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cattyal's Blog


Hello - welcome! A longer message will follow in due course!
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  • A little less chaos

    Well that's enough for today - I've not been tidying all day I hasten to add - a bit of playing was indulged in as well although I'm afraid nothing remotely domestic has been done - that can wait until another day. At least I can now walk across t...


    24 Mar 2013 5:12PM | Read


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  • Chaos Rules

    One of the joys of living alone in a reasonably sized house is that you can convert the master bedroom into what I call my studio. Background paper, studio lights, props coming out of my ears, a wardrobe full of dressing-up clothes. The downside ...


    24 Mar 2013 10:06AM | Read


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  • Triggersmart

    I finally got the new Triggersmart system out of the carrier bag that I bought on Monday. Nice and easy to set up - and although I produced no masterpieces today I'm happy enough. Now I need to buy an adapter for the flashgun so I can use it of...


    10 Mar 2013 7:29PM | Read


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  • My New Friends

    Look what arrived in the post today - thank you Yael (my sister) :) Actually there are 15 of them - I think some fun will be had in due course. I've already got a piccy planned - just got to props to make sometime over the weekend.....


    8 Mar 2013 10:27PM | Read


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  • Follow up........

    He's at the top of the stairs now - I've not tried him on yet - maybe at the weekend. I will have to remove though when kids come round for their photos - I know one of them would totally freak if she saw him :)


    26 Feb 2013 10:27PM | Read


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  • He's arrived.....

    Considering the box was despatched in France on Thursday/Friday he arrived pretty swiftly........


    26 Feb 2013 12:29PM | Read


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  • oops.....

    I'm trying out a camera for a friend to compare the images with the ones from my camera so that she can figure out if her dissatisfaction with it is due to the camera or user. The AA batteries died tonight and took them out, popped them in the c...

    13 Feb 2013 8:54PM | Read


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  • Foggy Fun....

    Another impulse buy as arrived this morning - a smoke/fog machine :) Sadly the smoke/fog producing liquid hasn't arrived but I guess I can go to Maplins and pay their slightly too high prices for a bottle of the stuff. Now what will I do with it?...

    1 Feb 2013 10:14AM | Read


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  • I wish......

    The powers that be would get that flipping bridge fixed - it don't half spoil any attempts at photos at that end of the lake :( I'm really not dedicated enough to sit here removing all those barriers - the pics not worth it :)


    18 Jan 2013 10:13PM | Read


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  • Props

    One or two of you have expressed interest in my ever growing collection of props :) As I'm busy having a tidy up in the room I call my studio I thought I'd take a few snaps of what's up there. For now I've just uploaded shots of my three bookcases ...

    13 Jan 2013 11:54AM | Read


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  • Yippee......

    Things are looking good - a full set of working studio lights plus my post today included a deer skull and pair of crow wings that I'd ordered. Now where is the imagination and creativity? I know I put it somewhere.......

    10 Jan 2013 2:23PM | Read


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  • Boxing Day.......

    Was partly spent getting my face wrapped in tin foil and gaffer tape. Now to make a mould from that and see if I can make a mask that fits :)


    27 Dec 2012 2:21PM | Read


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  • Dunnit - yay......

    Got all the filament etc. out of a lightbulb without breaking it - success :) Funny I broke two ordinary bulbs before I had a large glass of voddy and tried the big round bulb :) Why? because I wanted to try - simple as that :)


    21 Dec 2012 11:10PM | Read


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  • I need a new brain.....

    Card in camera - check Shutter/Aperture settings correct - check Light switched on - check Remotes switched on - check Face recognition switched on - check Get changed, play with a variety of masks - swift check to see exposure etc. is ok (witho...

    19 Dec 2012 7:59PM | Read


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  • Zero Inspiration.....

    Great - a whole day at home and not the tiniest bit of inspiration - instead I've tidied up, vacuumed, done some laundry - at least the house is looking sparkling - well bits of it :) I bet some bright idea will pop into my head round about bed-ti...

    16 Dec 2012 4:19PM | Read


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