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Portfolio - Chinga


Thank you to everyone who has been giving me your comments and advice to help me to improve. A camera can be great fun, and I'm learning everyday...
PS - I don't use photshop in any of my images ... Might learn one day
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Chinga's Portfolio.




bobby55 Avatar
bobby55 13 67 United Kingdom
5 Jul 2022 3:18PM
What a wonderful colourful selection. I'm so envious of the different subjects you have to photograph.
Oh and thanks for visiting my page and leaving your kind comments.
CaroleA Avatar
CaroleA 17 10 3 England
23 May 2022 2:42PM
What a colourful portfolio! It made me smile Grin
Spro46 Avatar
Spro46 1 1 United Kingdom
29 Mar 2022 2:49PM
Love your colour ...you have a wonderful eye for a photograph
Meta_Morph Avatar
Meta_Morph 1 5 1 United Kingdom
16 Jan 2022 6:45PM
Excellent portfolio Isabel, very inspiring. I missed your pop art collection, a belated award on the way!
Nigeltraveller Avatar
Thankyou for comment on mountain view .Just shows with the right conditions expensive camera not needed.
icipix Avatar
icipix 3 1 Germany
5 Oct 2021 9:22AM
Thank you very much for your great feedback on my "Tiger and Turtle" Stairs picture, much appreciate it.... greetings, ici
Nigeltraveller Avatar
Many thanks for your vote on the giraffes at the water hole .Your portfolio is an inspiration,every day is a learning curve for me ,so your interpretaion and varied subjects are so helpful.
Fenfotos Avatar
Fenfotos 7 36 3 United Kingdom
26 Aug 2021 6:02PM
elousteve Avatar
elousteve 3 5 Slovakia
22 Jun 2021 7:50AM
Dear Isabel, thank you very much for regularly monitoring my portfolio and the new photos I add to my portfolio. I'm glad you like it and thank you for the kind comments. I like your photo too. I write little. I'm just clicking. My English is limited by google translator. I apologise.

scuggy Avatar
scuggy 9 4 United Kingdom
9 May 2021 12:30PM
Isobel, you have such an eclectic gallery it's difficult to pinpoint my favourites, so well done on being such a diverse and observant photographer. Douglas.
capturingthelight Avatar
Isobel truely superb gallery packed full of excellence and inspiration. Simon
capturingthelight Avatar
Thank you for your comments you have an eye catching gallery
louie1st Avatar
louie1st 11 7 United Kingdom
16 Jan 2021 10:33PM
Thanks Isabel for your comments, I'm new to posting on here so still finding my way around, Love your portfolio you have a good eye for a photo. My New Years resolution is to try something different other than wildlife and nature but it is my passion. Stay safe.
Meditator Avatar
Meditator 14 4 2 United Kingdom
31 Dec 2020 9:58AM
Thanks Isabel for your kind comments on my work - your own work I look forward to is wonderfully colourful and wide ranging. May the New Year bring everyone some relief from this pandemic and an easier time making great images.

TheURL Avatar
TheURL Plus
3 21 1 United Kingdom
12 Dec 2020 1:03AM
Love your photos - you don't need Photoshop!! Really - for me it would seriously detract from what you do. Smile
BlueJonnyp Avatar
BlueJonnyp 5 70 United Kingdom
24 Oct 2020 3:34PM
Thanks for your votes Chinga, i love your gallery,

