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Welcome to my portfolio. Please feel free to comment and critique and please have a go at modifiying any of my shots.

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”
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cats_123's Portfolio.




Excellent portfolio Jeff
Regards Harry
16 Feb 2020 9:43AM
Thank you for the vote. Nice portfolio.
RH 13 19 United Kingdom
12 Aug 2019 10:00AM
Thank you for your vote Jeff.
Many thanks for your vote and comment.
Gypsyman 12 690 England
5 May 2019 10:39AM
I always find your Photographs interesting to me. I have followed you for some time now. I would like to get shots more in keeping with yours but due to my health problems I do not get out very often. Keep your postings coming for it helps me keep an interest in Photography. Yours Eric ( Gypsyman).
gpimages Plus
12 82 4 England
29 Jan 2019 12:36AM
Thank you for your vote Jeff. Much appreciated.
targetman 14 2 United Kingdom
9 Jan 2019 10:28AM
Beautiful portfolio cats.
davetac 14 69 2 United Kingdom
2 Jul 2017 6:57PM
Always admirable is what your portfolio says to me. Nothing wasted.
7 Apr 2017 7:55AM
A lovely pair. Well done cats_123.
leo_nid 6 12
5 Mar 2017 11:26AM
thanks very much, Jeff, for awarding my night riders pic
best regards
leo_nid 6 12
20 Feb 2017 9:03AM
hi Jeff
thanks for voting on my recent pic, much appreciated
best regards
davyskid 6 2 Scotland
6 Feb 2017 8:50PM
Hi just looking through your portfolio amazing shots you dont have get around the world !!!! SmileSmile Thanks for your vote.
malcf8 12 53 United Kingdom
7 Jul 2016 1:30PM
you have a great set of images in your folio, ho and thanks for your vote
Regards malcf8.
24 May 2016 9:11PM
Awesome work. Definitely a beautiful collection. Thank you for the vote.
vivdy 11 2 United Kingdom
10 Apr 2016 11:52AM
I have thoroughly enjoyed your portfolio have fantastic observational skills and I enjoyed the humour .
Diversity from beginning to end ..thank you .....Viv
Nouche 7 4 Switzerland
28 Mar 2016 10:07PM
Cool portfolio Jeff. I love the diversity and find great inspiration here. Shall definitely try to be more daring and step outside the box. Thanks for sharing.
Mos8 14 Switzerland
21 Feb 2016 8:28PM
Very impressive and interesting POV
13 Dec 2015 2:30AM
thank you for commenting on my homestead photo....I appreciate your interest
Nice photos from all around the world. Really excellent.
SOUL7 9 1 United Kingdom
27 Oct 2015 7:43AM


3 Sep 2015 11:37AM
Bigdenbo Plus
13 233 United Kingdom
28 Aug 2015 10:15PM
Lovely shots and great as part of your varied porfolio keep sharing
Bantu 9 7 1 India
14 Aug 2015 3:44AM
Beautiful captures.

TonyBrooks 14 77 United Kingdom
21 Jul 2015 12:00PM
Nice Portfolio however I would never critique other Togs or even try and modify your photography is as good enough
ExT_Racer 14 65 Wales
12 Jun 2015 11:52AM
Very interesting portfolio. You seem to get around!
RobMacormac 18 7 2 England
23 May 2015 9:41AM
Great portfolio
jocas 8 6 United Kingdom
6 Feb 2015 12:10PM
Fabulous portfolio, great subject beautifully captured, thank you for sharing them.
macprints 10 4.6k Scotland
23 Jan 2015 1:33PM
Imaginative portfolio with a good variety of images. Impressive.
fotobee Plus
9 4 3 South Africa
20 Jan 2015 2:16PM
I love your portfolio!!! The photo`s are superb! Thanks for sharing them! Regards Martin
20 Oct 2014 3:30PM
Very interesting images ......
valsan 8 India
20 Jun 2014 8:49AM
some photos r superb
DickyK 9 3 United Kingdom
7 Mar 2014 1:07AM
You really do get to see some wonderful places and things, a little bit jel Wink
And thx for the vote btw.
24 Feb 2014 12:07PM
Enjoyed looking through your folio,you have some nice images there. Oh! and thankyou for the vote on my image 'CHEEKA' regards Bill.
22 Feb 2014 4:56PM
Greetings. I had a little look through your photographs. Love the kitties. Flowers are beautiful! I enjoy nature and your nature pictures are awesome. Great work. Thank you for the vote on my Morning Sun photo.
Fred263 11 United Kingdom
17 Jan 2014 10:41AM
Superb variety of images in your PF.
2 Sep 2013 7:35AM
Just took a quick tour of your work ( call it a duty for your nice comments on mine) all I can say is wow (well not all) I think it may get crowded in your camera bag with Squeaky Wing and me and no doubt many others.
tonyguitar 11 77 37 Canada
16 Aug 2013 7:04PM
Giraffes and elephants are great yet your confronting sea turtle I enjoyed your work. Got an idea or two as well. is the character I like best. I know, there is no accounting for taste. TG
ade123 10 285 1 United Kingdom
15 Jul 2013 8:37PM
Thanks for the modification on my image of the heron.I posted it without any use of editing apart from cropping it. I will start to edit in lightroom etc after i become more confident in what i am doing with the camera. Great portfolio by the way

