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cattyal's Blog


There is only one world; the world pressing against you at this minute. There is only one minute in which you are alive; this minute here and now. The only way to live is by accepting each minute as an unrepeatable miracle.

Storm Jameson
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  • 125/365

    I spent a few hours with my family this afternoon, came home, watched Dr Who, crashed for an hour and will be off to bed soon. My cold - which has been horrible for a week now shows no signs of abating and all I want to do is go to bed. I plan to s...


    25 Dec 2016 9:05PM | Read


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  • 124/365

    I've not left the house today - still got the stinky cold - so have mostly just sat here watching gormless films and doing not a lot. I did take a quick pic earlier of the Daves so took one with the mobile too so I'd not miss a day here. It's not g...


    24 Dec 2016 8:42PM | Read


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  • 123/365

    Christmas hasn't even arrived quite yet and already the shop windows are being cleared and replaced with sale stuff. I had vague plans of having a bumble round town this afternoon but a) it was horribly busy and b) I feel like death warmed up and ha...


    23 Dec 2016 8:33PM | Read


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  • 122/365

    As usual I passed through the churchyard on the way to get my bus to work this morning and noticed that someone had mislaid their doll. I wonder if it was retrieved or will it still be there in the morning?


    22 Dec 2016 9:16PM | Read


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  • 121/365

    I'm suffering from a lack of inspiration and inclination - due to a very stinky cold (the first proper cold I've had for years). It was just as well I took a couple of snaps of Ledley first thing this morning otherwise I'd have no mobile photos to o...


    21 Dec 2016 9:07PM | Read


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  • 120/365

    After an uninspiring morning the weather turned out lovely by lunch-time. Shame I had to go back to work. I don't know what kind of tree these leaves come from but there are two near a garage I pass when I head into town. They're always the last t...


    20 Dec 2016 9:32PM | Read


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  • 119/365

    Another from across the playing field on the way to work. Not the most spectacular sky so a few adjustments were required to give it a bit of a boost :)


    19 Dec 2016 10:00PM | Read


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  • 118/365

    Another out of the bus window photo today - this time on my way to Gloucester and a snap or two grabbed as I was passing the airport. These buses are still new and shiny so the windows are still pretty good and clean which makes a pleasant change fr...


    18 Dec 2016 9:13PM | Read


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  • 117/365

    The view from the bus across the common this morning was somewhat restricted - it was a tad foggy - though for once the bus windows weren't too grubby..............


    17 Dec 2016 9:38PM | Read


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  • 116/;365

    I realised that apart from a really duff snap of the cat this morning I'd taken no pics with the mobile today - oops............. So this evening I dug out one of my dead flowers and had a play with the Retrolux and Vintage filters in Snapseed. Tha...


    16 Dec 2016 9:18PM | Read


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  • 115/365

    Just a couple of pics taken with the mobile today - too busy at work to play and dashing about at lunchtime. Maybe tomorrow will be a tad more chilled. This was taken at the bus-stop this morning - I seem to take a lot of snaps at bus-stops!


    15 Dec 2016 9:57PM | Read


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  • 114/365

    I took a half day to go and visit a friend and then pottered back through town to my bus. Little caught my eye until I passed this alleyway which leads to the church behind so I nipped up there, grabbed a couple of snaps and then went on my way to t...


    14 Dec 2016 8:45PM | Read


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  • 113/365

    David was having a really really lousy day...........................


    13 Dec 2016 9:40PM | Read


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  • 112/365

    An early blog entry today as I suspect very few photos will be taken today - it's dull and dreary out there but at least it's not raining - well that will start at 1pm when I wander out for my lunchbreak! Anyway much as I dislike these rather dark m...


    12 Dec 2016 11:59AM | Read


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  • 111/365

    I wandered once round the Christmas Market in town this afternoon and found it all very uninspiring. Presumably someone likes these things but there was nothing of interest to me apart from this little pooch.............


    11 Dec 2016 9:48PM | Read


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