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  • Sorry, above should read (windows 10-fall creators update).
  • Angie, you may well be being urged to update to windows 10 creator version as the next major update (Windows 1- fall creators update)
    is due to commence rolling out from approximately 17 October onwards. Your previous problems do also seem to indicate possible
    Graphics card driver problems, it might be worth checking out.
  • Hello Bob
    This is not a fix but it might give you some idea what is causing your problem, go back to your desktop and
    >windows button,>settings,>update and security,>advanced options,>view your update history,
    >successfully installed on 1 Jun 16, this will show you the contents of the update, also note down
    the update ID, it will commence with KB followed with a set of numbers, a google search using this
    windows update ID may show if others are having the same problem. I would also recheck the network adapter
    in case the update has reverted it back to where it was previously.
  • It could well be a wifi driver issue, the link below may help, please read 1 and 2 which gives instructions on how to update the
    network adapter driver.

  • Hello Pauline,

    The above link was produced some time ago by windows, I can only presume it still stands, please read through it and see
    if it is of any help in your situation, I believe that if the windows 10 download/installation should commence there is an option
    to decline or stop it running.
  • Windows update on your laptop probably has a damaged file whereas on your desktop it is running as it should.
    Be aware that when you run the Windows System update readiness tool it can take some time, just leave it running
    until it completes it's task.
  • Following on from the previous comments, I also upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (when it first became available) onto my two desktops which
    were both running Photoshop Elements 8 and Photoshop CS6, and they work perfectly on both computers.

  • Firefox 46.01, Windows 10
  • Hello
    These updates are as they say "waiting for download" there could be a delay or problem at the microsoft server
    there is nothing you can do within the windows updater on you pc to start the downloads, have you tried a restart
    to see if triggers the download procedure?.
    Did you run the Windows 10 update troubleshooter? it can be downloaded and run from here,
  • You will have to wait for the diagnostic scan to complete, hopefully it is checking your update history and downloading
    and installing any outstanding updates, these scans, as you are finding out, can take some time.
  • Click on the start button,> settings, >update and security, >advanced options, >view your update history, a list
    of installed updates and the date they were installed will be shown.
  • Might be worth checking your Hot Keys-Function keys, they may have been accidentally altered.
    Fn+F10- Volume on/mute.
    Fn+F11- Volume down.
    Fn+F12- Volume up.

  • I agree with David and Jester, I upgraded my older desktop running Windows 7 this morning, 1 hour and 20 minutes from commencing download to completed
    installation, so far no problems at all, it will take me a bit of time to find out where everything is not having used Windows 8 or 8.1, but so far I am impressed.
  • Congratulations to to you all, first class photography, very well deserved.
  • Try the premier forum for all queries about Adobe Elements.
  • Hello Ade, So sorry to hear of your current health problems. May I wish you and your family a Very Peaceful Christmas
    and a Very Happy and hopefully Healthy New Year.

  • In Elements Organiser under the File drop down click on Watch folders and see if this is set up correctly,
    tick the box, enter your photos folder into the box below, at the bottom you have two options, choose which
    ever suits you, hope this helps.
  • Is your computer running normally in all other respects?, did you have any other programmes running at the same time?,
    it seems as though elements is having trouble importing the photos from your documents/hard drive.
  • May I also add my congratulations to Nigel and John also to Ben for his 1st and 2nd in the under 16s,
    all outstanding images.
  • I do try carefully to get the right ID for every post but we all make mistakes, I would be very pleased that someone took the time and trouble
    to correct my error and would certainly learn from their comments and thank them.
  • Broken Blossoms by Dusty Springfield, a beautiful, poignant song about the futility of war.

  • I have dealt with them several times, always 1st class service.
  • Len
    I think you may find the D7100 is currently available at Amazon and Mathersoflancashire at below 890.00.
  • You could go to and select their system scanner, this will tell you how much RAM your motherboard will support
    and suggest compatible RAM with the prices, I have used this service over the years with excellent results and very fast delivery.
    Hope this helps.
  • Also check out MPB Photographic, they advertise on EPZ, I have purchased from them several times, excellent service.