BookOld Avatar
4 Oct 2020 8:16PM
Thank you very much Isabel for your words and welcome, little by little I am getting to know the dynamics,
but I am already perceiving that it is a magnificent and friendly photography community... Best regards, Felix
suemart Avatar
suemart Plus
5 8 3 United Kingdom
18 Sep 2020 7:14PM
Hi Isabel. I've enjoyed travelling through your quirky, colourful world. You've got a great eye for noticing unusual and amusing scenes. Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures.
Adrian57 Avatar
20 Aug 2020 8:55PM
Thanks for viewing and commenting on my photos. Adrian.
bornstupix2 Avatar
bornstupix2 6 131 1 France
19 Jun 2020 12:35AM
kind comments and votes on my pictures.....I`m pleased you enjoyed them.....your portfolio has some great work stuart
Vince52 Avatar
Vince52 13 Wales
24 May 2020 3:22PM
Thanks for comment on my recent photo. Great portfolio.
Webbs Avatar
Webbs 7 9
24 May 2020 11:11AM
For taking, not forsaking!Grin
Webbs Avatar
Webbs 7 9
24 May 2020 11:10AM
Thank you forsaking the time to comment on my recent photos. Lovely portfolio by the way.
woodini254 Avatar
10 May 2020 8:20PM
Isabel you have a great, varied and very joyous and colourful portfolio and I look forward to seeing your photos, keep up the good work. Rich
BlueJonnyp Avatar
BlueJonnyp 5 70 United Kingdom
26 Apr 2020 12:04PM
Hi Chinga, thanks for the comment on my kingfisher. I just had to browse your portfolio and thoroughly enjoyed it all! Faceology reminded me of the tiling in Porto train station. If you have not been there, it will amaze you when you can. Best wishes
robertsnikon Avatar
30 Mar 2020 3:37PM
Cracking work and great subject matter and vercatility
Alfie_P Avatar
Alfie_P 16 927 2 United Kingdom
21 Mar 2020 10:11PM
This is the most diverse and entertaining members site I've had the pleasure to view thus far and it's going to take something special to beat it. Thank you Isabel.
Lencollard Avatar
Lencollard 10 2 United Kingdom
9 Feb 2020 12:28AM
Thankyou again for your comment and vote . Len
Aeros Avatar
Aeros 5 12 1 Canada
28 Nov 2019 2:52AM
Chinga, it's such a joy to view your bright, colorful and interesting view of your world.
StephenDM Avatar
StephenDM 16 1 England
14 Nov 2019 11:06PM
Thank you for the comment on my photo, your portfolio is very bright, I love the bold colours
WYNN Avatar
WYNN 13 United Kingdom
25 Sep 2019 6:55PM
Great portfolio Chinga, lovely captures.
RH Avatar
RH 14 19 United Kingdom
10 Aug 2019 2:05PM
Thanks for your kind comments on my photos.
Jeremy_Smith Avatar
1 Aug 2019 5:27PM
Thank you for your kind remarks.
jerseygirl65 Avatar
29 Jun 2019 2:01PM
Thanks for your kind comments on my portfolio photos, Isabel. It's very encouraging. Jane
BillEiffert Avatar
12 Feb 2019 6:07PM
Thanks so very much Isabel for the faves
its very kind of you
LianaMegne Avatar
4 Feb 2019 9:27AM
Thank you for voting Smile
gpimages Avatar
gpimages Plus
13 82 4 England
29 Jan 2019 1:03AM
Thanks for your vote Chinga - much appreciated. Glad you enjoyed the image.
Gypsyman Avatar
Gypsyman 12 690 England
18 Jan 2019 2:19PM
Great Set with wonderful presentation.
targetman Avatar
targetman 14 2 United Kingdom
5 Jan 2019 2:44PM
Wonderful selection of images Chinga.
wsh Avatar
wsh Plus
5 85 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2018 6:48PM
So much to look at here. And not one bad photograph. William..
Skinwalker Avatar
5 Dec 2018 5:08PM
Nice portfolio I like the vast range of subjects.
mac Avatar
mac Plus
22 16 Scotland
3 Nov 2018 12:31AM
A great range of photographs with some original ideas.
Alan26 Avatar
15 Oct 2018 8:13PM
Great portfolio
Alan26 Avatar
15 Oct 2018 2:57PM
Great shots Isobel 😁
MaryFaith Avatar
MaryFaith 9 59 New Zealand
20 Aug 2018 2:09AM
I love seagulls - lead for me this time Smile Nice set Isobel
barryyoungnz Avatar
17 Aug 2018 10:31PM
This is a stunning portfolio. Well done. I applaud the absence of Photoshop. I must confess to using Elements 15 but only to get my photos looking closer to the way I saw them in reality.
badgerwil70 Avatar
29 Jun 2018 1:34PM
Thank you Isabel for your kind comments on my humble work.Grin
Took the opportunity with a quick look through your PF,very interesting images.
Will return when time permits.GrinGrin
jimlad Avatar
jimlad Plus
15 2.0k United Kingdom
26 May 2018 10:29AM
thank you for your comments
Jimlad123 also I do like your pictures( a certain style)
Grandfather47 Avatar
22 Apr 2018 7:33PM
Excellent portfolio - not one bad shot.
Kilmas Avatar
Kilmas 12 3 United Kingdom
13 Apr 2018 7:03PM
I enjoyed looking through your portfolio Isabel, excellent photography. GrinGrinGrin
simmo73 Avatar
30 Nov 2017 1:16PM
Firstly, thank you for your votes. I think you have an excellent collection of images, and in my humble opinion you do not need photoshop. I am fairly new to this hobby myself, and have come to realise that the most important piece of equipment i own is my eyes.
babajoshua Avatar
26 Nov 2017 6:00PM
A great portfolio I have enjoyed looking through it and thank you for your recent support
moglen Avatar
moglen 16 14 1
5 Nov 2017 3:53PM
Thanks for the vote. You have a very colourful portfolio. X
Audran Avatar
Audran 13 United Kingdom
25 Oct 2017 11:02AM
I love your work
irishsmile Avatar
22 Sep 2017 11:37AM
Thank you for your kind comments on my photos isabel, im just a beginner but i am taking inspiration from your wonderful work.
Arnie64 Avatar
23 Aug 2017 7:58PM
For your comment just started photography
Have you any tips on macro photographing
radex Avatar
radex 7 United Kingdom
14 Aug 2017 9:17AM
Thank you Isabel for your lovely comment!
Radovan Smile

