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Welcome. I hope you like the pictures Smile
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  • Greedy Puffin

    I've seen loads of Puffin shots over the years but never one like this. Well done Smile
    • 28 Jan 2019 5:52PM
  • Absolute Bowie

    Quote:Absolute! I really thought it was the man himself. And also Mick.
    Big compliment to the guy's and you as photographer... well taken.

    Is there maybe a video taken from this gog?
    Thanks - I usually have no problem using my little Fuji, people just think I've got an old fashioned film camera with me. I'm sure there'll be lots of videos of them on youtube. They do have a facebook page too so you can keep an eye out for gigs. It was advertised as a 70's set but I think Diamond Dogs was the most recent track (from 1974) which suited me fine. It was 80's onwards the following night.

    • 20 Jan 2019 4:52PM
  • Britney

    Quote:I'm pleasantly surprised that they let you keep the camera with you...
    Me too! Took the smallest one I have. Luckily I was dressed up as Britney and it fitted nicely into my handbag lol. Was a bit worried about the bag search but they must have thought the x100s was some old fashioned film camera that posed no threat. Still ok for thousands of people to use camera phones at these events though.
    • 22 Aug 2018 12:05PM
  • Man in the pub.

    Quote:Black on black appears too dark ...He looks like wearing a jumper same colour with his jacket.
    Yet facial expression is superb, he obviously trusts your photographic skills.
    The high ISO of 1600 seems smooth as butter Smile As an alternative I saw a framing, vertical just down the window behind him (starting from that imaginary line towards the right, everything is leaving the frame).
    A fond memory of familiar faces. Only the beer glass missing. Cheers!

    Thanks. He'd actually been to see a Johnny Cash tribute act earlier so was dressed like The Man In Black Smile
    • 21 Mar 2017 8:22PM
  • Blast from the past!

    A blast from the past indeed Smile
    • 17 Dec 2015 6:02PM
  • So many people!

    A view I can never get bored of seeing Smile
    • 26 Aug 2015 1:12PM
  • How it's done.

    What a superbly composed photo Keith that illustrates what lengths photographers will go to for a shot Smile
    • 19 Aug 2015 11:01AM
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  • Some excellent macro stuff in here Smile