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There is only one world; the world pressing against you at this minute. There is only one minute in which you are alive; this minute here and now. The only way to live is by accepting each minute as an unrepeatable miracle.

Storm Jameson
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Gypsyman 12 690 England
30 Sep 2017 10:33AM
After a long illness , It is good to see your work again Allison. More so to find that you continue to head the B&W challenge. sincere best wishes, great portfolio. Eric.
mashwood10 11 6 United Kingdom
29 Feb 2016 12:20PM
In awe !! As my favourite line of photography is macro in flowers what can I say when I look at yours ! I have read your tips on lighting too. THANK YOU !!!GrinGrinGrin
PranavMishra 10 52 18 India
11 May 2015 5:09PM
a really interesting portfolio.. loved the image 'Silly' the most.. Grin yes he was silly.. Smile
21 Apr 2015 11:32PM
Lovely portfolio, Eileen
Gothic 13 6 Uruguay
15 Jan 2015 4:09PM
Fantastic PF Alison. I particularly like the 'dark' images, great ones. Congrats Smile
IshanPathak 9 202 12 India
24 May 2014 10:36AM
A Superb PF Alison!!

Love all of your images Smile

cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
26 Mar 2014 10:02AM
Hi - a rather tardy thank you to Steve and Dicky for commenting on my portfolio Smile

I've not played with the smoke machine for ages I'm afraid - I generally only have Sundays free nowadays and sadly it's just not enough time to do all the things I want to do Sad
DickyK 9 3 United Kingdom
18 Mar 2014 10:07PM
beautiful pictures and the work spent on them is wonderful.

How's the smoke machine going? Should give a haze machine a go, picks out light brilliantly (I used to be a theatre tech).
STEVELIN 15 162 3 Ireland
17 Dec 2013 10:32PM
absolutely there is some fantastic images here much more super work.
cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
2 May 2013 9:44AM
Thanks Alex and Richard Smile

It seems to be non-stop still life pics at the moment but they're quicker, and easier, to do than the silly self portrait stuff. I'll diversify again soon I'm sure - I've new masks that need to be played with and now the weather is somewhat warmer I might be more inclined to dress up and play!

I still love doing the still life though - especially as I seem to be picking up new bits and bobs on an almost daily basis at the moment!
Alex_M 16 55 2 Scotland
29 Apr 2013 8:22PM
What a great port of work, love your still life work, the props are great and your imagination equal. This is the type of art /photography I get so much pleasure looking at, keep up the good work
andmolliethedog 17 120 11 United Kingdom
11 Feb 2013 11:24AM
Inventive,qwerky,funny and very well photographed excellent portfolio....
cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
29 Jan 2013 10:33PM
Thanks folks - I keep trying Smile

I've gone and ordered a mini smoke machine so who knows what I'll do with that - it could be fun - or a disaster!
ColinScott 15 3 United Kingdom
28 Jan 2013 4:16AM
What a great portfolio so glad I found it. Just seen your website as well, superbly creative and crafted images.

zine1 14
29 Dec 2012 8:27PM
Amazing talent , blown away by your imagery and techniques.
Gary66 10 248 England
18 Oct 2012 2:47AM
Simply wow. Amazing portfolio, I would love to have your imagination/know how.
aeras 11 6 Cyprus
3 Jun 2012 6:43PM
Your imagination and the way you implement it leaves me speechlessness !!!
Almost every single image you create is a work of art on its own. It is very obvious that you have full control of the light , and that makes every picture look the way you saw it in your mind.

Amazing work , that must be published .

Bravo !!