musico Avatar
musico 6 United Kingdom
22 Jul 2017 2:13PM
Thanks Isabel,pleased you like the church;it's in Beccles,Suffolk.
Lencollard Avatar
Lencollard 10 2 United Kingdom
15 Jul 2017 6:37PM
Many thanks for your comment. You have a great portfolio.
WilliamEdward Avatar
3 Jul 2017 12:27PM
Nice portfolio some interesting street art. Thanks for your comments on my pics. Billy
Alex64 Avatar
12 Jun 2017 7:48PM
A beautiful and unique portfolio....

Alex 64
Pejadee Avatar
Pejadee 8 4 Spain
4 Jun 2017 3:39PM
Great PhotosSmile
Sirsnapsalot Avatar
Thankyou so much for your comment and vote Smile
nellacphoto Avatar
30 Apr 2017 7:16AM
Lovely observation and appreciation of colour. Well done.
chevron3691 Avatar
24 Apr 2017 8:28AM
SmileSmileHi thank you for your comment.Like your work something nobody else is doing.
RJNPhotographic Avatar
24 Feb 2017 8:29AM
Some very good and interesting street art
leo_nid Avatar
leo_nid 6 12
21 Feb 2017 10:54AM
many thanks for your vote on my recent pic, dear Isabel, much appreciated
arabroshan Avatar
14 Feb 2017 6:26AM
u did perfect
and its too good that not use of photo shop
pure photography
martin174 Avatar
2 Feb 2017 2:32PM
Hello Isabel,
many thanks for your votes and encouraging comments on my images.
Are you an artist as well? You have an extraordinary eye for composition and colour.
Wonderful pf.

Aldrin69 Avatar
1 Feb 2017 11:05PM
Hi Isabel, thank you for commenting on my pictures.
You have some great images lovely colours! GrinGrin
jinstone Avatar
jinstone Plus
17 8 1 United Kingdom
29 Jan 2017 9:51AM
Isabel, many thanks for the votes and comments on my page. Just been browsing through your photo's. A wonderful collection. So many where in every day life it would just be so easy to walk by without even noticing, which makes for some great captures.
notsuigeneris Avatar
Hi Isabel,

Thanks for your supportive comments. Love the way you create interesting images from everyday things. Well done.

davyskid Avatar
davyskid 6 2 Scotland
22 Jan 2017 6:37PM
Hi just like to say thanks for your coments iam new to all of this. Just had a look at your porfolio love all the colours and composition.SmileSmile
Jodyw17 Avatar
22 Jan 2017 12:52PM
Such a colourful portfolio, stunning images!

kojack Avatar
kojack 11 United Kingdom
16 Jan 2017 11:27AM
Thank you very much for your comment on my portfolio you to have a lovely portfolio .
snapman11 Avatar
snapman11 16 15 United Kingdom
14 Jan 2017 5:49PM
girl of my own heart !!! going for all the textures ,,,,great pics
faisalzeben Avatar
14 Jan 2017 11:08AM
Thanks Isabel for your kind votes and comments, and you have a great portfolio Grin
Do not deprive me of your comments in order to learn more.

