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cattyal's Blog


There is only one world; the world pressing against you at this minute. There is only one minute in which you are alive; this minute here and now. The only way to live is by accepting each minute as an unrepeatable miracle.

Storm Jameson
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  • 227/365

    I've been out visiting the family today but at one point did pop out with sis to the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway where this was on the floor in one of their little sheds. we then pottered round to the nearby garden centre where I bought a...


    8 Apr 2017 10:44PM | Read


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  • 226/365

    Alas despite it being a lovely sunny day I only took one photo on the mobile today- at yet another bus-stop. I should do better tomorrow - I do hope so!


    7 Apr 2017 10:41PM | Read


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  • 225/365

    Good grief - these evenings just aren't long enough! I've grabbed one of the snaps I'd taken after work today - rather than stand at the bus-stop waiting for the next bus, I opted to take a wander round the block - made far more sense in the sunshi...


    6 Apr 2017 10:06PM | Read


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  • 224/365

    My desk at work is kinda covered with plastic toys - fortunately no-one seems to mind......................


    5 Apr 2017 9:46PM | Read


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  • 223/365

    My Tuesday entry - I had no internet connection last night so nothing got done or uploaded. As it turns out I've nothing exciting to show - I've taken to doing random snaps as I walk to and from work and around town at lunchtime and post them to a l...


    5 Apr 2017 9:35PM | Read


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  • 222/365

    This is the delightful location of my bus-stop - right outside McDonalds. Behind the buildings you can see the spire of St Mary's Minster - many years ago, way before my time, there were no shops along here and it was open to the churchyard etc. Sh...


    3 Apr 2017 9:32PM | Read


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  • 221/365

    Mum, Sis and I bumbled around a few garden centres today and this is the resident cat at one of them. Sound asleep on top of the bulb boxes - oblivious to all around :) One of just two photos taken on the mobile today,..............


    2 Apr 2017 9:47PM | Read


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  • 220/365

    Saturday again which means my weekly trip over to Tetbury - three buses there, three back. At least the journey is a pleasant one - if a tad long. As usual I was snapping out of the window - the reflections are something of a problem but it still k...


    1 Apr 2017 10:16PM | Read


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  • 219/365

    A day of few photos - I wasn't gripped by any inspiration whatsoever but at least did take a snap across the playing field on the way to work this morning. Of course it wasn't really this dramatic - expose for the sun and add a bit of drama in snaps...


    31 Mar 2017 9:31PM | Read


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  • 218/365

    I was in the park again this lunchtime - the usual saunter - part way round the boating lake and part way round the smaller lake in front of the Pump Rooms. Usually a pleasant potter and I've just remembered that I took some squirrel pics too that i...


    30 Mar 2017 9:59PM | Read


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  • 217/365

    I've been posting general mobile snaps on my wanders around town to a FB local group - it's been quite entertaining - just ordinary roads, ordinary places and attacked with Snapseed - one of the 'looks' I've made. I take a load of pics at lunchtime,...


    29 Mar 2017 9:26PM | Read


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  • 216/365

    Today I didn't go far - just a potter round to Tesco at lunchtime so I took random snaps en route. This is the playing field I cross at least once a day - get off the bus on the right side and cross over to the posh road where my office is. It was ...


    28 Mar 2017 9:46PM | Read


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  • 215/365

    Oops - looks like I neglected to upload a pic yesterday (Monday) - how remiss of me! I took a few photos on my bumble through town on my way back from visiting a friend in the afternoon. Made a change to have the light shining on different buildi...


    28 Mar 2017 9:44PM | Read


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  • 214/365

    Yet another pic taken at the bus-stop. I did go to the park for a while earlier but I preferred this pic to the other general about town ones I'd taken.


    26 Mar 2017 9:29PM | Read


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  • 213/365

    A quick pic taken on the way to the bus around 8.30 this morning. The phone boxes are now used as display spaces for various bits of 'art' - which I'm afraid have yet to interest or inspire me but maybe one day they'll put something good in there. ...


    25 Mar 2017 10:28PM | Read


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