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There is only one world; the world pressing against you at this minute. There is only one minute in which you are alive; this minute here and now. The only way to live is by accepting each minute as an unrepeatable miracle.

Storm Jameson
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  • Ledley

    Quote:Forget the bugs when you have a super-furry, handsome boy like this WinkSmile

    Ha - but he does make me very lazy as he's always willing to pose in return for a meaty stick Smile I also need to cut down the photo sessions a bit as he's getting a bit round and I need to get some weight off him before it gets too much Smile
    • 18 Feb 2020 3:34PM
  • Hydrangea

    Huge apologies everyone for the delay in returning - thank you all for your clicks/comments/awards - they are all appreciated and I shall chastise myself for not being more diligent!

    I've a fair few bits of dead foliage and flowers kicking around the house that have managed to survive - the hydrangea are the best though and I also find it quite impressive how they've survived!
    • 17 Feb 2020 10:12AM
  • Winter Aconite

    Many apologies for the late return - thanks everyone and thank you Alan for your award Smile
    • 14 Feb 2020 11:40AM
  • Bee

    Quote:This is awesome, love the way the bees underside is lit from the reflection of the white this, well done!

    Thanks - I'm hoping these little grasses will come back this year (or at least self seed). They're not much use to wildlife but look pretty when a bee decides to rest a while!
    • 29 Jan 2020 9:22AM
  • Tongue

    Thanks everyone and thank you Somnath for your award.

    Of course getting pics like this are a complete fluke - Ledley is happy to sit and wait for the next bit of meaty stick but sadly won't perform for the camera - that's down to luck Smile And happily I sometimes get lucky!

    I like the idea of superglue though............
    • 2 Jan 2020 7:11PM
  • Wonky

    My apologies for my late return - I can offer no good excuses other than being pinned down in my chair by a certain someone who likes to use my left arm as a pillow and I find one handed typing far too slow Smile

    thank you Tammy and William for your awards and, of course, thank you everyone!

    Ledley is fortunate not to have to suffer indignity such as this very often - quite simply it's too much like hard work getting to keep a hat on him!
    • 24 Dec 2019 8:21PM
  • More Ledley

    Quote:I thought it was the cat who was the lazy one in the household...Wink

    He has taught me well Smile
    • 6 Dec 2019 6:09PM
  • Yawn

    My apologies and a late thank you to everyone! Ledley was comfortable on my lap using my arm as a pillow yesterday evening and I use this as my very legitimate excuse for the delay Smile
    • 6 Dec 2019 4:21PM
  • Drops

    Oops - apologies for my late return but thank you all - much appreciated Smile

    I certainly got lucky with these drops and then accidentally nudged the grass and they were gone - darn I said!
    • 14 Nov 2019 9:54PM
  • Yum...........

    Blimey - thanks everyone for both your comments and awards - Ledley is very chuffed Smile

    He's well practised at this lark - I've had him for about 3 years now and we've had several sessions under the lights since he arrived. Of course it's all still luck when I get a good expression on his face!

    He does seem to have a few more white hairs than when he arrived though - he turned 8 this month so I suppose that's allowed!
    • 31 Oct 2019 9:59PM
  • Bee

    Oh I certainly am Isabel - the more the merrier in my garden Smile

    • 30 Aug 2019 9:02PM
  • Hoverfly

    Thank you Pam - and fellow clickers Smile

    Bugs seem to be in short supply this morning - could do with the sun making an appearance!
    • 7 Aug 2019 10:21AM
  • The Bullies

    Thanks everyone Smile

    The Ladybird is still on the Borage and the ants aren't a problem - Lady was tucking into a good meal yesterday evening when I was in the garden snapping again Smile
    • 13 Jul 2019 11:12AM
  • Ledley

    Quote:Beautiful cat


    He is that - a good looking chap for which I can take no responsibility Smile Not terribly appreciated at 5am but hey ho Smile

    Quote:I'm familiar with those eyes. A great image and true to life title!