JackAllTog Plus
14 6.4k 58 United Kingdom
25 May 2012 10:13AM
You know, I'm looking at this profile today of all the fruit & veg, and just thinking Wow, this is at least on a par with some of the best still life work I've ever seen on epZ. And there is also way more great subject areas you are excellent at as well. You have a lovely profile. Wow.
cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
7 May 2012 7:38PM
Thanks again folks for your comments and apologies for the delay in responding - I can't offer up any good excuses apart from constantly being distracted by this and that Smile

I had vaguely planned to play rather more over this bank holiday weekend but it didn't happen - that said, I have blitzed the 'studio' so once again I can actually move in there and see what I've got. Hopefully that will lead to more daft stuff appearing!
PetaL55 11 Australia
7 May 2012 12:03PM
Alison, there are only a few portfolios on this site that are truly inspiring and you are definitely on top. Love your work, I am so jealous of your ideas and implementation. You rock!
bobsblues 13 10 2 United Kingdom
8 Mar 2012 10:41PM
Love your p/f Alison thinking outside the box comes to mind, great ideas a lot of people probably wished they thought of ,keep them coming .
strokebloke 14 493 17 England
3 Mar 2012 11:38PM
I have to say Alison, that I have never seen a display of work like it.
It is utterly phenomenal.
Much of it I just do not understand. But that detracts in no manner from the quality of your work.
You are undoubtedly one of those to whom I referred :-

“Some people talk about their chosen subject and almost from the moment they first speak, you know that they know exactly what they are talking about. Viewing their work merely confirms their right to address the subject in such an authoritative manner.”

Wacky that you term 'silly'. But it's wacky with a quality which I'm sure many would give their fortune to possess.
And your photographic skill is indisputable.
I consider it a privilege to view it.

Oh, and by the way, I think I've identified the tee-shirt GrinGrin
cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
18 Feb 2012 10:55PM
A rather late and apologetic thank you for all your comments - loony ideas are in short supply at the moment (mostly due to other photo projects) but I'm hoping the silliness will return soon!

No comment on Tattoos Smile
angie44 14
5 Feb 2012 11:20AM
superb work , enjoyed the view ... angie
Sean_Dillon 14 2 2 England
21 Jan 2012 11:39PM
Spent another afternoon looking through your PF and have to say its..........Bonkers.........Brilliant..........and I`ll be Back!
Where some of your ideas come from im not sure I could really handle knowing, love it! Wink
TONKSPHOTO 12 2 United Kingdom
18 Jan 2012 2:45AM
Hi Alison..You are a great individual image maker...Still think Tattoos is you...Looking forward to seeing something different from you....Regards..John
nikguyatt 19 533 England
13 Jan 2012 2:10PM
Amazing stuff! Really impressed! Smile
cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
7 Jan 2012 11:17PM
Thanks folks - to those of you who have trawled through my gallery I commend you Smile
reaper4252 11 2 9 United Kingdom
7 Jan 2012 9:37PM
Just spent a very happy hour looking through this stunning portfolio
Some really creative stuff......albeit some 'off the wall' stuff but well worth looking
Shall certainly keep looking
Keep up the good work, it's quite inspiring
Richsr 16 91 224 England
21 Dec 2011 7:10PM
A fine PF Alison, like your styling in the hiding images and good variety too.
I will be back as they say.
9 Nov 2011 5:29PM
What brilliant images - I shall come back and enjoy them again!
cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
28 Oct 2011 11:02PM
Thank you Simon and Mark Smile I'll keep doing my best-ish!
drfireball 11 11 1 United Kingdom
28 Oct 2011 9:39PM
What a great portfolio you have here - wonderful sense of continuity throughout - you really have developed a recognisable and personal style - well done Smile
marktc Plus
12 101 15 United Kingdom
26 Oct 2011 10:41AM
Hi Alison, superlatives are used by the bucket load on this site, but I just wanted to say what a great pf you have, I thouroughly enjoyed my brief delve,a nd will have a more detailed look when I have some more time. Thanks for sharing your wonderful images.
cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
24 Oct 2011 12:20PM
Thank you Adam and Sam - I shall try to keep up the good-ish work Smile
mrjes 20 2 United States
22 Oct 2011 12:42PM
An absolutely outstanding portfolio, my sincere compliments on your work!

