi,. Love the eclectic mix of your portfolio. The front door shots are an inspiration....

    I intend to get out and about trying my new found 'myset' ...

    Take care. Keep pressing the shutter! 😀😀

    Regards Jeff
    • Posted on hobbo's profile
    • 29 Jul 2020 10:03AM
  • Amazing wildlife photography. Thanks for sharing with us all 😊
  • a very ecletic and interesting pf SmileSmile
    • Posted on JFitz's profile
    • 3 Jun 2013 9:48AM
  • Quite stunning wildlife photography... a joy to see Smile
  • A fascinating portfolio - your Asian trip looks awesome Smile
  • a fine pf, Jonathan Smile

    as a fellow traveller always enjoy your shots Smile
  • you have an outstanding portfolio...well done Smile
    • Posted on TilG88's profile
    • 6 Mar 2013 8:44AM
  • an interesting and diverse portfolio. like your street photography and mono work Grin
  • An inspirational travel portfolio. Thanks for sharing your journeys! Smile
    • Posted on jaktis's profile
    • 3 Dec 2009 7:41AM