Regards Adrian
21 Jun 2013 4:40PM
Thanks for the comment on my photo 'on reflection'. I agree with you, felt it needed a bit more colour in it.
Great portfolio by the way!
scrimmy Plus
14 397 5 Scotland
20 Jun 2013 9:40PM
stunning shots from what I've seen so far...maybe one rainy day I will get the chance to go through your whole portfolio Smile
17 May 2013 7:32PM
Wow, I really like your work.
Can I hide in your camera bag and just generally spy on what you do ? (meant in a non stalkerish way of course !)
15 May 2013 8:00PM
Thanks for the mod I like it. I was a little hasty uploading the image to portfolio and did not think to crop the top off. Wink
ukgubbi 11 5 India
14 May 2013 4:44PM
thanks for your input on my image "nature's gift". Your wild life images are terrific and landscapes are fantastic. wish you happy shooting
lonnieo 10 1 United States
11 May 2013 3:17PM
Looking through your photo's is like taking a "vacation", I really like the Giraffe's , beautiful capture.
Thank you for your vote. Have a great day.
Rasoul 10 1 Iran, Islamic Republic Of
10 May 2013 4:33PM
nice portfolio

5 May 2013 12:47PM
Absolutely fantastic photographs, you are an inspiration to many I'm sure.
ssp 10
29 Apr 2013 2:58PM
nice collection of fav. one is african elephants
and thank u for your vote...
richmowil Plus
14 510 3 England
18 Apr 2013 9:48AM
Some fine images in this nice portfolio!! I like it a lot!!
EMJAYCEE 14 10 10 England
9 Apr 2013 8:48AM
Just enjoyed a browse through your pf of lovely and varied images. The NZ ones bring back happy memories for me - thanks a bundle.
stevesloan 13 9 Scotland
2 Mar 2013 8:12PM
Fine portfolio!
Gypsyman 12 690 England
24 Feb 2013 9:16PM
A great selection photographs making a fine Pf. Eric.
johnlw 16 1 10 United Kingdom
24 Jan 2013 10:52AM
Thank you for your vote on Cramlington
Regards John
23 Dec 2012 5:25PM
Thank you for your award and comment on my "Mind Over Body - Karate" at!!. I love your photos and especially this one is well captured and improved.
prin 10 United Kingdom
12 Dec 2012 6:29PM
thanks for your comments i think you will really like it in new zealand you can take some great photos prin
wenzu78 11 7 Malta
24 Oct 2012 2:24PM
Exceptional pf.

Thanks for your vote. It means a lot to a novice such as myself.
24 Aug 2012 11:24PM
Thanks for your comment on my "People's friend". Very incouraging coming from a photographer with such a fantastic showcase and pf.
BERRY 11 1 United Kingdom
14 Jul 2012 5:47PM
Thanks for the comment. I like your composition on 'Nae day Sae dark'.