Toonman 16 1.4k 2 England
19 Oct 2011 9:08PM
Really superb work Alison. Very impressed.
cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
29 Sep 2011 10:31PM
Thank you Al - I keep trying and hopefully the ideas will continue to surface every now and then!
luceombra 11 27 5 Italy
29 Sep 2011 10:24AM
Just came across your stunning portfolio....I have no's fantastic and extremely amazing! You just made my day! Thank you!
cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
25 Sep 2011 10:32PM
Thank you Barry Smile

My imagination has been in short supply of late but hopefully it'll perk up soon - I think I need to study my masks and see what I can come up with Smile
posty57 15 6 2 United Kingdom
25 Sep 2011 7:18PM
I have just discovered your portfolio, and it is a real eye opener. I wish you could bottle your imagination, because I would take a case ! And a very talented photographer to boot. Absolutely brilliant.

cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
29 Aug 2011 10:29PM
Thank you Andy - I do appreciate your comment.

My uploads at the moment are a bit scarce but that's due to my being in Edinburgh on holiday at the moment. Normal service will be resumed on my return home - I've ideas ready to try out Smile
DOGSBODY 14 1.4k 30 England
29 Aug 2011 6:49PM
Wonderfully creative images. I am coming to the end of my love affair with photography so it is really good to see a younger generation producing such beautifully crafted pictures. May your imagination and creativity just go on and on. Andy
cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
11 Aug 2011 8:12AM
A rather late thank you to everyone who has commented here Smile I do enjoy my camera - sometimes I use it seriously but most of the time it's purely for fun Smile
tonypic 13 Ireland
7 Aug 2011 7:27PM
Inspiring portfolio. I don't think I've seen one showing anyone having so much fun with a camera as you seem to be having. Great stuff.
franfoto 15 2 32 England
5 Aug 2011 4:21PM
What a superb portfolio, so individual and unique. Every image beautifully crafted. It's been a pleasure to spend time here.

19 Jul 2011 8:35AM
What an incredible portfolio! Def one of my faves!
bfgstew 16 668 105 England
16 Jul 2011 4:55PM
Wonderful P/F Alison, varied, artistic, quirky and above all else an individual style that is very pleasing.
8 Jul 2011 9:15PM
your work is sheer brilliance...
cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
8 Jul 2011 9:34AM
Thanks everyone for your comments Smile A slightly eclectic collection at times but it's what keeps me interested!

@ Richard - My sister lives in Winchcombe and does a lot of work for the castle so I'm lucky enough to get free reign to wander around the castle grounds out of season Smile
3 Jul 2011 9:42AM
Super portfolio Alison,
Nice varied collection of image
Love the Sudley Castle images I live very close so have been there many times myself.

Georden 12 11 England
3 Jul 2011 8:42AM
Amazing portfolio! Really interesting to go through & see the development. These images are outstanding Smile
marktc Plus
12 101 15 United Kingdom
23 Jun 2011 11:11AM
I'm glad I happened across you pf, it's great and just too many good images to vote on them all... Mark
19 Jun 2011 8:59AM
Lovely photos,i like your style
janeez Plus
14 1.8k 8 United Kingdom
14 Jun 2011 9:35PM
Stunning images Alison. I love looking through your portfolio, you are a true artist in every sense of the word.
Gypsyman 12 690 England
25 May 2011 7:53PM
Alison, Your Pf contains, yes Inspirational work, Things that I will never get to do on my compact. Thanks for your kind words on my photo
' J for Jam' I only put it on because nobody was keeping the alphabet going, I had stopped putting up, because I had put up 14 shots and only
2 had received comment, and they where not helpful at all. Sincerely yours Eric. Ps, I hope your cave now has light restored.
Imagecrafter 12 2 1 Scotland
13 Apr 2011 8:48PM
Just discovered your gallery. A great collection of very creative work. Quite jealous actually!

cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
16 Jan 2011 10:25PM
Thank you Jason Smile I may as well be living in a cave at the moment - working by lamps and living in gloom since Thursday evening but fingers crossed light will be restored on Monday and I'll be able to see what I'm doing!
jason_e 18 15 1 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2011 6:03PM
Wonderful processing as usual or do you actually live in a cave!!!!
cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
8 Oct 2010 10:39PM
Thanks all Smile It's great if I can be even a tiny bit inspirational!
BobFancy 14 11 4 United Kingdom
8 Oct 2010 9:13PM
I've just looked at 'and again...' and remembered I've seen a little of your work before. So have just had a look at your portfolio and you have some brilliant shots here. Your self portraits and form studies are excellent, inspirational actually. Thanks for sharing.
jonathanfriel 15 11 1 United Kingdom
14 Sep 2010 9:05PM
You're work is excellent and you have some very interesting ideas - well done!
WillieH 17 2 Scotland
3 Jul 2010 9:05PM

I enjoyed looking through your PF, Lovely work, superb ideas and inspirational. Deserves all the plaudits keep up the great work.

