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Thanks for looking at my photos. I'm a British/Australian photo-journalist, living in the South of France. Specialising in macro, landscape and event photography.
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A quick view of celestun's recent activity.

  • Silver 'n Blue

    Great comp and the mist adds so much to the background.

    Well done!

    • 2 May 2014 9:19PM
  • Night Owl

    Thanks Mike!


    • 2 May 2014 9:15PM
  • Brown Hairstreak Male

    Wicked detail, Wow!
    • 11 Apr 2014 9:49PM
  • Tyrrhenian wall lizard

    Corsica! must head down there some time... it's not far after all!

    Great sharp shot with a prehistoric feel!

    • 11 Apr 2014 9:47PM
  • Adonis Blue Male

    Wow, love it when they sunbathe like this. You did a great job sneaking up on him... by 9am must have been quite lively...

    Well done!

    • 11 Apr 2014 9:43PM
  • The Look

    Thanks Pablo!

    She has a lot of makeup on so that's probably why...

    • 4 Mar 2014 9:54PM
  • Lago di Mezzola

    Serene is the word and the subtle nuances of blue throughout make it quite mesmerising.
    • 4 Mar 2014 9:33PM
  • An impressive collection of subtle yet powerfully atmospheric shots taken with a very creative eye!

    Added to my small collection of favourites!

  • An impressive collection of images! Great use of warm colours, eye-catching compositions and well balanced images.

    • Posted on Jedro's profile
    • 5 May 2010 6:47PM
  • You have a compelling way of capturing the raw beauty of a place and the individuals that make it come to life. The subtle use of natural emotions, lighting and colours makes your images stand out above the crowd.
    I have added you to my favourites list which is very small! This is simply outstanding work and really deserves the recognition it has on this site.
    • Posted on BURNBLUE's profile
    • 22 Apr 2010 11:03PM
  • All your photographs capture the elements in all their splendour... it's rare to see them so brilliantly combined and displayed!

    Well done!

    • Posted on Mari's profile
    • 9 Jul 2009 8:56PM
  • An impressive collection of refined macro photography! You have a unique delicate approach to capturing your subjects and impressive pin-sharp technique!

    Keep up the great work!

    • Posted on Wooly's profile
    • 24 Jul 2008 7:32PM
  • Your photojournalistic eye is incredibly sharp... some really stunning work capturing character, culture, mood and light in a splendid way... a pleasure to look over your work!

  • Not often I would comment on portrait photography... but there is something incredibly engaging about your work... the eye contact... bringing out the beauty within... it's really an exceptional talent... impressive!

    • Posted on HelenO's profile
    • 7 May 2008 10:54PM
  • Clearly you have a great eye for the elements of living things and your photography is full of life as a result!


    • Posted on BeiK's profile
    • 24 Jun 2007 12:07PM
  • You are one with the ladybirds! Your technique is exemplary, I have yet to get a photo of one that was worth keeping... very impressive portfolio... keep an eye out for this one! Cheers, Tim
  • A very competitive individual with far too much time on his hands... can be a real nuisance on here, but otherwise a darn good shooter!