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Hello, Not put much on my portfolio yet but feel free to make comment when I do. A lot of the stuff I have now fall into the category of lucky shot whilst hitting the trigger, well the ones you like do. The rest are under misconceptions of goodness by me.

I do not claim to be good at it yet but have a few small victories that keep me trying.

I am glad I had the gumption to show my shots no matter what after years of a lack of confidence in them, I was basically doing them fore my eyes only and now I am out there and quivering.... with excitement that is.
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HI, I am Charlie and a 63 year old grandfather of 5. The two eldest are also into photography so we all fail together.

Was into SLR work over 30 years ago but career then illness stopped me having time so only did the usual holiday shots and the odd attempt at real photography using Bridge cameras. My illness effects what I can do and how much I can do so quite limited. Lots of cursing when I am unable to go places to get the angles I want to get.

My career was relatively short but interesting qualifying as a Mechanical Design Engineer and moving to System Analyst later. Had to learn a little bit about medicine of late for obvious reasons and wish I had done it earlier.

Having bought a Canon EOS DSLR camera recently I am now back to real photography and most topics are not off the list. Like macro work, country scenes and looking in on more artistic stuff but it is slow.

My other interests are angling when I can and my grand kids.


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