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cattyal's Blog


There is only one world; the world pressing against you at this minute. There is only one minute in which you are alive; this minute here and now. The only way to live is by accepting each minute as an unrepeatable miracle.

Storm Jameson
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  • 284/365

    Today was another day where not a single photo was taken - all I did was go into town and back at lunchtime and saw nothing inspiring - or maybe I just wasn't inspired - who knows. Consequently I had to pick up the mobile this evening as I was damne...


    7 Jun 2017 9:40PM | Read


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  • 283/365

    I decided to head up to the park today as the weather wasn't at its best and I figured it would be quiet up there. I was right - not too bad - very windy but otherwise pleasant and the place was almost deserted :) yippee!


    6 Jun 2017 10:02PM | Read


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  • 282/365

    Fancy a drink? Well there is no bin supplied near the bus shelter so up there is as good a place as any I guess!


    5 Jun 2017 8:47PM | Read


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  • 281/365

    Sundays are often bad days for photo taking - my routine tends to be doing stuff around the house until around 2pm and then I wander off to the care home to visit dad. That makes for a distinct lack of decent photo ops and that is why today you get ...


    4 Jun 2017 9:55PM | Read


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  • 280/365

    I went to Kew Gardens today for about 6 hours pottering in a fairly aimless fashion. Well I did cover some bits I'd not managed to fit in on my last visit but still ran out of time - it's definitely not something you can cover in one day. Happily t...


    3 Jun 2017 10:12PM | Read


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  • 279/365

    A quickie from my bus-stop in town today. It was a miserable damp lunch time so I just had a walk around the block. This is the new Brewery Quarter mostly restaurants and coffee shops so not remotely interesting alas


    2 Jun 2017 9:54PM | Read


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  • 278/365

    There were cakes at work today so I had to take a quick pic before I ate it :) I must have the must juvenile desk ever - there are cybermen on there, Noddy is there, Tom (as in & Jerry), Dr Who, and quite a few other individuals - plus a bag full...


    1 Jun 2017 8:55PM | Read


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  • 277/365

    I spent a bit of time in the park this lunchtime and came across a tree that presumably kids had decorated with (hopefully) mud and flowers. It was rather neat - about half a dozen little faces.


    31 May 2017 9:31PM | Read


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  • 276/365

    Once again it's been a non photographic day with just one pic taken on the phone on my way across the playing field to work and that was it I have tomorrow afternoon off and, weather permitting, plan to spend a couple of hours in the park playing wi...


    30 May 2017 9:32PM | Read


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  • 275/365

    I realised earlier this evening that I'd not taken any pics on the mobile today. well I stayed home due to the less than lovely weather and spent my time blitzing, cleaning,vacuuming, sorting - all the fun stuff you do on a Bank Holiday. Obviously...


    29 May 2017 10:00PM | Read


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  • 274/365

    I went over to Gloucester today to visit the prison. It's not been in use for about 5 years or so and now you can take a look around. Not cheap - 15 for solo wandering and a bit more for a guided tour. I'll go back and do the guided tour next tim...


    28 May 2017 8:47PM | Read


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  • 273/365

    Out all day again today and few photos taken apart from my walk round from the bus-stop to the next bus-stop. This is the town library - I've not been in there for years I'm afraid but take pics of it quite regularly.


    27 May 2017 10:17PM | Read


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  • 272/365

    Sometimes I expect bit too much from the camera on the mobile - it'll never beat a real camera but still keeps me amused Lunchtime in the park again today - I'll be steering clear next week as it's half term and the place will be packed out with k...


    26 May 2017 9:47PM | Read


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  • 271/365

    Another bus-stop photo today - I did take a few around town but have deleted them - all the same old stuff. At least this is slightly different and the dirty 'glass' provided a ready made grunge filter :)


    25 May 2017 9:47PM | Read


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  • 270/365

    It's been a lovely sunny, toasty day so I went off to the park at lunchtime to see if I could find the swans. This time they were out on the grass snoozing but happily did wake up and I spent a bit of time just standing watching them.


    24 May 2017 9:32PM | Read


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