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  • Fishing by Chelle65

    This is a new shot took the other day the exif details didnt show up
    • 16 Jun 2020 9:58AM
  • Wading by Chelle65

    I agree the focus is more on the reeds behind the heron , but unfortunately he was a long way away and i couldnt physically get closer yes more a good memory
    • 12 Jun 2020 11:17PM
  • Little trio by Chelle65

    I have a 2nd edition in my portfolio, thank you for your helpful comments
    • 9 Jun 2020 8:59AM
  • Heron in the evening by Chelle65

    Thank you
    • 7 Jan 2020 10:17PM
  • That look by Chelle65

    Thank you for your comments just learning with my bridge camera useful comments :
    • 18 Oct 2019 6:40AM
  • Secret chats by Chelle65

    Probably it was my first time as im a beginner...there were lots of people there
    • 11 Apr 2019 11:20PM
  • Taking a break by Chelle65

    Completely coincidental...i was at the black country museum ....he was just sitting on the boat having a cuppa ...thought in looked better in new to photography just learning with a bridge camera
    • 8 Apr 2019 9:10AM
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