    I do lack imagination with my titles I do admit Smile
    • 13 Jul 2019 9:48AM
  • Fly

    Quote:Excellent Alison! I love the pov. Superb clarity where it is needed, and colour perfect. Love it. Pam

    Thank you Pam Smile Conveniently I think the fly was still half asleep and even more conveniently I actually spotted it amongst all the foliage Smile Good job no-one sees me in the garden as I do spend a lot of time just gazing at the leaves to see what I can see!
    • 7 Jul 2019 10:07PM
  • Damselfly

    Thanks Rob Smile Actually looking at the time I took the pic I guess it was more elevenses than breakfast Smile

    Normally these little blighters won't stay put for a second so I got lucky today!
    • 3 Jul 2019 9:47PM
  • Cardinal Beetle

    Thanks everyone Smile

    I certainly get plenty of practice with this lens Chris Smile It's never off the camera at this time of year and I've just spent the last 5 hours bumbling around another nature reserve snapping away happily! I've a 60mm too and really should give it a proper go but keep going back to the 30mm Smile
    • 3 Jul 2019 5:05PM
  • Hoverfly

    Quote:Well captured.

    Thanks Smile I've never had one stay in position for so long!

    Quote:Can't imagine how difficult it must have been to get this sharp. Very skillful shot - love the head on view.


    I freely admit that there were quite a few duff shots - I was wedged between a table and a tub of flowers and leaning in closer and closer Smile Happily I had plenty of time to keep trying!
    • 25 Jun 2019 11:29AM
  • KISS

    Thank you Ron and Arne - and to all other clickers Smile

    With these light mornings I'm tending to get up a bit earlier than necessary so have time before I go to work to have a play in the garden. Sometimes it pays off Smile
    • 23 Jun 2019 1:29PM
  • Ant

    Thanks to everyone for your comments, clicks and awards. Of course it was pure chance that the ant obliged to place itself in a suitable spot - no such luck this evening alas!
    • 20 Jun 2019 10:00PM
  • Anemone

    Huge apologies to everyone for my late return - I'm afraid I can't offer a good excuse!!

    Thanks to you all - for clicks comments and awards - I feel really guilty now for being so tardy!

    Lucispro I see is available but not the little plugin I use - I think that is long gone!
    • 13 Jun 2019 9:33PM
  • Astrantia

    Quote:Another superb shot, Alison. I wish I had the knack of using the little 30mm as well as you do.
    Have another gong. Smile

    Thanks Chris Smile The 30mm is pretty much permanently on the one camera and gets used every day so I'm getting the hang of it. I don't really get on with the 60mm but should persevere Smile
    • 10 Jun 2019 12:00PM
  • They're behind you......

    A belated thanks everyone and thanks Chris for your award.

    I had hoped to go bug hunting today but it's a tad breezy out - I'll probably still try as the sun is kinda out and I'm not staying at home on my day off!
    • 5 Jun 2019 8:52AM
  • Fly

    Thanks everyone - and thanks too Rob and Roy for your awards Smile I just can't resist these little beasties especially when they're kind enough to stay put and tolerate a lens a couple of inches away Smile

    Fiona - nothing fancy with this one - just stick my Lumix 30mm Macro on the camera, take a few shots to get the exposure as I wanted and job done. I often tweak the levels a bit if necessary but that's about it.
    • 21 May 2019 8:32AM
  • Ant

    I'm so sorry for the late return - I confess I've been playing catch up with Line of Duty and everything has stopped that most evenings - a lousy excuse I know Smile

    Thanks to everyone and also to Kate and Pam for your awards Smile I love bug hunting and it's so nice that mini life is picking up again now!
    • 15 May 2019 10:01PM
  • Red-headed Cardinal Beetle

    Thanks everyone Smile I only spotted two today but was most fortunate with the location of this one!
    • 1 May 2019 10:01PM
  • Saturday Shadows

    I was kicked by a Shetland once - got me right in the middle of my thigh - ouch I said!
    • 24 Apr 2019 8:16PM
  • Ledley

    I really must apologise for my late return - and a quick return it will be this evening as I'm off for an early night. I will be back asap though - just didn't want you all to think I was being ignorant!!!
    • 29 Mar 2019 9:52PM
  • Yawn

    Thanks everyone and thanks to Ian and Jeff for your awards Smile

    Happily Ledley is very used to this whole posing business though the sessions are usually very quick - about 10 minutes in exchange for being fed bits of meaty stick bit by bit. Cats like their routines and Ledley expects this session every evening now!

    He's a pussy cat Chris - not at all evil (well a little bit evil at times maybe)

    Excellent news Fiona - I must keep an eye on your portfolio for pics!

    Time for me to wander up to bed - and I'll have to wake Ledley as he's out cold on the bed getting in the way!
    • 11 Mar 2019 10:01PM
  • The Big Scary Beastie

    Quote:It couldn't be conditioning with munchies as reward, could it?! Grin

    no comment Smile
    • 1 Feb 2019 4:35PM