Kind Regards Willie
cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
28 May 2010 11:50PM

Quote:I can't put it off any longer... I just have to say I love your ideas and the way you execute them so excellently... very impressive p/f indeed.


Hi Al

Thank you Smile I'm a little short on ideas at the moment - I'd like to expand the bandaged head shots but am hoping that inspiration will strike soon! That or find something else to cover my face with.....

Eventually I plan to get a mould made of my face so I can really go to town with 'interesting' masks and wotnot - probably not until the autumn though!

cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
28 May 2010 11:10PM

Quote:I can't put it off any longer... I just have to say I love your ideas and the way you execute them so excellently... very impressive p/f indeed.


Hi Al

Thank you Smile I'm a little short on ideas at the moment - I'd like to expand the bandaged head shots but am hoping that inspiration will strike soon! That or find something else to cover my face with.....

Eventually I plan to get a mould made of my face so I can really go to town with 'interesting' masks and wotnot - probably not until the autumn though!

User_Removed 14 1 8 United Kingdom
28 May 2010 1:08PM
I can't put it off any longer... I just have to say I love your ideas and the way you execute them so excellently... very impressive p/f indeed.

cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
11 May 2010 10:29PM


Thank you Smile I do my best - sometimes I do ok - sometimes I fail dismally!
11 May 2010 7:46PM
cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
2 Mar 2010 8:31PM
Thank you all for commenting on my portfolio - I return to your comments when I'm having an off day, or week and hope returns Smile
nishad1994 13 264 Oman
1 Mar 2010 9:34AM
Lovely PF. I love each on of your photographs !! Smile

Carl40 17 18 United Kingdom
28 Feb 2010 8:04PM
Great PF

leginR 15 England
31 Oct 2009 8:29PM
Great portfolio thanks for sharing.
cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
3 Oct 2009 11:32PM
A late thank you all for your comments - I'm glad I seem to be getting 'it' right - most of the time Smile
SeanyP 16 10 England
3 Oct 2009 6:22PM
Great portfolio, with really original ideas.
25 Sep 2009 11:48AM
Aaarg! curse you ephotozine for amazing fascinating portfolios! Totaly lovely photos Alison, fantastic light control. 85 pages will take me awhile though. Dave.
Phil1958 14 272 4 Wales
23 Sep 2009 10:52PM
A really fun gallery - thanks for sharing.

Zonda 14 303 1
5 Jun 2009 8:59PM
Nice dogs and flowers.
Anjantoo 15 7 1 England
25 Mar 2009 9:16PM
Absolutely brilliant portfolio, you have such an eye as to what looks absolutely perfect!
hellsbells8868 14 151 2 Wales
27 Jan 2009 8:52AM
Simply stunning portfolio....i will be back, i adore your floral images.
BlindMonkey 18 158 United Kingdom
18 Jan 2009 10:25PM
Hi Cattyal, just browsing through your portfolio, you have some really good shots, keep up the good work.

sjteague 15 147 1 Wales
1 Jan 2009 8:15PM

You have some lovely images in your Pf,

Swanvio 14 15
12 Dec 2008 7:22PM
Great pics. Really enjoyed browsing!
sable 15 9 7 United Kingdom
5 Aug 2008 11:41AM
Wow some exceptional shots on here I have enjoyed looking at your portfolio xx
cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
22 Jul 2008 10:43PM
Hi - thank you again peeps for your comments. I seem to be drifting somewhat at the moment - too much decorating and not enough photography going on but it's all good fun whichever I'm doing!
22 Jul 2008 4:28AM
Allie, you've got an amazing PF. Will be back soon for a longer browse..
Cheers, Mac
churchill123 19 233 United Kingdom
20 Jul 2008 10:11PM
Beautiful Portfolio

