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cattyal's Blog


There is only one world; the world pressing against you at this minute. There is only one minute in which you are alive; this minute here and now. The only way to live is by accepting each minute as an unrepeatable miracle.

Storm Jameson
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  • 149/365

    A view from my office window today - unfortunately my desk faces the opposite direction so I have to keep getting up to see what the sky is doing. Fortunately the light reflects off a building that I can see from my chair so I have a fair idea if it...


    19 Jan 2017 9:37PM | Read


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  • 148/365

    Sorry - another dodgy slow exposure today - I shall endeavour to do better tomorrow!


    18 Jan 2017 9:52PM | Read


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  • 147/365

    I have yet to master holding the phone still whilst doing longer exposures :) I'm glad I got that app though - it's nice to have a bit more control over 'stuff'.................


    17 Jan 2017 9:54PM | Read


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  • 146/365

    It's been non stop rain and dull here today - not exactly inspiring I'm afraid. Plus when I did exit the office I was charging about at a rate of knots - well it's the only way to dodge the big rain drops :) I did at least take a snap of the new sh...


    16 Jan 2017 10:00PM | Read


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  • 145/365

    Trying to do light trails on the mobile isn't really something to be tackled whilst walking home in a hurry. One day I'll be able to slow down but the road along which I was travelling isn't one where you want to linger too long.................


    15 Jan 2017 9:50PM | Read


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  • 144/365

    I added the Slow Shutter app to my phone last night though have yet to play with it properly. I did however have a brief play whilst sat on the bus this morning waiting for it to leave the stop - you should be able to see the neon jogger going by......


    14 Jan 2017 9:02PM | Read


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  • 143/365

    Another bus-stop photo tonight - not very exciting I'm afraid :) However I have downloaded another photo app - it can apparently enable me to do long exposures, vary the ISO - that kind of thing - another toy to play with :)


    13 Jan 2017 9:36PM | Read


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  • 142/365

    A rubbish mobile effort today. Busy at work catching up from being off with the Lurgy - a miserable soggy lunchtime so I didn't stay out long and I've been watching Sherlock this evening. Fortunately I did take a snap whilst waiting at the bus-stop...


    12 Jan 2017 10:13PM | Read


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  • 142/365

    A day off today to go over to Winchcombe to visit mum before she goes back up to Scotland at the weekend. I managed a couple of charity shops on the way to the house and a quick visit to an antiques 'emporium' but bought nothing. Mostly the day was...


    11 Jan 2017 9:31PM | Read


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  • 141/365

    I've been playing with my crystal ball for the last couple of days but it still needs a bit of work. For one, the perforated sheet is just A4 size so I think I could do with a smaller crystal ball as it's a bit tricky getting it placed right. Plus ...


    10 Jan 2017 9:58PM | Read


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  • 140/365

    I only took a couple of pics with the mobile today - out of the office window this afternoon. I shall try to do better tomorrow!


    9 Jan 2017 9:57PM | Read


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  • 139/365

    I've no idea how many times I've taken a photo of this window - I just can't resist - I like it :) I did leave the house briefly today - just popped into town and back for now specific reason. Sadly back to work tomorrow - I'm not completely recove...


    8 Jan 2017 9:22PM | Read


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  • 138/365

    I went out today with mum and sis - to a large garden centre for a potter. Nothing bought but nice just to bumble around looking at this and that. The place with dotted with wagons, carts, vehicles so that supplied me with subject matter for today'...


    7 Jan 2017 9:24PM | Read


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  • 137/365

    I spent a bit of time tidying up the 'studio' today - it's improving though still a bit messy. The best bit is finding 'stuff' I'd forgotten I had - which might suggest that I have too much 'stuff' if that's possible........................ Anyway ...


    6 Jan 2017 9:22PM | Read


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  • 136/365

    The Lurgy is lifting - at long last - so I went out for some fresh air today. Lovely and sunny if a little nippy. I'm not entirely sure my lungs were grateful for the change of temperature but hey too late to worry about that!


    5 Jan 2017 10:04PM | Read


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