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cattyal's Blog


There is only one world; the world pressing against you at this minute. There is only one minute in which you are alive; this minute here and now. The only way to live is by accepting each minute as an unrepeatable miracle.

Storm Jameson
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  • 182/365

    One on the way to work this morning. A section of the pavement between buses is blocked off so instead of crossing the road and back I opt to cut through the churchyard and view the spring flowers, the squirrels and the church - or I should say mins...


    22 Feb 2017 9:37PM | Read


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  • 181/365

    I had a lift home this evening so took the opportunity to snap away at the sky. Usually I'm stuck on the bus and quite frankly the windows are usually too grubby to bother which can be a tad frustrating at times...................


    21 Feb 2017 9:13PM | Read


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  • 180/365

    It was quite pleasant today so I wandered up to the park in my lunchbreak. Ok I should have gone to the supermarket for bread but hey - I'll survive without sandwiches tomorrow! Bumbling round the park for half an hour is a far more civilised way t...


    20 Feb 2017 9:50PM | Read


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  • 179/365

    Part of the high street in town is being transformed. A whole row of shops was knocked down (I sooooooooooooo miss Tesco) - and a new load built along with a hotel too. Sadly I suspect most of the buildings will be either clothes shops or coffee sh...


    19 Feb 2017 9:53PM | Read


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  • 178/365

    One from the bus today - I love this tree - I hope it stays put for years to come........ Last week I complained to the bus company via twitter about the filthy state of the windows. They replied and said that they'd speak to the guys that clean th...


    18 Feb 2017 10:26PM | Read


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  • 177/365

    On my way into town this evening I took a few snaps and then messed about with them whilst waiting for the bus - they came out quite well Snapseed and Instants used (though I fancy finding another polaroid type frame app that doesn't have advertisi...


    17 Feb 2017 9:42PM | Read


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  • 176/365

    I downloaded another app to my phone today - it does polaroid style frames and suits me well - I wanted something quick and easy and no fuss. Fortunately only a small portion of my desk is shown - it's a bit of tip and debris includes one Roman Cent...


    16 Feb 2017 9:58PM | Read


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  • 175/365

    I have a new bit of plastic tat on my desk to play with at work. Four paws and a head :) I like plastic tat....................


    15 Feb 2017 9:44PM | Read


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  • 174/365

    Another snap from the bus stop again today - this time the first stop of the day - just around the corner from my house. Then I took one of the church in town on my way to the next bus stop - I cut through the churchyard every morning - nice to see ...


    14 Feb 2017 9:13PM | Read


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  • 173/365

    I suddenly took a half day off work today - well, the sun was out, the sky was blue and it was actually fairly warm so I disappeared off to Tewkesbury for a few hours wandering. I did the usual, charity shops, antique shops, the Abbey, the river - j...


    13 Feb 2017 9:50PM | Read


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  • 172/365

    I don't seem to have achieved a great deal today but did go to town this morning and bought a bird feeding station along with seed and fat balls. It's still in the box at the moment but I'll get it put up eventually and maybe they'll flock to it - I...


    12 Feb 2017 10:06PM | Read


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  • 171/365

    Yet another pic from a bus-stop - I had the choice of many bus-stops today having taken a total of 6 journeys. I seem to spend a lot of time standing at stops - but fortunately rarely for very long...................


    11 Feb 2017 10:41PM | Read


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  • 170/365

    Not the most exciting snap today but Dave number 13 arrived today! I think it might be time to stop collecting Daves :) (this one was so inexpensive I simply had to buy him)


    10 Feb 2017 9:46PM | Read


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  • 169/365

    One of the shopping arcades in town is being knocked down and will ultimately be replaced by a John Lewis. Can't say I have any interest in the new shop but am enjoying watching the demolition and when I do pass I always take a snap or two showing t...


    9 Feb 2017 9:26PM | Read


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  • 168/365

    One from the bus today - I tried a few when on the move but fortunately managed to get a snap when the bus was at a junction :)


    8 Feb 2017 9:30PM | Read


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