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I'm not trying to be sexy. It's just my way of expressing myself when I'm Shooting!!
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  • Chicproduction next step!

    We are orginizing another London exhibition and we managed to have some stunning sponsers! Yeeeeeeepppppppeeeeeeeee! The Panel is about my blessed fetish work! Looking forward to it and hopefully you will come to see my exhibtion! Also - I ...

    27 Aug 2009 3:43PM | Read


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  • "Updates"

    Just uploaded our new website! Enjoy link

    12 Aug 2009 10:28AM | Read


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  • The chic!

    Waiting to recieve the book copies from NY of my tattoo images!!! Yeeeeeepppppppppeeeeeeeee!

    3 Aug 2009 7:53PM | Read


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