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cattyal's Blog


There is only one world; the world pressing against you at this minute. There is only one minute in which you are alive; this minute here and now. The only way to live is by accepting each minute as an unrepeatable miracle.

Storm Jameson
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  • 172/365

    I don't seem to have achieved a great deal today but did go to town this morning and bought a bird feeding station along with seed and fat balls. It's still in the box at the moment but I'll get it put up eventually and maybe they'll flock to it - I...


    12 Feb 2017 10:06PM | Read


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  • 171/365

    Yet another pic from a bus-stop - I had the choice of many bus-stops today having taken a total of 6 journeys. I seem to spend a lot of time standing at stops - but fortunately rarely for very long...................


    11 Feb 2017 10:41PM | Read


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  • 170/365

    Not the most exciting snap today but Dave number 13 arrived today! I think it might be time to stop collecting Daves :) (this one was so inexpensive I simply had to buy him)


    10 Feb 2017 9:46PM | Read


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  • 169/365

    One of the shopping arcades in town is being knocked down and will ultimately be replaced by a John Lewis. Can't say I have any interest in the new shop but am enjoying watching the demolition and when I do pass I always take a snap or two showing t...


    9 Feb 2017 9:26PM | Read


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  • 168/365

    One from the bus today - I tried a few when on the move but fortunately managed to get a snap when the bus was at a junction :)


    8 Feb 2017 9:30PM | Read


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  • 167/365

    A pretty poor effort today but I did like the way the chap was perched up in the tree. Fortunately he did stop while I walked underneath so was in no danger of a branch landing on my head :)


    7 Feb 2017 9:47PM | Read


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  • 166/365

    Sadly by the time I got off the bus this morning the pink in the sky had gone. It didn't stop me taking a snap or two as I crossed the playing field to the office


    6 Feb 2017 9:40PM | Read


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  • 165/365

    The only downside to mobile pics so far is when it's dark then the noise levels are a tad high. Then again if the subject matter was of great consequence I could use the little Sony I always carry around with me. It still amuses me though when walk...


    5 Feb 2017 9:02PM | Read


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  • 164/365

    The sun was out, the sky blue etc. so I went off and had a potter round town - up a road I don't visit too often so had fresh charity shops to explore plus an 'antique' place at the top of the road. As per usual pickings were thin but I couldn't res...


    4 Feb 2017 10:03PM | Read


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  • 163/365

    Another bus-stop view - cannot type properly - the cat has trapped my left arm !


    3 Feb 2017 10:30PM | Read


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  • 162/365

    I took myself off to the park again this lunchtime - the sun was more or less out - though came out better once I got back to work - never mind. Again the swans were right up at the far end of the lake so I opted not to go up there and instead roame...


    2 Feb 2017 8:34PM | Read


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  • 161/365

    The sun put in an appearance so I decided the best place for me at lunchtime was the park. I didn't see the swans sadly - George has been returned to the lake approximately a week after some idiot shot him through the head with a crossbow! Having s...


    1 Feb 2017 8:17PM | Read


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  • 160/365

    Yet another photo from a bus-stop today but for once pointing into the establishment that is right by the stop. He kept looking out of the window but I finally managed to catch him................


    31 Jan 2017 10:09PM | Read


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  • 159/365

    I give up - here's an extremely boring photo - I refuse to miss a day so sometimes (or frequently) it's going to be a dull as ditchwater pic. I was back from lunch early so mooched around the back of the office for 10 minutes or so trying to find so...


    30 Jan 2017 9:55PM | Read


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  • 158/365

    I unexpectedly ended up at Ikea today - all plans to do cleaning and tidying today went out of the window - oh dear what a shame :) I spent more time mooching and chatting with sis than thinking about photos so here's a pic of the bit of cheesecake ...


    29 Jan 2017 9:56PM | Read


    Views : 162