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cattyal's Blog


Hello - welcome! A longer message will follow in due course!
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  • 20/365

    I was rather snap happy with the mobile today and took 61 photos! Must show more restraint :) I'd gone over to Gloucester for a bumble in the sunshine - I find it a far more interesting place to wander than Cheltenham so if I want to get out of tow...


    11 Sep 2016 9:09PM | Read


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  • 19/365

    I travelled on a total of 6 buses today so having a decent camera on the phone means that on a day like to day (raining) when the view out of the window is a bit grim, I can sit and play with photos.


    10 Sep 2016 10:11PM | Read


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  • 18/365

    Very few snaps were taken today- lunchtime was spent dashing about trying to get lots done but at least I passed by the almshouses the centre of town and had the presence of mind to take a quick pic as I went by.


    9 Sep 2016 10:39PM | Read


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  • 17/365

    I knew I was going to be short on time when I got home this evening but had decided this afternoon that I wanted to have a go at a still life using the mobile. Not as easy due to lack of control over the exposure etc. but it didn't come out too badl...


    8 Sep 2016 9:35PM | Read


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  • 16/365

    I wandered round to the hospital after work this evening so as usual was snapping at whatever caught my eye. - well it keeps me out of trouble (which is kinda boring!)


    7 Sep 2016 10:16PM | Read


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  • 15/365

    I'm still enjoying the novelty of having a decent camera on my phone. Ok, not as good as I could achieve with a good camera and lens but still pretty good! For once a non-messed about with pic.


    6 Sep 2016 10:22PM | Read


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  • 14/365

    No time to stop and stare today but I did at least pause by All Saint's church on the way round to the hospital this evening and took a quick pic :) Day off tomorrow and I have no plans to leave the house so who knows what I'll come up with!


    5 Sep 2016 10:36PM | Read


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  • 13/365

    I was pleased to see the bowling green full of peeps when I got off the bus this afternoon so a quick sneaky snap was taken. As the phone I use is never used for calls I can keep it on mute and snap away on the sly :)


    4 Sep 2016 10:05PM | Read


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  • 12/365

    This is the old County Court House in town - now a Jamie Oliver establishment which I've never frequented and never plan to. Nice to look at though :)


    3 Sep 2016 10:35PM | Read


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  • 11/365

    This is where I have the joy of working 5 days a week - posh on the outside, posh on the ground floor but not so exciting when you get upstairs. It's not a bad spot - plenty of birds and squirrels to watch, a regular visiting fox, 10 magpies on the ...


    2 Sep 2016 10:54PM | Read


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  • 10/365

    This is the bus-stop where I wait for my bus at least 5 days a week - well I guess I'd have a long wait if I wanted to catch a train :) I do like this broken plastic 'glass' - one day I dare say it will be repaired but in the meantime I shall contin...


    1 Sep 2016 9:58PM | Read


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  • 9/365

    Please do not feed the pigeons...................... I presume someone disagrees :) This is in the churchyard which is near my bus-stop. If you've daft enough to enter said churchyard with a bag of sunflower seeds you are pretty much guaranteed to...


    31 Aug 2016 8:54PM | Read


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  • 8/365

    I should have made more effort today but alas the mood wasn't with me. However I did take a few pics on my walk back into town this evening which is fortunate as I might have been forced to take a dreadful pic of Ledley the cat this evening instead ...


    30 Aug 2016 9:46PM | Read


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  • 7/365

    A thrilling image today - the roof of the entrance to Cheltenham General Hospital. I was sat there enjoying the sunshine and was taking random snaps on the mobile again - well it keeps me amused :)


    29 Aug 2016 10:31PM | Read


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  • 6/365

    A quick pic taken of Cheltenham College as I wandered round to the hospital this afternoon. I must admit I was tempted to leg it off into the sunshine but was good and continued on my way....................


    28 Aug 2016 11:01PM | Read


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