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cattyal's Blog


Hello - welcome! A longer message will follow in due course!
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  • I couldn't resist......

    As the sun was out today I was damned if I was going to stay home and do the tidying up/blitzing I keep promising that I'm going to do. Instead I went over to Tewkesbury again to bumble around the Abbey, along the riverbank, in and out of the charit...


    10 Nov 2012 7:52PM | Read


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  • Fingers Crossed......

    I've just put a bid on a knackered ventriloquist dummy. It just needs the clothes patching and it doesn't work but it's only for pics....... :)

    9 Nov 2012 10:43PM | Read


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  • Frustrating Times

    There's little more annoying than standing at the bus-stop at 7.30am with frost covered leaves, misty air and sun shining through the trees. As I sat on the bus into work I could only gaze out of the window at the sun glinting off the edges of the p...


    6 Nov 2012 9:09AM | Read


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  • Good Timing

    I disappeared off into town this morning - came home for lunch and since the weather was so nice went off into town again. This time with the intention of stopping by the Millennium Bridge - which I call the Waitrose Bridge - to take a few pics. ...


    3 Nov 2012 9:57PM | Read


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  • Darn......

    I've just been up to the park by my office on my lunchbreak and took a walk around the lakes. As I was wandering up alongside one of the lakes a chap zoomed by on his pushbike and under his arm was a rather large swan :) Sadly I had been playin...


    31 Oct 2012 2:44PM | Read


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  • Having Fun.....

    Since I did the firmware upgrade on the Fuji X10 I'm having difficulty stopping playing with the new filter effects - mainly the Dynamic Tone one. It's producing pics that I've never really tried to do before and ok, they might not be good, but they...


    27 Oct 2012 7:53PM | Read


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  • Disco Dippy

    Having just read the latest blog entry by Slowsong, I thought I'd follow it up with a couple of quick pics I took yesterday at the Natural History Museum of the poor creature who has been reduced from a dignified and imposing individual to what I now...


    25 Oct 2012 3:24PM | Read


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  • Endless C**p

    I tried a bit of still life this morning - rubbish Tried some self portraits this afternoon - still rubbish Better luck next time....... (and yes I'm likely to keep burbling on here - I've kinda got into the habit now)


    21 Oct 2012 8:45PM | Read


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  • Film Scanner

    I picked up a Summit Film Scanner from a charity shop today - brand new, unopened packaging - all of 4.95. A bargain you say until I realise that I have Win 7 on this laptop so the driver doesn't work. Still, the pc is XP so I'm going to get a B...

    20 Oct 2012 8:25PM | Read


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  • Life After 365

    Well my 365 (and a bit) might be over but I'll still be doing the odd blog. Last night I said I was going to take the skeletons off the chairs in case they fell over during the night but I neglected to. Happily there were no bumps in the night ...


    19 Oct 2012 9:17PM | Read


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  • Photo 365 - Number 365 - Their First Anniversary

    Ok - actually I'm sure I got my numbering wrong with this 365 blog and in fact the real 365 was a few days ago. However having decided on what pic I was going to do I decided to go ahead anyway and set this little lot up. I fear a lot of tidying ...


    18 Oct 2012 7:55PM | Read


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  • Photo 365 - something has gone skewiff.......

    Just looking at my blog entries and notice that it's my 365 entry today - when I take a picture - but I started the blog on 14th October 2011 so somewhere along the line my numbers have gone kaput I know my numbering has wandered on occasions and ...

    18 Oct 2012 2:57PM | Read


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  • Photo 365 - Number 364 - The Concert

    No dressing up tonight - no bright ideas and a distinct lack of energy so Cedric decided to treat the chaps to a bit of culture this evening. Not great - might redo it another day - definitely not tonight. I believe Cedric has been on the pop...


    17 Oct 2012 8:15PM | Read


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  • Photo 365 - Number 363 - The Aftermath

    Actually you can't see the tip that lies behind the camera but I had to cut short my photo session this evening to take a phone call and an hour later I wasn't about to start again. At least that end of the room is tidy enough to play again anothe...


    16 Oct 2012 9:23PM | Read


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  • Photo 365 - Number 362 - The Red Balloon

    I did have a pic in mind tonight - it didn't really work so I chucked on a mask, stuck a net skirt around my head and some long gloves instead. The mask was wonky - it didn't really work - hey ho........ :)


    15 Oct 2012 8:45PM | Read


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