Thanks again
snapman11 Avatar
snapman11 16 15 United Kingdom
4 Jan 2017 4:32PM
You have started now !!! your eye is in !!! next is photoshop, I allways said I would never use it (being an old film man and a freelance press photographer with a Rolleiflex ) but in the end I did and believe me you will have lots of fun .with raw files its just the same as burning and dodging that we used to have to do with the black and white printing but only 10000000% better and more rewarding ,best of luck xxx
mongol Avatar
mongol 6 Germany
3 Jan 2017 8:56AM
Thanks for your comment
hippysnapper Avatar
hippysnapper 14 17 United Kingdom
3 Jan 2017 8:30AM
mongol Avatar
mongol 6 Germany
3 Jan 2017 7:01AM
Sie haben ein fantastisches Portfolio
Wireworkzzz Avatar
Love the way you compose your pics with heaps of colour.
hippysnapper Avatar
hippysnapper 14 17 United Kingdom
6 Nov 2016 10:54AM
Love the variety of abstracts and fabulous colours.

ananny Avatar
ananny 13 England
5 Oct 2016 11:24AM
you have some beutiful pictures and so colourful
Suzie69 Avatar
2 Oct 2016 4:36PM
Love your photo's nice and bright..Make me smile Smile
sidnox Avatar
sidnox 12 United Kingdom
28 Sep 2016 9:33AM
Than you so much for looking at my picture of my Chaffinch much appreciated I had a look at your work and it just outstanding thanks again-Sid.xxxx
radex Avatar
radex 7 United Kingdom
26 Sep 2016 12:21AM
Chingaaaa Thank you for your lovely feedback!!GrinGrinGrin
Johnpt Avatar
Johnpt 7 United Kingdom
24 Sep 2016 5:02PM
Thank you Isabel for your vote and comment on my photo, Chrysler Gazelle.
I enjoyed looking through your extensive portfolio, very colourful and a variety of subject matter.

Claudio306 Avatar
24 Sep 2016 12:06PM
Thank you Isabel SmileSmileSmile.
You can also view other works at this link: https://www.eyeem.com/u/claudio68
See you soon.
Backabit Avatar
24 Sep 2016 10:03AM
Love the colours in your work ! And I can see why you liked my sunflower picture!
cdnikon Avatar
cdnikon 10 United Kingdom
22 Sep 2016 2:04PM
Beautiful colours Chinga, fantastic subject matters, love your work :}
geoffgt Avatar
geoffgt 7 171 United Kingdom
1 Sep 2016 8:10AM
Many thanks for your comments and votes on my recent uploads. You have some amazing images thank you for sharing. Regards Geoff
SteveWood14458 Avatar
14 Aug 2016 11:54AM
Many thanks for your comment. I'm relatively new to this so any comments and feed back are greatly appreciated. I have had a look through your portfolio and I am really impressed with the quality and colour you have achieved. Grin Steve
peterjay80 Avatar
31 Jul 2016 1:12PM
Your comments greatly appreciated, whya a gorgeous portfolio. thank you for sharing it.
4k78l Avatar
4k78l 7 278 1 New Caledonia
31 Jul 2016 7:03AM
I like the ease of your images - they have a continuance in flow between them, and they show you do what you want to do. What I love about photography is that we will never be outlearned, same applies to the rest of life Smile Good luck on your voyage through YOUR lens Wink
titchpics Avatar
titchpics 12 7 England
26 Jun 2016 10:20AM
Firstly many thanks for your votes and comments on my images of Venice and the Aldeburgh scene, they are most welcome and appreciated .

Having seen the quality and colourful imagery of your work, I feel that its a portfolio I will enjoy re-visiting many times in the future!

Happy snapping

nellacphoto Avatar
24 Jun 2016 10:01PM
Maybe no Photoshop ... but you have a very good eye. Well done.
rambler Avatar
rambler Plus
15 1.1k 17 England
1 Jun 2016 12:57PM
A great body of work Isabel, I salute you,

hazirahisah Avatar
28 May 2016 5:17PM
hi there ! thanks for the comment and vote Grin I'm still new here and kinda try to learn everything I could from this website . Your photos are amazing and for sure, I'll spend my time going through all of them anytime soon. Nice day !
markwelshlead Avatar
1 May 2016 7:59PM
Thanks isobel for ypur your kind votes and comments again ,and i have just loved looking through your portfolio its great fair play to you but i still havent gone through them all yet, i will be following your photos from now on thats for sure .
Thanks again mark
frogs123 Avatar
26 Apr 2016 11:40AM
Loving the color to your captures really good work. Sorry I dont get time to look at your work more often you certainly have an eye for this!!!!
Danny1970 Avatar
17 Apr 2016 10:04AM
Just had a fab Sunday morning sat here with a cup of coffee and been taken on a wonderful journey through your archives Isabel, your portfolio is first class, you have a great eye for photography.
Thank you for all your votes comments and awards on mine it is much valued and appreciatedSmile
vivdy Avatar
vivdy 12 2 United Kingdom
14 Mar 2016 12:58PM
Thank you for your kind comment . I have enjoyed looking through your PF and am impressed that you do not use Photoshop , so often it can ruin a good photograph ! Viv
ddolfelin Avatar
ddolfelin 11 103 3 Wales
1 Feb 2016 7:04AM
Thanks for all your wonderful images, Isabel.
A real pleasure to see every time.
tonyguitar Avatar
tonyguitar 11 77 37 Canada
9 Nov 2015 2:49PM
Some very good images Chinga. A hint about lenses... Before I decide to buy any lens, I check here first.


