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cattyal's Blog


Hello - welcome! A longer message will follow in due course!
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  • 33/365

    My day was spent bumbling to the retail park, home, into town, hospital, home again - not the most exciting but generally fairly constructive and pleasant enough in the sunshine. This is the Town Hall I'm continuing to take random snaps with the mo...


    24 Sep 2016 10:08PM | Read


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  • 32/365

    If I'm lazy and get a bus from the town centre to work then I cut across the playing field which in the morning is occupied by people walking their dogs or lots of small people from the local school running round and round in circles. Sometimes - as...


    23 Sep 2016 10:34PM | Read


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  • 31/365

    I've been visiting a friend in hospital for the last month so a few evenings a week are spent wandering round there. There is a park I pass though - sometimes I'll slow down for 5 minutes and take a few snaps. Happily it was a nice sunny evening f...


    22 Sep 2016 10:09PM | Read


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  • 30/365

    The local library - taken en route to the local coach company to book myself a day out at the Autumn Show at Malvern on Sunday :)


    21 Sep 2016 10:13PM | Read


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  • 29/365

    Very very few pics taken today but I did at least take a snap of my minion on my desk. Two versions here - the original and the one with the grunge layer chucked over it which I do love. I enjoy the lack of control I have with the mobile - ok, it i...


    20 Sep 2016 10:01PM | Read


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  • 28/365

    I decided to take today off and of course the sun went walkabout and the rain arrived. Fortunately the rain decided to give up by the time I got over to Tewkesbury and although the sun failed to appeared it turned into a pleasant afternoon spent bum...


    19 Sep 2016 9:46PM | Read


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  • 27/365

    Only three mobile pics taken today and they were all of this cosmos :) Some days just don't work out they way you want :) On the plus side I took loads of foxy photos but they weren't taken on the mobile so won't appear here :)


    18 Sep 2016 11:12PM | Read


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  • 26/365

    I went to the big antiques fair at the Bath & West Showground today but only came back with two small items. I had allowed myself a 200 spending limit but ended up only splashing out 17.60 and that included entry and a flapjack! Never mind - it w...


    17 Sep 2016 10:52PM | Read


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  • 25/365

    Another one from my work desk today - I'm not sure if they're going to become firm friends or just spend their days trying to hurt each other.......................


    16 Sep 2016 9:30PM | Read


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  • 24/365

    First mobile photo of the day is my offering - a leaf hanging from a cobweb on the railings of the playing field I cross on the way to work. In moments of boredom at work (ie. working on monster spreadsheets), I also like to play with the random...


    15 Sep 2016 9:38PM | Read


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  • 23/365

    I stand by this scaffolding every morning whilst waiting for my bus (ok, the scaffolding has only been up a few days). It wasn't until I was approaching from the Promenade that I noticed the decorated stuffy - I rather like it :)


    14 Sep 2016 10:00PM | Read


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  • 22/365

    Alas it was a soggy lunchtime which I spent standing under a tree - well 20 minutes anyway. Then a busy early evening and by the time I got home I'd lost all interest in doing anything much. At least I did take a few snaps on the mobile on my way b...


    13 Sep 2016 10:17PM | Read


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  • 21/365

    My desk at work does not give the impression of a professional hard working female - siting on it is a collection of toys - there's granny and her zimmer frame, granddad on his buggy, a Dr Who Centurion, Spider Man, this pair - and I can't remember w...


    12 Sep 2016 10:18PM | Read


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  • 20/365

    I was rather snap happy with the mobile today and took 61 photos! Must show more restraint :) I'd gone over to Gloucester for a bumble in the sunshine - I find it a far more interesting place to wander than Cheltenham so if I want to get out of tow...


    11 Sep 2016 9:09PM | Read


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  • 19/365

    I travelled on a total of 6 buses today so having a decent camera on the phone means that on a day like to day (raining) when the view out of the window is a bit grim, I can sit and play with photos.


    10 Sep 2016 10:11PM | Read


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