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  • Parmalee has the closest to my experience of Agfa CPP & CPN paper.

    We used it for production of commercial artwork for press.

    The version i used was black or white (no greys in-between) and a 'screen' would be placed under the neg paper for tonal images (i.e. trannys).

    The rest of the time we used it to copy/resize logos, type or complete artwork.

    The camera was a massive freestanding contraption (Agfa PMT camera, wish I kept the lens now!) that was lights, copy board with glass vacuum, lens, bellows and the vacuum imaging plate where the CPN went. You expose, pair up the exposed CPN & CPP through the rollers and chems, peel apart, wash 'n' dry, no fix.

    There were also bleach pens that you could get to remove 'spots' or scratch it with a scalpel and a drop of water.

    Hope you find the stuff useful, and if you come across a PMT camera, nick the lens, they have zero distortion!