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cattyal's Blog


There is only one world; the world pressing against you at this minute. There is only one minute in which you are alive; this minute here and now. The only way to live is by accepting each minute as an unrepeatable miracle.

Storm Jameson
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  • 320/365

    I had to go into town today but as the sky was looking so good I had to take a batch of snaps as I went. I upload them to a facebook group which is all Cheltenham related and there are quite a few members who hail from Chelters who like to see what ...


    13 Jul 2017 9:39PM | Read


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  • 319/365

    Off to the park this lunchtime as the sun came out and it seemed foolish to waste it by going anywhere else. After all it won't be long before the kids are off school and I'll be avoiding the park for the duration of the holidays. I only went round...


    12 Jul 2017 9:42PM | Read


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  • 318/365

    So it wasn't too bad when I left the house this morning but light rain during my lunchbreak and slightly heavier rain on my journey home - all somewhat less than inspiring and the highlight of my day was the trip to Tesco to buy bread (I'd have bough...


    11 Jul 2017 9:59PM | Read


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  • 317/365

    I treated myself to a day off today but only went over to Gloucester and then on to the care home when I got back to Chelters.. This is the fire escape on a hotel going back into town and sometimes the bus stops when the sun is shining and then I ta...


    10 Jul 2017 9:51PM | Read


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  • 316/365

    I went to the Tewkesbury Medieval Festival today but to be honest it was pretty much same old as every year. Rather hot though and I didn't feel inclined to stay too long - maybe a couple of hours and that was enough. I did take a few photos but ha...


    9 Jul 2017 9:43PM | Read


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  • 315/365

    As is normal on a Saturday I spend a good chunk of the day travelling by bus. Lots taken on my way back from Tetbury and a few on my entry back into Cheltenham. It's a bit hit and miss with mobile photos taken from the bus - and reflections can be ...


    8 Jul 2017 9:59PM | Read


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  • 314/365

    Again I didn't venture far this lunchtime - exactly the same potter taken as yesterday and the same bench sat on in the park. I figured two identical views wouldn't be appropriate so instead here is one of the radiators in the boardroom - they could...


    7 Jul 2017 10:00PM | Read


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  • 313/365

    It was a tad toasty today so I didn't go far at lunchtime. Down the road, across to the one that runs parallel and back up to the playing field. There I sat for about half an hour and then toddled back to work. I tend to slow down a bit when it's ...


    6 Jul 2017 10:06PM | Read


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  • 312/365

    Since it was a lovely sunny day today I went off to the park again at lunchtime. This time I went halfway round the boating lake (it conveniently has a bridge halfway along), then up to look at the 'wildflower' beds which are looking pretty lousy no...


    5 Jul 2017 9:58PM | Read


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  • 311/365

    The toys on my desk at work get rearranged periodically and today Dave and Shaggy were doing the dying fly - not a clue why ......................


    4 Jul 2017 9:51PM | Read


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  • 310/365

    I need to get a few more lunchtimes in the park under my belt before the kids break up for the summer as you can be sure I won't be going there once they have. It's hell - noisy, full of small people chasing away all the birds and squirrels - the re...


    3 Jul 2017 9:29PM | Read


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  • 309/365

    A different bus-stop today - this time the next one down from my usual one - blimey life can be exciting at times! Quite what the significance of the apparently gutted hamster is I really don't know - but it caught my eye


    2 Jul 2017 9:51PM | Read


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  • 308/365

    I've been out all day again - I left the house at 8am - got home some time past 7pm - and I'm pooped. I went over to Slimbridge to visit a friend and today's pic was taken outside the school I passed on my way back to the bus stop - it's been a whil...


    1 Jul 2017 9:58PM | Read


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  • 307/365

    As it was a bit dull this lunchtime I figured the park would be quiet and not over-flowing with peeps. Happily I was correct and had a potter - once again I was late back to work but what the heck :) You might be able to see a glimpse of the Pump R...


    30 Jun 2017 9:45PM | Read


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  • 306/365

    A big problem with doing a 365 - with the mobile - is that my routine is somewhat fixed. I just go over the same routes day in and day out which I find incredibly boring. I'm going to have to make a serious attempt to look for details on my wanderi...


    29 Jun 2017 9:56PM | Read


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