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The one thing you can't recycle is wasted time!
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A quick view of chieflong's recent activity.

  • St Maelruan's Church

    Nice HDR work my friend!
    • 20 Oct 2011 4:55PM
  • On the Clyde

    Well done my friend! Excellent use of Photomatix!
    • 20 Oct 2011 4:51PM
  • Sad World

    Freedom.... just another word for nothing left to loose!
    • 9 Aug 2011 3:53PM
  • Street Life

    Quote:What terrible bad luck, it makes you feel so violated and angry inside.
    This is an excellent street shot as all yours are but what a price you had to pay in this instance.


    thanks Fran - the issue at hand here is that we have a big trip planned for the fall to visit Paris, Amsterdam, and London and having to report our passports as stolen will only cause us issues as we cross borders! It is such a pain to have to cancel credit cards, bank cards, passports... and apply for new ones! The rest of the stuff is insured so it will be replaced but still a hassle to get it all back.
    • 13 Jun 2011 12:22PM
  • Sharing

    Quote:I love how you process some of these images, it's a real nice effect, is it HDR?
    This is another very interesting scene.


    Hi Fran - yes it is HDR using the new Photomatix Pro 4 program
    • 7 Jun 2011 5:47PM
  • Harrier Hawk

    Lovely capture of the Harrier!
    • 28 Apr 2011 12:11PM
  • Eddie's Boat, Bunbeg, Donegal

    Great angle and well captured my friend! Thanks for sharing.
    • 28 Apr 2011 12:10PM
  • Great shots man!! I've become a fan of your racing photos! Super portfolio my friend!
  • Lovely and impressive portfolio my friend!
  • Very impressive floweral portfolio my friend. Well done!!
    • Posted on CarolG's profile
    • 15 Apr 2008 4:58PM
  • Just visited your website - VERY IMPRESSIVE!! Well done my friend.
    • Posted on sketch's profile
    • 24 Feb 2008 4:36PM
  • Wonderful portfolio my friend. Looks like you're putting that new Nikon to a very good use.
  • Great portfolio! Love your pup, is that a King George Spaniel?
    • Posted on una's profile
    • 19 Dec 2007 5:11PM