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cattyal's Blog


There is only one world; the world pressing against you at this minute. There is only one minute in which you are alive; this minute here and now. The only way to live is by accepting each minute as an unrepeatable miracle.

Storm Jameson
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  • 270/365

    It's been a lovely sunny, toasty day so I went off to the park at lunchtime to see if I could find the swans. This time they were out on the grass snoozing but happily did wake up and I spent a bit of time just standing watching them.


    24 May 2017 9:32PM | Read


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  • 269/365

    Alas I didn't take any snaps on the mobile today - just nothing inspiring to see on my walk into town and back at lunchtime - not quite sure why. I did at least grab a handful of grass from the verge when got home and popped them next to my led lig...


    23 May 2017 9:36PM | Read


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  • 268/365

    I commented to someone yesterday that there is a gas mask hanging on my coat rack. He found it surprising so I took a snap this morning before I left from work to show what hangs up there. The mask is in the khaki bag along with big black gauntlets...


    22 May 2017 9:40PM | Read


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  • 267/365

    Sunday often isn't a good day for taking snaps on the mobile. Today I spent from 10am to 2pm working in the garden and then, after a break, trundled off to visit dad at the care home. I walked home and one route is 20 minutes tramping along one str...


    21 May 2017 9:54PM | Read


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  • 266/365

    Most Saturdays I bumble off out for the day and very often I have time to kill waiting for my bus. I take the opportunity to take random snaps around town though there comes a point when I keep taking pics of the same old stuff. Still, the fountain...


    20 May 2017 10:15PM | Read


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  • 265/365

    I lurked a while behind the office this lunchtime - back from my wanderings too early and reluctant to go back in. There's not a lot to take pics of round there - the clematis is pretty much done and that's about it at the moment. At least I manag...


    19 May 2017 10:01PM | Read


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  • 264/365

    Presumably once upon a time there was a bicycle attached to this lock :)


    18 May 2017 9:19PM | Read


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  • 263/365

    I realised this evening that the only photo taken on the mobile today was of a not terribly inspiring puddle - well it's been raining all day and I've been totally uninspired. So I chose one of my bits of dead vegetation and decided to see what I co...


    17 May 2017 9:15PM | Read


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  • 262/365

    My desk has quite a few plastic toys on it and I suddenly realised this afternoon that the Cybermen were discussing the wisdom of upgrading Noddy.


    16 May 2017 9:53PM | Read


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  • 261/365

    It's been a day of few photos - just a pic at the bus stop - yes, boring - and the evening spent adding bits to the new laptop that I can't live without. I'm certainly not putting all the plugins and wotnot back on - just the stuff that I use daily....


    15 May 2017 9:41PM | Read


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  • 260/365

    Not a bad day as it turns out - a bit of the domestic stuff, ie shove the vacuum cleaner around a bit, a bit of tidying ie. shift stuff from one place to another. A bit of fly chasing in the garden and then in the afternoon sis picked me up and we w...


    14 May 2017 9:28PM | Read


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  • 259/365

    I went to the RHS Malvern Spring Festival today and spent a few hours bumbling about. It's really just a glorified shop really -just endless trade stands although there was one marquee with the competition flowers and another with floral arrangement...


    13 May 2017 9:54PM | Read


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  • 258/365

    The clouds were pretty good on my walk into town this evening so a few snaps were taken en route and played with in Snapseed as I walked. I added the frame later in PSP. Tomorrow I'm off to the Malvern Spring Show and have (almost) decided just to ...


    12 May 2017 8:39PM | Read


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  • 257/365

    When I get off the bus in town in the mornings I cut through the churchyard round to the next stop. It's rather pleasant :) Hopefully tomorrow I will have my new laptop up and running and typing won't be such a battle


    11 May 2017 9:49PM | Read


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  • 257/365

    Last of the crystal ball type pics today - well for the time being. It would appear that I can do double exposures with this app - I didn't mean to:)


    10 May 2017 8:34PM | Read


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