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cattyal's Blog


Hello - welcome! A longer message will follow in due course!
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  • 77/365

    The sun was out so off I went to the park again ...............


    7 Nov 2016 10:28PM | Read


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  • 76/365

    Today - Sunday - started well - lovely blue sky and sunshine and yippee I thought. Ok there was a frost but sunshine - that's the important bit. Sadly by the time I was ready to shuffle off out the sun had disappeared - fortunately the rain held of...


    6 Nov 2016 8:57PM | Read


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  • 75/365

    Oops - a day late uploading but in my defence Ledley was driving me nuts last night. He was insisting on sitting on my keyboard and being very fussy and clingy and I simply gave up and went to bed!. Fortunately I took a few snaps of him in the morn...


    6 Nov 2016 8:49PM | Read


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  • 74/365

    I was going to town this lunchtime but when i got the bottom of the road I saw blue sky in the park direction so headed off there instead. Just a gentle potter around the lake and then back to work - quite pleasant and I was rather reluctant to retu...


    4 Nov 2016 10:05PM | Read


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  • 73/365

    I'm afraid I have to confess that I ate an entire pack - oh, minus one - of Jammie Dodgers today - oops................. At least I stopped munching long enough to take a quick pic of Tom on my desk - his joy was short lived as I removed and ate the...


    3 Nov 2016 10:13PM | Read


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  • 72/365

    It's been a lovely sunny day today which of course very frustrating when sat at one's desk most of the day. I did at least escape to the park at lunchtime. If I get a wiggle on I can cover both lakes but today just did half of one (there's a bridge...


    2 Nov 2016 10:02PM | Read


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  • 71/365

    It's been a very bland bleah kind of day so any photos taken whilst bumbling about where distinctly lacking in anything. At least I've always got my collection of plastic tat sitting around my work monitor to play with - not a clue what this one is ...


    1 Nov 2016 10:21PM | Read


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  • 70/365

    As the sun was shining I took the afternoon off and went over to Gloucester again. The plan has been to check out a couple of antique/junk emporiums but only managed to fit one in. No matter, I did most of the charity shops, one antiques place, the...


    31 Oct 2016 9:59PM | Read


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  • 69/365

    I've had a nasty attack of domesticity today and been blitzing parts of the house and garden. Still lots to do but I've not done too badly today. That did mean that very little time was spent with the camera or mobile but I did cut a stem of the Ka...


    30 Oct 2016 10:04PM | Read


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  • 68/365

    I've been out much of the day and sadly, photographically speaking, it was a very uninspiring day. However I did amuse myself whilst waiting for a bus taking random pics .............


    29 Oct 2016 11:36PM | Read


    Views : 187

  • 67/365

    The short version - I waffled on - hit submit and it all went pear-shaped................... Photo taken on the way to work across the playing field. That about sums it up really!


    28 Oct 2016 9:47PM | Read


    Views : 191

  • 66/365

    Well I did take a few snaps on the way into work and on the way home but today I'm using a snap taken on my desk of my latest batch of Minions. Curse those charity shops - I can't resist them! I've no idea how many Minions I have now - I really sho...


    27 Oct 2016 9:35PM | Read


    Views : 177

  • 65/365

    In contrast to yesterday, today was lovely - blue sky, fluffy clouds, sunshine - of course I was stuck at work - yay I did escape to the park at lunchtime for a potter and the sun was still in evidence on the walk into town after work. This is the ...


    26 Oct 2016 10:12PM | Read


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  • 64/365

    It's been a bit of a duff day for outdoor photo taking- no sunshine, flat, dull - generally bleah. Plus my excursion this lunchtime took me to Tesco and back so not exactly thrilling but hey - at least I can back with a packet of jam tarts which I'v...


    25 Oct 2016 10:10PM | Read


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  • 63/365

    I decided to go to the park this lunchtime - ok it's been a tad overcast but not entirely dreadful. Of course it started raining barely 5 minutes out but fortunately not enough to bother with a brolly.................. I just did a circuit of the s...


    24 Oct 2016 10:20PM | Read


    Views : 184