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shane 16 7 United Kingdom
17 Mar 2005 4:29AM

sze4j 17 56 Singapore
17 Mar 2005 4:30AM
superb details...and i definitely like the comp...! =)
jage 17 2 Wales
17 Mar 2005 4:31AM
WOW, what an incredible close up, this is awesome
tepot 16 4.4k United Kingdom
17 Mar 2005 4:31AM E.C?
paulstefan 16 509 1 United Kingdom
17 Mar 2005 4:32AM
Blimey - that's one amazing close up
Excellent indeed
cheers, Paul
Gina 16 1
17 Mar 2005 4:36AM
excellent close up
mshepherd 17 667 United Kingdom
17 Mar 2005 4:38AM
Great Extreme Macro
celestun 17 29 14 United Kingdom
17 Mar 2005 4:41AM
Thank you all for your very generous comments!

Can't wait until the dragonflies reappear for 2005!


brian1208 17 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
17 Mar 2005 4:41AM
Looks like you can't wait for Spring either Tim! Smile

Up to your usual macro standard

klewis 16 1.9k 1 United Kingdom
17 Mar 2005 4:43AM
Great closeup and pin sharp. More dof would of been a bonus

IanFlindt 16 740 21 United Kingdom
17 Mar 2005 4:46AM
This is extraordinary, Paul. Is it possible to get much closer? I don't think so. An exceptional image.
celestun 17 29 14 United Kingdom
17 Mar 2005 4:48AM
Thanks Brian & Kev & Ian! This close up even at f16 your lucky to get more than one part of the body in focus.

If they would stay still long enough, I might try f32 next time with a tripod! This one was handheld.


KatieR 17 6.2k 6
17 Mar 2005 4:57AM
Gees! That's amazing. You must have the patience of a saint!
Fantastic close-up.
RipleyExile 17 1.6k 17 England
17 Mar 2005 5:05AM
Fantastic. I wish my close-ups were this sharp, clear and, well, close really. Click.

silvina 16 9
17 Mar 2005 5:08AM
Great detail and colors.
yellowmunky 16 127 1 Wales
17 Mar 2005 5:09AM
Mental! You're as steady as a rock! You're not a heart surgeon, are you? heh heh! Smile

The detail is fantastic; well done Smile
chrissycj 16 1
17 Mar 2005 5:10AM
This is fantastic. Great detail, colours and the sharpness of the image. Excellent.
luigitoi 17 5 1 Argentina
17 Mar 2005 5:23AM
Stunning!!... what a close up... click, luis
digicammad 17 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
17 Mar 2005 5:26AM
Impressive! I can't get within 10 feet of them to use a normal lens, let alone grab such an extreme closeup.

How did you get this?

celestun 17 29 14 United Kingdom
17 Mar 2005 5:43AM
Ian, I discovered that they tend not to notice you if you keep yourself below the horizon relative to the dragonflies line of sight.

Then it is the usual matter of patiently approaching at an incredibly slow pace until they get used to the idea of having a 180mm macro lens about 10cm from their head! Actually, they seem to become almost hypnotised if you succeed in doing this!

The hardest part is keeping steady as a tripod would probably scare them away before you could set it up!

I might have to try this technique on Hannah (our baby daughter) next, see if it will hypnotise her too!

Thanks again for all you kind comments!


digicammad 17 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
17 Mar 2005 5:47AM
Thenks Tim. Mind you, the ones we get by our pond don't even seem to settle for more than a few seconds. I'm still trying to work out if there is a particular plant or something I can get which would encourage them.

leedsgh 16 496 United Kingdom
17 Mar 2005 5:48AM
that is amazing, with the lens you've used how physically close was the end of the lens to the dragonfly?


Ignor me, just seen your '10cm' comment!
celestun 17 29 14 United Kingdom
17 Mar 2005 5:53AM
Thanks Gav,

With extension tubes, you get to within about 10cm! This was taken about 50cm away without extension tubes.

Ian, if you can catch them when their mating and laying eggs by the pond then you will get a good chance, otherwise try the late afternoons away from the pond and look around for any dried grasses or branches where they can perch - like a look-out, they tend to use these in a territorial manner I have noticed.


