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cattyal's Blog


There is only one world; the world pressing against you at this minute. There is only one minute in which you are alive; this minute here and now. The only way to live is by accepting each minute as an unrepeatable miracle.

Storm Jameson
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  • 252/365

    I took a wander to the park during my lunchbreak -all the way to the far end in the hope of seeing the cygnets. I saw them across one side of the lake so I walked round only to find the rotters had crossed to the other side. I gave up and went back ...


    5 May 2017 10:00PM | Read


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  • 251/365

    As it was nice morning I walked from town out to the office snapping as I went. As you can see, this building used to house a photographic studio - now a hairdressers. Lovely to see it's been preserved.


    4 May 2017 10:04PM | Read


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  • 250/365

    The road to work - lined with Horse Chestnut trees which proves a great test of my resistance when the conkers start falling.Meanwhile it's all fresh and new - my office building is behind that fence on the right :)


    3 May 2017 10:03PM | Read


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  • 249/365

    Today I went to the park at lunchtime to see if I could spot George, Zelda and the new kids. I did get a brief view of them before they disappeared onto the island they call home but of course I'll see plenty more of them over the year. This is a ...


    2 May 2017 8:28PM | Read


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  • 248/365

    I forgot to upload on Monday but you didn't miss much. I spent most of the day at home junk sorting and had a brief trip to Sainsburys for essential supplies.............


    2 May 2017 8:22PM | Read


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  • 247/365

    Yet another bus-stop pic today - I only took two mobile photos today - one looking in each direction from the bus-stop. I was mostly domestic today which didn't include playing with photos and then went to visit dad this afternoon/early evening. ...


    30 Apr 2017 10:38PM | Read


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  • 246/365

    In the Promenade are two blocks of old phone boxes. Last year they were all taken away for restoration and now they act as display cases for arty stuff. They seem, to be advertising a Pop Art exhibition at the museum/gallery at the moment - maybe I...


    29 Apr 2017 9:47PM | Read


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  • 245/365

    I took a bit of a windy route to the bus stop this evening, snapping as I went. This road used to be busy - a well used run but not now - it's shut for 18 months due to building work - who knows why they need to close the whole road - seems a tad ot...


    28 Apr 2017 9:58PM | Read


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  • 244/365

    Yet another offering from a bus-stop - i do lead an exciting life ! i currently have one arm under a sleepin cat and am too soft to shift him...................


    27 Apr 2017 10:00PM | Read


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  • 243/365

    I did go tot he park this lunchtime but didn't take any snaps. The blasted heron kept flying further up the lake every time I got closer so no joy with that one. Still, it was lovely and quiet compared to last week when the kids were off. However ...


    26 Apr 2017 9:00PM | Read


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  • 242/365

    I was hanging about round the back of the office this lunchtime waiting for a phone call so took the opportunity to take a few pics of the clematis. Ok the results would be better with a 'proper' camera but still not bad :)


    25 Apr 2017 9:55PM | Read


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  • 241/365

    I'm afraid it's another bus-stop pic this evening - normally I walk into town and then get a bus out but was feeling lazy so popped across the playing field behind the office and caught a bus in. Not the most exciting view but hey ho - I'll try to d...


    24 Apr 2017 9:51PM | Read


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  • 240/365

    I went to Stroud today for a bumble and had a very pleasant time exploring the canal - a part of town I've never had time to wander around. I'll certainly be doing that side of town again.................. The underpasses and bridges over the canal...


    23 Apr 2017 9:44PM | Read


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  • 239/365

    I'we been out all day again so the only photo ops were as I went through town from bus to bus to bus. It was a nice sunny day though so I at least enjoyed the sunshine in between buses! This is the Promenade in Cheltenham...............


    22 Apr 2017 10:09PM | Read


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  • 238/365

    Dave came to work with me today - and brought me a rose :)


    21 Apr 2017 10:03PM | Read


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