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cattyal's Blog


Hello - welcome! A longer message will follow in due course!
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  • Photo 365 - Number 361 - Flying Poppy

    This dog will just run and run and run - though actually now she does ease off a little bit now that she's just over one and the jumps down the steps are slightly less exuberant after about 20 throws. One day I'll get a nice sharp pic of her but for...


    14 Oct 2012 7:53PM | Read


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  • Photo 365 - Number 360 - Sweetie Pony

    I've spent much of this weekend visiting my family so not a massive amount of photos taken but I did take the odd snap here and there. This is Sweetie Pony - waiting for me to put the camera down and go say hello.......


    14 Oct 2012 7:51PM | Read


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  • Photo 365 - Number 359 - Scaffolding

    For once I actually took a pic or two during the day - I was particularly taken with the pretty blue mesh stuffy on the scaffolding on the building next door to the office. Very conveniently there is a window on the first floor at work that looks ri...


    12 Oct 2012 9:11PM | Read


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  • Photo 365 - Number 358 - The Clown

    I like to do as much of my pics for real which can mean a good deal of pratting out. For example tonight. Fix net skirts around neck to make a ruff. Put hair up and clown mask on. Then cheap silly gloves - then step inside case, pull case up ...


    11 Oct 2012 10:32PM | Read


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  • Photo 365 - Number 357 - The Shoes Again

    Sadly not a glimmer of inspiration on my trip home this evening - despite determined gormless staring out of the window the brain chose not to function at all. Fortunately the boys are always willing to help out so I let them explore the new sho...


    10 Oct 2012 7:50PM | Read


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  • Photo 365 - Number 356 - Shoes

    It's been a long tiring day and thoughts of photo taking were about as far from my mind as could be. However on a brief excursion into the big wide world I did come across a pair of shoes in the charity shop - unworn and only 5. Well they had to c...


    9 Oct 2012 8:10PM | Read


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  • Photo 365 - Number 355 - Oil on Water again

    Not the most successful of evenings - unable to settle down to anything really but hey ho. I did at least manage to join in with the Monday Night Challenge which unfortunately had a tiny contingent this week. Thought must be put into how to increas...


    8 Oct 2012 10:14PM | Read


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  • Photo 365 - Number 354 - Chinese Lantern

    Another day done and one with few photos taken alas. I've been good and blitzed the garden, planted bulbs, vacuumed around the house, this, that and the other. Besides inspiration has been in short supply this evening and for some reason I tend to ...


    7 Oct 2012 8:40PM | Read


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  • Photo 365 - Number 353 - Snail

    Not much done today in the way of photo taking - I had a brief play in the garden this morning and then went off out to visit a friend. Once I got back home around 6ish I wasn't feeling too inclined to do much although admittedly I did play with the...


    6 Oct 2012 8:28PM | Read


    Views : 3223

  • Photo 365 - Number 352 - Not Happy

    I had a plan for my pal this evening and although it kinda worked there was something missing and I couldn't figure out what it was. Instead I decided to let him take the night off but couldn't resist sneaking the X10 round the door whilst he was ...


    5 Oct 2012 9:16PM | Read


    Views : 3168

  • Photo 365 - Number 351 - Conkers!

    Yes - this morning I caved in and picked up a load of conkers :) Well there were lots under the tree over the road from the office and for some reason they're not being picked up - maybe the kids aren't interested nowadays - certainly the squirrels ...


    4 Oct 2012 8:49AM | Read


    Views : 3232

  • Photo 365 - Number 350 - Very Smart.....

    I was going to get dressed up again this evening but things conspired against me so I dressed my pal instead. I must try that tailcoat on soon - it was given to me by a colleague who found it up in her loft - and very happy I am with it too! I reck...


    3 Oct 2012 9:41PM | Read


    Views : 3330

  • Photo 365 - Number 349 - The Start

    The starting image for my upload tonight - as you can see I've not managed to do a great deal of tidying up but there's room enough for me, a skeleton and a ruddy great dress.......


    2 Oct 2012 9:45PM | Read


    Views : 3260

  • Photo 365 - Number 348 - Still dressing up....

    As the dress etc. were still on the floor this evening I thought I'd bung it all on again - not sure about the results and I'm currently trying to decide whether to upload one of the pics to my portfolio or not. I probably will in the end but will g...


    1 Oct 2012 9:46PM | Read


    Views : 3346

  • Photo 365 - Number 347 - Dressing Up Again

    I actually played this afternoon - quite what I achieved this morning I don't know but I did finally get the wedding dress on and messed about for a while. Not long though - it's not easy staggering back and forth to the camera (even with a remote i...


    30 Sep 2012 7:11PM | Read


    Views : 3223