Ade_Osman 18 4.5k 36 England
17 Mar 2005 6:03AM
I see my arch rival is back in business with his wonderful butterfly/insect macro shots......Think the competion is going to be even more intense this
Great work Tim, just wait till I get out there with the bellows

Regards Ade
barumboy 17 11
17 Mar 2005 6:23AM
Very nice shot. Can't wait for the summer so we can see these guys again!!!
Terryd1 16 1 United Kingdom
17 Mar 2005 6:32AM
Fabulous macro!
MarkyMarc 16 498 Canada
17 Mar 2005 7:25AM
Fantastic macro shot, the detail is incredible. Very well captured. -click-

suleesia 16 176 Malaysia
17 Mar 2005 7:36AM
Stunning! I am lost for words!!
Awfully close, well done Tim. Amazing shot.
digicammad 17 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
17 Mar 2005 8:43AM
Thanks again Tim.
glazzaro 16 70 23 United States
17 Mar 2005 9:12AM
That is about as close and personal I ever want to get with a bug! Wink Brilliant detail, what a to get the most out of that Macro! Spot on! Click!!!

ThomasGorman 16 87 Scotland
17 Mar 2005 10:41AM
Have an RC on me! Definately worth one.
simons 16 13
17 Mar 2005 11:12AM
Captivating, excellent macro shot.
celestun 17 29 14 United Kingdom
17 Mar 2005 12:07PM
Ade, Robin, Terry, Marc, Su, Ian, Greg, Thomas and Simon,

Thank you all for your great comments. Very much appreciated!

woodlark 17 545 1 United Kingdom
17 Mar 2005 1:52PM
Its all been said, Superb!

Denise 19 279
17 Mar 2005 2:19PM
Now that's up close and personal Tim lol. Excellent.
fishiee 17 478 3 United Kingdom
21 Mar 2005 12:22PM
Ooh fantastic shot Tim. I seem to have somehow managed to miss your portfolio in the past. No idea how as you seem to be a bit of an insect nut at times and I am always attracted to those shots!

I see you use the sigma 180 macro - a lens I am considering getting myself for the new insect season. I have tried one out briefly in a shop but am waiting until they get hold of a 150 as well to compare the two which should hopefully be any day now. I see you handhold most of your macro shots which did does bring a big smile to my face as I am looking to get the big 180 if it is handholdable and from your gallery it most definitely is!

I was impressed by the results I got in the shop in pretty terrible light with the 180. So much so that I thought my memory must be bad as the couple of handheld shots I took seemd just too good to be handheld.

I think your gallery has now convinced me that unless the 150 is a heck of a lot better than the 180 then the 180 is the way to go. For a combination of subject distance and image quality it looks pretty much unbeatable. My current setup (sigma 70-300 + 1:1 filter) gives me almost 60cm which I have been so spoilt with over the past year. The 180 gets me quite close to this and seems even better for hand holding too!

I have now made you one of my favourites so I can't miss any more of your posts!
celestun 17 29 14 United Kingdom
21 Mar 2005 2:07PM
Wow John! I am honoured indeed!

Really appreciate your taking the time to take a look around my shots here. I guess for those of us that can't afford the Canon 180mm, the Sigma is definitely the way to go, although I am often tempted to get a Canon 100mm also, it does give fantastic results from what I have seen. One of the problems with the 180mm is that it is hard to get a good depth of field, even at f22, the focal plane is wafer thin!

The new 150mm macro gives the extra stop, although how often are you going to use that in a macro shot?, I usually start at f10 and go up to f32 if I have a tripod opportunity!


fishiee 17 478 3 United Kingdom
21 Mar 2005 11:06PM
I was tempted by the Canon 100mm until I realised you'd have to be almost touching the subject for 1:1 which certainly isn't good for a lot of my subjects. I wouldn't mind the canon 180mm but the price is a bit high considering the other bits of kit I want to get. From my little play with the Sigma 180 the dof seemd better than my current setup. Like you say, I don't think for macro work I'll be using f2.8 a lot if I got the 150, though for non-macro work it might be useful. Subject diatance is my biggest thing though and that's why, if the 180 is hand holdable (which it seems to be) and pretty close to the quality of the 150 then I'll go for it.

Do you use flash at all for your hand hold shots, or are you able to get enough natural light for this?
celestun 17 29 14 United Kingdom
22 Mar 2005 4:39AM
I try not to use a flash ever really, I find the light is too harsh, but then I don't have a good flash system. The light would need to be diffuse to work really well. I am looking into experimenting with more diffuse light sources and even reflectors can make a big difference, although they would also scare a lot of things away!

I am sure you will be happy with the 180mm Sigma, they have come down in price a huge amount recently too!

fishiee 17 478 3 United Kingdom
22 Mar 2005 12:13PM
Thanks for that. I have also found the built in flash to be very harsh. I shall be getting a decent one for my trip to Uganda in July and will be getting a diffuser too which hopefully will be better for my insect work. As you say reflectors can make a big difference too. I will try with just some bits of card and things at first I think. Cheap and quite small so hopefully not too scary for the subjects.

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