7 Jul 2008 8:51PM
graceland 18 2.6k 2 United Kingdom
19 Jun 2008 5:40PM
Some Great Stuff here !!
ValSaxby 17 146 United Kingdom
9 Mar 2008 12:26PM
I love your portfolio - your flower shots are second to none & love the work you have done with the flowers and Lucis. This really is stunning work.

cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
3 Feb 2008 8:00PM
Thank you Allie - I think I wobbled a bit tonight but then that's Woody for you Smile

I've had a good day's photography today so hopefully there will be lots more to come
Possum 16 148 England
1 Feb 2008 10:27PM
Your work with flowers in combination with Lucis is of such high quality.
cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
18 Jan 2008 9:40PM
Thank you Liz - and Adrian!

I'm pleased I'm still managing to produce shots that people enjoy despite my currently spending more time with a paintbrush in my hand decorating than a camera Smile Roll on summer when I have more Osteos to play with Liz - for now I'll have to bore everyone witless with Tulips!
climbing_orchid 18 321 1 United Kingdom
16 Jan 2008 11:02PM
Your portfolio i beautiful, I particularly like the flower shots you've been uploading recently, the osteo is still my favourite!
Liz x
tigger1971 16 14 England
7 Oct 2007 8:04PM
What a wonderful PF, I will take inspiration from you and hopefully make my photos better.
cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
5 Aug 2007 10:11PM
Thanks Will and Stephen - I'm very pleased to hear that my endeavours provide inspiration - I must be doing something right Smile

I do tend to drift from one subject matter to another - keeps me interested!
3 Aug 2007 11:05PM
what fantastic work you have,
not quite the norm which i like, keep it up!
very inspirational!!!!
jaspernina 16 1.0k Wales
24 Jul 2007 12:16AM
Stunning PF with varied work which is very inspriational.


cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
30 Jun 2007 10:56PM
Thank you Andy and Wasper.

Woody has been somewhat neglected of late I'm afraid - just so many projects to fit in and he sadly hasn't featured much. Still, I continue to carry him around when out taking pictures and will come up with some more eventually. I love the fact that I'm 'left field' - I think I do have a slightly odd sense of humour and that suits me just fine Smile
andystark 17 9 Scotland
30 Jun 2007 10:22AM
Just checked out your portfolio and love woody's own page. Slightly left field but well taken with lots of imagination - I'm sure someone would buy them or even commision a series on a specific theme. Keep up the great work.
wasper 17 533 1 Ireland
6 May 2007 6:11PM
I love you style of photo manupilation. Well done.
cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
16 Feb 2007 11:04PM
Hi Andy and thanks for stopping by!

Ah - I'm not sure the great Woody is good enough for publishing but I am toying with the idea of some greetings cards maybe? I must put my mind to it sometime!
Barawic 17 9
15 Feb 2007 11:07PM
When, oh when are the adventures of woody to be published?
Great Work.
Stewy 16 103 2 England
12 Feb 2007 8:57AM
Hi Alison.

Thanks for looking at my work and for giving me my first RC. Much appreciated.

You have a very fine PF and I see you are not afraid to use a variety of techniques.

One that caught my eye was the "cheat" IR. I have been meaning to try IR for ages but have never gotten round to it. I was interested in your technique. Do you simply canibalise a floppy disc or can you buy the material somewhere?

Keep up the good work.

cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
30 Nov 2006 9:51PM
I think it's about time I returned here and said thank you again to everyone for your nice comments. I shall continue to do my best and am delighted your appreciate my efforts Smile
RobinF 16 83 1 England
29 Nov 2006 2:30PM
Wonderful Portfolio Alison, flower shots are fantastic and love the wooden figures too! - regards Robin
imagio 16 12 1 England
4 Nov 2006 10:23AM
Hi Alison Great PF..imagio
neonknight 18 1 United Kingdom
20 Aug 2006 10:41AM
An excellent imaginative portfoloi some very good shots and very humourus descriptions nice work,John
DolphinLady 17 54 1 Wales
29 Jul 2006 3:18AM
Hi Alison,
I can't believe I've not commented on your P/F before now.
I'm always looking through it, it gives me inspiration.
You have a wonderful variation, flowers, animals & so much more, & Woody & his friends of course, & your sense of humour.
I look forward to seeing many more of your pics.
Have a pat on the back from me.
Kim Walton 19 145 30 United Kingdom
4 Jul 2006 8:18AM
Nice varied PF,love the wooden series but equally ,your flowers match anyone elses on this site.
Pogs 17 13 England
25 Jun 2006 9:15AM
Beautiful portfolio, you definitely have a way with flowers. I shall keep looking

graceland 18 2.6k 2 United Kingdom
19 May 2006 10:05AM
well done great work
cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
8 May 2006 5:10AM
oh now I'm blushing Smile

