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Hi, welcome to my EPhotozine portfolio.
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A quick view of cbegg's recent activity.

  • A Still Life by cbegg

    Thanks for the comments guys. I took several shots during the evening but thought this one had most punch. The sticker thing is noted and thanks for the heads up on the sensor I'll look into that.
    • 19 Jun 2010 5:24PM
  • DJ by lianna

    A fantastic cat pic. Getting animals to stay put is difficult enough. I have hundreds of photos of my brother's dog Sam's backside!
    • 18 Jun 2010 9:29PM
  • Storm Tree by David_Turnbull

    Looks almost like HDR with the very light tree against the dark background. Where did the light come from on the tree?
    • 18 Jun 2010 7:49PM
  • Woodpecker by OAKEY

    I prefer your version 1. All that bark in version 3 detracts from the colour/texture of the bird. Version two crop seems all wrong to me. Lucky to get three shots of such a timid bird.
    • 18 Jun 2010 7:47PM
  • what u looking at by Fruitcake

    What is he doing with that back foot!
    • 18 Jun 2010 7:45PM
  • Colours by tudu

    Are those colours real? No increase in saturation? Wow! They're incredibly vivid. Just a pity you slightly clipped the top petal, otherwise a good composition.
    • 18 Jun 2010 7:42PM
  • Golden Rose by mrsdaffy

    I love the fuzzy background and agree with Joseph about the dream like quality. Well done,
    • 29 May 2006 1:27PM
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