Photozone.de [ Germany ]. They are very tough on expensive but poor lenses. Saves you money. Cheers. TG
phillG Avatar
phillG 17 229 United Kingdom
7 Oct 2015 7:05AM
You have a wonderful portfolio with such a wide variety of images,it was a pleasure to view

many thanks for the comment on my PF
CanonAndy22 Avatar
CanonAndy22 11 6 1 United Kingdom
31 Jul 2015 6:00PM
Beautiful portfolio Isabel. Very enjoyable. Nice to see you're not a slave to Photoshop - just like me!Wink
You have a fantastic portfolio. So many wonderful photos to look through.

Bigdenbo Avatar
Bigdenbo Plus
13 263 United Kingdom
29 Dec 2014 11:49PM
Hey Chinga you have a great eye keep em coming
Andy19 Avatar
Andy19 9 United Kingdom
24 Jun 2014 6:32AM
Fabulous portfolio and I am still looking when I should be going to work Wink

Thanks for your comment earlier Smile
HELANA 13 United Kingdom
14 Mar 2014 11:58PM
Thak you very much for all your votes today Isabel, much appreciated. Have a look at you PF, great, just what I like, every day different subject. It makes it more interested.Super images.
Fred263 Avatar
Fred263 11 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2014 8:02AM
Stunning variety of superb images in your PF, Isabel.
RobboB Avatar
RobboB Plus
16 134 2 United Kingdom
31 Dec 2013 7:19AM
Hello Isabel

Some great travel photos in your portfolio. Keep up the good work
ukgubbi Avatar
ukgubbi 11 5 India
27 Nov 2013 2:00AM
Thanks for your input and user award for my image "Lilly". I treasure this and this is an incentive to do better.
Newdawei Avatar
27 Oct 2013 1:15AM
I love almost each of your portfolio not only because of colors and comp, but also the meaningful thought you gave us.
Meanwhile many thanks for your comment recently !
anglingandyq Avatar
29 Sep 2013 12:44AM
A superb varied Pf SmileSmile
briantjjones Avatar
23 Sep 2013 7:46PM
Hi Fantastic PF and thank you so much for your kind comments and votes recently SmileSmile

Kind Regards, Brian J.
Stmarkus Avatar
Stmarkus 10 1 Puerto Rico
5 Sep 2013 5:47AM
I love your composition and use of color. And thanks for your comment!
Bantu Avatar
Bantu 10 7 1 India
28 Aug 2013 12:22PM
good good
striker1998 Avatar
striker1998 14 11 United Kingdom
27 May 2013 4:36PM
Lovely colourful portfolio. Grin
JudyS Avatar
JudyS 10 South Africa
5 May 2013 4:35PM
nice photos! thanks for commenting on mine
ukgubbi Avatar
ukgubbi 11 5 India
30 Apr 2013 7:58AM
thanks for your input on my image-painted stork. Ypu have a brilliant collection of images. Best wishes for your future endeavour
HarrietH Avatar
HarrietH Plus
13 304 Portugal
20 Apr 2013 7:23AM
A brilliant colourful portfolio. Congratulations, excellent photography.

Gypsyman Avatar
Gypsyman 12 690 England
10 Apr 2013 10:18AM
Chinga, Your Pf continues to grow with captures that I would be delighted to be able to say, I took them. Best Wishes Eric.
JudyS Avatar
JudyS 10 South Africa
28 Mar 2013 9:32AM
Nice photos and thanks for commenting on mine!
jaspalsingh21 Avatar
12 Jan 2013 11:09AM
Every single shot is G8..
Jellyfire Avatar
Jellyfire 11 41 4 United Kingdom
2 Jan 2013 7:21AM
Ah I can see why you liked my green image, what a wonderfully lush green portfolio you have! Lovely stuff

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