Thank you everyone for commenting on my portfolio - I shall try to keep up the quality and hope you forgive me when I fail!
8 May 2006 3:01AM
'Not just great shots but a great sense of humour too'! Have to agree with all comments and pretty with it too! Well done.
wyatturp 17 2 England
7 May 2006 5:49AM
Had a good look at your pictures ,well done
simont 19 2.3k 4 United Kingdom
2 May 2006 10:50AM
Your protfolio is always a pleasure to drop into for a quick browse.

Simon & Anne
UserRemoved 19 6.2k 1
24 Mar 2006 12:36PM
Not just great shots but a great sense of humour too!
evelen 18 5 England
6 Mar 2006 9:15AM
great flower shots love them all excellent p/f .eve.
BenF 17 14 United States
28 Feb 2006 5:14PM
I just found your portfolio. I really enjoyed your wooden man pictures. Keep up the good work.
elcid 18 150 England
18 Feb 2006 6:04AM
Some great shots on your portfolio, love the Wooden men.
All the best.

cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
11 Feb 2006 11:02AM
Thanks - I look at other flower pictures and frequently wonder why I bother taking them as well! There is hope for us all Smile

Barawic 17 9
11 Feb 2006 10:56AM
All I can say is this is a depressingly greate portfolio! Puts me off trying flowers.
TOGG 17 13
30 Jan 2006 9:00AM
You have a lovely style, I don't get anywhere near this good a result with flowers.
Great portfolio
cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
28 Jan 2006 12:40PM
Thanks everyone Smile

ECs eh Sylv ? - I can't see that happening somehow. I did manage an HC once and was very chuffed with that I must admit. More than anything I'm just relieved to get my first click and comment when I upload a picture Smile

User_Removed 18 4 11 England
28 Jan 2006 4:55AM
Most amazing PF that i have visited in a long while. The only thing I can say it lacks are EC's. Stunning work. Totally inspired,Sylv.
deavilin 18 352 1 United Kingdom
28 Jan 2006 4:52AM
Love your PF you have some stunning images, such clarity keep up the good workSmile
Pete_g 18 327 United Kingdom
17 Jan 2006 1:27PM
A great portfolio with excellent creativity and superb presentation. Always a pleasure to view your images.
10 Jan 2006 11:45PM
You really know how to capture the beautiy of flowers... Thanks for sharing
Geralyn Montambault
Nick_Hilton 18 599 2 United Kingdom
12 Dec 2005 9:06AM
You have done well - you seem to have mastered lighting and using the s7000 to its full quality

cattyal Plus
18 9.2k 6 England
8 Dec 2005 1:31PM
Hi - thank you all for leaving comments - I'm pleased that I'm getting my shots right!

old timer 19 55 1 Scotland
8 Dec 2005 12:04AM
By and large I'm not usually a flower fan, but with your pics I make an exception. Your portfolio is excellent.
KatieR 19 6.2k 6
7 Dec 2005 5:37AM
Consistently great flower pictures with lovely atmospheric lighting. A beautiful portfolio.
7 Dec 2005 5:04AM
Your moody lighting for your flowers is sensational. K.
alanDwest 18 40 England
4 Dec 2005 12:47PM
Excellent portfolio of quality pics. Alan
brian1208 19 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
2 Dec 2005 10:19AM
Like flowers, your portfolio is a riot of shapes and colours intermixed with the odd suprise Smile Lovely work
ChristineL 18 39 United Kingdom
2 Dec 2005 8:03AM
Lovely flower photos with a great variety of light and colour.

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