18 May 2012 6:04AM
Liked your photography. Thanks for sharing wonderful images.
marktc Plus
12 101 15 United Kingdom
5 May 2012 10:26AM
There should be a facility on epz that gives you the option to vote for all images.... the images in your pf would be one of those chances to do just that! A stunning pf...
gazlowe 11 8 United Kingdom
24 Apr 2012 12:52PM
love your work will look forward to seeing more some good work with photoshop well done
netta1234 11 382 2 Wales
3 Apr 2012 9:26AM
What a great PF
HELANA 13 United Kingdom
21 Mar 2012 7:44PM
Very beautiful collection. I like it very much.
bobsblues 13 10 2 United Kingdom
3 Mar 2012 4:55AM
Absolute stunning p/f thanks for sharing .Rob
19 Feb 2012 10:00AM
Great and diverse portfolio. Was a pleasure to go through! Love how you capture the every-day moments. Thanks for giving your award on the shark. All the best, Peter
i did not no hanham corte was for sell i wish that i could by it thank you for your votedd a Comment
opiumhaze 11 9 United Kingdom
29 Nov 2011 11:31AM
man you have talentSmile
bagman 12 65 United States
24 Nov 2011 5:23PM
What a hugh p/f of diverse collection of photos. looks like some one was lucky to get all over the world .i believe you managed to cover most everything with your photos. enjoyed your work and look forward to seeing even more.
18 Nov 2011 11:16AM
Beatiful portfolio!!!
ruby34 11 16 Scotland
6 Jul 2011 3:42PM
It was so nice of you to say my Seal is Brill! Considering what I see here, these are marvellous Grin
Gypsyman 12 690 England
28 Jun 2011 10:06PM
Great Pf, All nice Photographs, Favourate, torn between the Rainbow and the Tall Tower shot. Eric.
9 Jun 2011 9:23AM
a great set of images, wildlife are my favourites.
MikeRC 18 3.6k United Kingdom
2 Jun 2011 8:19AM
What a cracking pf. you have....terrific wildlife shots.
.....and the Galapogos dream.
Now if I could just win the lottery Smile

Ayoob 12 Australia
30 May 2011 2:06PM
Hi I like all your photos but my preference is a wildlife and nature.
HarrietH Plus
13 304 Portugal
25 May 2011 7:11AM
Which do I like best? I can't say, they are all stunning, but as I have been wanting to capture a rainbow for ages that one has caused me a twinge of envy.

brian1208 19 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
21 May 2011 7:16AM
Now that is an impressive portfolio, a good range of subjects each beautifully treated
lobski 12 2 1 Philippines
20 May 2011 5:38PM
Thanks for modifying my photo "Rizal Monument". It really helped a lot. Till the next photo. By the way, your photos are excellent...

Fred Grin
zrxsheep 14 62 United Kingdom
16 May 2011 6:56PM
Hi you are very tallented some loverly images thankyou for sharing them with us all Smile
8 May 2011 7:35PM
Excellent work. Animals and landscapes are amazing!
Regards, Oleg.
Hardin 14 Malta
3 Apr 2011 7:39PM
Many thanks for doing the photo, real good
Regards Hardin
wajid 12 Pakistan
26 Mar 2011 5:31PM
thanks for the comments on my photos .. your photos are great!!!
mondmagu 13 75 Ireland
27 Feb 2011 1:26AM
Thanks for the comments on my photo Jeff.I will strive to improve in the future.

whlui 12 Malaysia
25 Feb 2011 1:59AM
Hi cats, thanks for the modification that u hv made on my image. I like the changes u have made on my image. The lighting now has more impact, and the image is more balanced by vignetting the bottom frame as well. Good work!
stokesy 12 8 Scotland
3 Feb 2011 1:04PM
Hi Cats, stokesy here thanks for your comment this was my first entry in camera club comp. 16/20 and it was hand held I now have tripod and remote so heres hoping, regrds, ronnie
Alvar 16 23 2 France
15 Dec 2010 10:45AM
Beautiful mood image
pdcche 12 4 United Kingdom
27 Oct 2010 9:58AM
Great photos
Gypsyman 12 690 England
22 Oct 2010 11:59AM
Jeff, Lovely Photos, Thanks for your words on my 'Big Splash' yes I
agree, I am an Old Newbe to Digital photography and many years since
I took a Film Photo, The Camera I have is S/h and a few years old, but
I hope to get something worthwhile with it soon.
Tezz450D 13 8 United Kingdom
18 Oct 2010 7:08PM
Love all your images....Tx
Bat_Babes 16 11 United Kingdom
9 Aug 2010 10:30AM
love all your pictures!
3 Aug 2010 4:20PM
great pf, some amazing wildlife images
MrGKB 12 United Kingdom
2 Aug 2010 4:09PM
Thanks for all of the feedback, I think that your portfollio is excellent.

Aldso, you commented on one of my pictures saying that you would like to see me do somthing with the sky? Did you mean one that particular photo?, or somthing else?

