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Hi everyone, comments and criticism welcome !
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A quick view of chataignier's recent activity.

  • Washday blues (and reds, and greens, and greys .....)

    for they laughed at his cordwangle where it hung upon the line.....

    Love it !
    • 5 Jun 2020 1:39PM
  • Equilibrium

    Well done to find a good pov, love the result
    • 5 Jun 2020 1:28PM
  • What's Under The Fur Lucy?

    Like the pose and the use of the light from the window
    • 5 Jun 2020 1:17PM
  • 22/52 Caught

    Brilliant timing, love the water droplets
    • 4 Jun 2020 1:07PM
  • Carla

    Fine shot of a lovely model - excellent !
    • 4 Jun 2020 1:00PM
  • Companion

    A fine image quite ruined by an obtrusive signature
    • 3 Jun 2020 8:37PM
  • A Country Gentleman

    Love the foreground and the overall composition, but I have to agree with Sandy, the girl looks as if she's stuffed (in the taxidermy sense...)
    • 2 Jun 2020 11:57AM
  • Your photo of starlings around Brighton pier caught my eye and led me here - many splendid wildlife shots - congratulations on a fine portfolio.
    Regards David
    • Posted on Lillian's profile
    • 14 Jan 2020 6:40PM
  • Many fine creative images. I'm not normally a fan of heavily processed photos but I find myself coming back to these : well constructed images to start, then interesting and creative processing. Keep them coming !!!
    Regards David
    • Posted on adagio's profile
    • 5 Jan 2020 6:15PM
  • Nice portfolio, I particularly like the posed still life images.
  • I'm not a great flower photo person, but I do like some of these. However, it's your still life photos that I really admire, well executed and some highly original ideas. Bravo !
  • Exquisite work - wonderful colour and light.
    Do you know of this photographer's work ? She was guest of honour at our annual expo a couple of weeks ago :
    Sophie Luciani

  • Great portfolio, lots of variety, masses of quality. As for being unsure of what you are doing - aren't we all ? I certainly am.

    David GrinGrinGrin
  • Interesting and varied portfolio - I particularly like the low pov shots of animals

    Regards David