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cattyal's Blog


There is only one world; the world pressing against you at this minute. There is only one minute in which you are alive; this minute here and now. The only way to live is by accepting each minute as an unrepeatable miracle.

Storm Jameson
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  • 109/365

    I have no idea who the chap in this photo is. I got it whilst at an antiques fair back in the summer - some chap has bought a box full of old photos and this little pic was accidentally left so the stall holders kindly let me have it for nowt. Cedr...


    9 Dec 2016 10:27PM | Read


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  • 108/365

    One from my desk again today - and then I ate the choccy.....................


    8 Dec 2016 10:31PM | Read


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  • 107/365

    Noon today - looking out of my office window. Obviously exposing for the sky makes it look as though it was rather dark today but actually it came out lovely and sunny and warm enough to take my jacket off at lunchtime and go bare-armed. I did thin...


    7 Dec 2016 9:55PM | Read


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  • 106/365

    I realised this evening this evening that I'd not taken any pics with the mobile today so I popped upstairs, picked a random object and took a few snaps. I hope to do better tomorrow!


    6 Dec 2016 9:33PM | Read


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  • 105/365

    Sadly I can't actually see the sunset from my desk at work but I can see the light on the building over the road so have a fair idea of what's going on outside. Tonight it looked worth nipping round to the window and taking a quick sneaky pic with t...


    5 Dec 2016 10:06PM | Read


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  • 104/365

    Having been good and done a tiny bit of domestic style stuff (ie one load of washing), by the time noon came around I just couldn't stay inside any longer. Hey - blue sky and sunshine out there if a tad chilly so I went off up to the park I frequent...


    4 Dec 2016 9:53PM | Read


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  • 103/365

    Off out for the day again today so very few pics taken apart from a few on the way to my 2nd bus and a few more at the bus station whilst waiting for the 3rd bus This is a view down the high street - taken shortly after leaving Greggs laden down wi...


    3 Dec 2016 10:45PM | Read


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  • 102/365

    I'm afraid just three photos got taken with the mobile today - all of the most recent addition to my naff toy collection that lives on my office desk. One day I'll have to get them all together - one day.................


    2 Dec 2016 10:24PM | Read


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  • 101/365

    At around 10.30 this morning I suddenly decided I wanted to take the afternoon off and happily I am able to do so in my job :) I popped over to Tewkesbury for a browse the charity and antique shops and down to the river though decided not to cut acr...


    1 Dec 2016 8:04PM | Read


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  • 100/365

    It was a frosty start but the forecast sunshine stayed all day so off I went to the park again. It was rather nice - too cold for the kiddies and not too many people about. The lake was partly frozen over and I must remember that as when it's froze...


    30 Nov 2016 9:59PM | Read


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  • 99/365

    I took a day off today as a lovely sunny, if chilly, day was forecast so I took myself off to Cirencester. It's a nice little town and covers all my needs, charity shop, antique emporium and the Bathurst Estate to potter through - especially the woo...


    29 Nov 2016 9:35PM | Read


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  • 98/365

    My Thompson Twins are now the Thompson Quads - more fun to be had - hopefully. Two pics today - a before and after - taken very quickly on my desk at work....................


    28 Nov 2016 10:35PM | Read


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  • 97/365

    I went over to Gloucester for a potter today- sadly not much sunshine but then the flat dull light rather suits using the Retrolux filter on any mobile pics - Snapseed again. This is an attempt to take a pic excluding as much modern stuff as possibl...


    27 Nov 2016 9:52PM | Read


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  • 96/365

    I was off out for the day again so a relatively early start - got into town just gone 8am and the first port of call is Greggs for rolls and cakes. I took advantage of the lovely sunshine to take a few snaps round to my 2nd bus of the day - this i...


    26 Nov 2016 10:28PM | Read


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  • 95/365

    Rather annoyingly it's been a lovely sunny day today - blue sky & sunshine all flipping day. How much says that disappears by tomorrow? Hey ho.................. Anyway, this afternoon I spotted the light on the wall of the room next to me so I gra...


    25 Nov 2016 9:50PM | Read


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