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cattyal's Blog


Hello - welcome! A longer message will follow in due course!
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  • 1/365

    So I'm going to attempt a 365 of mobile phone pics - I'm using Snapseed at the moment to play with the pics and have developed an unhealthy obsession with the grunge effects :) This one was taken at lunchtime up at the local park - happily just a 10...


    23 Aug 2016 9:34PM | Read


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  • I think....................

    I think I'm going to start another 365 blog :) I acquired (was given) an iphone 5 recently and I'm thoroughly enjoying playing with it when I'm out and abut - more often than not whilst on the bus going to and fro. I've decided that I may as w...

    23 Aug 2016 9:12AM | Read


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  • I'm still here......

    I've not been as active as I should be here of late - still joining in with the MNC and a couple of other weekly challenges but not too much in my portfolio. I shall try to rectify that in due course. I'm still taking pics though - lots at work (...


    13 Dec 2014 11:07PM | Read


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  • SplashArt

    Welll I'm still around but these last couple of weeks have seen me unable, so far, to settle down really. I think it's a combination of recovering from sleeping on a rather hard bed whilst on holiday (possibly combined with not good for walking trai...


    9 Sep 2014 10:20PM | Read


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  • Playing.....

    I was blitzing the laptop last night ready to fill it up with photos of my upcoming fortnight in Edinburgh when I found these two pics I'd made in PhotoFunia - quite fun I think - well it amused me. Yep - two weeks in Edinburgh coming up - I leave...


    17 Aug 2014 11:03AM | Read


    Views : 527

  • A quickie....

    Greetings - I thought it had been a while since I'd blogged - or uploaded for that matter - so I'm back again - briefly. Truthfully there's not a great deal to report - I'm still trying to pack in my still life pics in the evenings and they're pro...


    9 Aug 2014 11:22AM | Read


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  • I've not disappeared :)

    Still here and watching the world go by but I'm not currently producing much that I consider good enough to add to my portfolio. I keep hoping that will change but time continues to run out - mostly because my weekends keep getting taken up with oth...


    9 Jul 2014 7:59PM | Read


    Views : 410

  • I'm still here :)

    Hi - I thought I'd drop by as it's been a while! As is plain to see I'm still about but sadly either busy or just can't be arsed (to put it bluntly) :) I'm still out pretty much every Saturday leaving just Sundays free to do domestic stuff and play...


    27 Jun 2014 9:29PM | Read


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  • At the top of the stairs......

    The odd comment has been made by a peep or two about how they'd like to see what my house is like. I figured since it was relatively tidy at the top of the stairs I'd take a couple of snaps so you can go "oh good grief" at the amount of junk I have ...


    20 Jun 2014 9:14PM | Read


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  • The Spoon

    Tonight's Monday Night Challenge was 'your favourite household implement'. Not an easy one as alas I have no favourites but thought it would be a good excuse to do a pic I've been meaning to try for yonks. As usual it took rather longer than pl...


    9 Jun 2014 8:59PM | Read


    Views : 349

  • For IrishKate

    Not really much of a blog today - I spent most of the day mooching around town with IR camera, Fuji X10 and the Olympus and fisheye. It was pleasant just messing about and although none of the photos would win awards, one is going to be used as part...


    1 Jun 2014 10:20PM | Read


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  • 8 ball.......

    I was given these a couple or so weeks ago and finally decided to see what they photographed like, Somewhat easier said than done thanks to nice bright reflections but I happened to have an opaque sandwich bag near by (which had previously held a ...


    29 May 2014 10:34PM | Read


    Views : 490

  • 365 - take 2 - 365

    Finally day 365 has arrived and definitely the last of my daily blogs. I don't plan to disappear altogether but certainly it won't be a daily thing. To finish off with another collision pic. Actually the only pics taken today and again I spent f...


    28 May 2014 10:11PM | Read


    Views : 392

  • 365 - take 2 - 364

    My penultimate upload - well of the 365 batch. And I'm afraid it's a rather rubbish upload too I'm afraid. The evening went by a bit too quickly and although I did the splash bits about an hour or so ago, I didn't give myself enough time to do th...


    27 May 2014 9:38PM | Read


    Views : 320

  • 365 - take 2 - 363

    So that's another long weekend done and dusted. Not a bad weekend - not as much achieved as planned but not too bad. I spent a few hours photographing rooms at a B&B and will be going back a few times after work to do detail stuff. Hopefully t...


    26 May 2014 10:08PM | Read


    Views : 453