Freila 12 107
24 Jul 2010 3:32PM
Oh Wow ! What great Photographs . Thanks for your feed back . I am just starting
20 Jul 2010 10:54AM
Hi. Great pics. Thanks for the mod on my French Chateau - I really like it. Tress
sumeera 13 Pakistan
5 May 2010 11:19AM
wow all pics are very nice great
twelvemegs 13 6 United Kingdom
26 Mar 2010 8:31AM
A very interesting PF, great work. Thanks for the mod on my pic, I like what you have done, many thanks, David.
nishad1994 13 264 Oman
19 Feb 2010 4:45PM
Hey Jeff, Thanks for the good comments on my uploads.
Just went through your PF. You have a very impressive PF. Love it !!

Waiting to see more of your great photographs. Grin

PattiW 17 24 2 United States
16 Feb 2010 11:57PM
An absolutely stunning PF! A joy to peruse, Patti
peppercorn 13 4 England
11 Feb 2010 10:53AM
Wow a great diversity of photos,fab..
thanx for your advice about the backround on my pic, did think bout that myself, should have put it in to practise,thanx once again.
2 Dec 2009 11:54AM
A world full of great images!
Great showcase!
30 Nov 2009 8:47AM
Excellent work. Well done!
29 Nov 2009 3:41AM
Great shot as they all are ,I wish mine to be half as good oneday.
bayleaf 15 8 United Kingdom
24 Nov 2009 11:53AM
Super capture
19 Jun 2008 7:20PM
Lovely set great detail.
Mikenya 15 13 United Kingdom
11 Jun 2008 8:45PM
Excellent. Stunning colours
steve_r 15 England
6 Apr 2008 11:06AM
Very interesting and well traveled and well presented PF,very pleasing to view,thank's Steve.
luxaeternam 15 21 1
10 Feb 2008 1:21AM
Great showcase. I am now going to plunge into your gallery!
canadamon 15 4 Canada
20 Jan 2008 5:37PM
Great portfolio, you have caught some nice angles here, very well done.
13 Jan 2008 5:54PM
wow. very very good portfolio. hope to se more photos soon. could you look at my photos and tell me what you think of my photos. i am putting new a photo on every day.
Thanx sam
dawnmichelle 15 12 United States
13 Jan 2008 12:13AM
stunning pf. Look forward to seeing more of your work
microchip 15 1 United Kingdom
24 Dec 2007 7:01PM
Excellent PF superb in all catagories your travel photographs are quite unique,
Steven_Tyrer 16 69 Wales
8 Dec 2007 9:50AM
Jeff I like your portfolio a lot, very interesting with a wide range of themes.
akw 15 341 3 England
3 Nov 2007 11:45AM
Excellent portfolio

MikeEG 16 10 United Kingdom
16 Aug 2007 2:59PM
Like your portfolio, good work.
7 Apr 2007 12:44PM
Just viewed your PF. You are a well traveled man. Its a great view.

helena 19 134 United Kingdom
6 Apr 2007 7:39AM
Jeff, just been looking through your portfolio. You are a very talented photographer indeed. Great work, Tara x
GeorgeRusky 17 1 4
12 Nov 2006 10:12PM
Among thousands of photographers inhabiting EphotozineLand, Jeff Silvers occupies quite a modest place. Not many photos were rewarded by the members of the site, or the editor.
Yet, Jeff’s photos are simple and clear, reflect master’s position of a traveler and a journalist who is ready to deliver an image to us as soon as it comes into his camera.

Jeff does not bombard others with tens of comments every day, but when he sends his comments, they are always funny and positive.
I like also that Jeff collects his favorite photos.

Cheers, Brother!
cats_123 Plus
19 5.2k 31 Northern Ireland
22 Aug 2006 9:08PM
George, I'm very flattered...
GeorgeRusky 17 1 4
22 Aug 2006 7:25PM
"…my showcase is a variety of shots that I like, personally and those that others have appreciated."
Jeff Silvers

Dear Jeff
I feel proud and happy to write an overview of the Portfolio that you founded on the 9th February 2004.

First, what impresses me in your 200 photos gallery, is the diversity of interests and subjects of your photography.
Portraits, landscapes, animals, flowers, architecture, colored and black and white images, all can be found here.

Among all photos that have their own style on character, the top position belongs to your 53 clicks masterpiece, the picture of Taj Mahal.

Another thing that I love is your desire to share all you see with us: you send photos regularly trying new approaches and methods. Most of your pictures have nice titles and brief descriptions that help us to understand better your art.

And the last observation about the PF is that all your photos have very nice atmosphere, they are full of kindness, pleasant and positive attitude to your viewers.

Dear Jeff,
Your words that I have chosen for the epigraph, reflect your credo of an outstanding Person and Master!

George Rusky

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