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A quick view of Chris_L's recent activity.

  • Path to Harrop Tarn

    Whenever I'm going through your pf I always stop for a longer look at the Kodachrome images.
    • 1 Jan 2020 5:10PM
  • Stuff in a Bowl 15

    Love the tonal quality of this, quite inspirational. (Think that means might copy your idea Blush).

    Did you try any other backgrounds? Really wonder what a darker or black one would have done, or even teal.
    • 1 Jan 2020 5:08PM
  • Untitled

    Nice shot but the jpeg is oversharpened and overprocessed.
    • 17 Dec 2019 5:59PM
  • Smokey Hong Kong

    It's not great and if you want improve then ignore the above comment. This would be ten times better if you'd got more Hong Kong and less sky. The top clouds are boring, my eye cries because when it reaches the bottom of the frame there is so much more that it could have seen, if you'd applied rule of thirds or lost the sky altogether. A good photo would have been a great photo. I used to shoot like this and I wish someone had rudely commented in this way on my pics that were like this because for years my composition was rubbish.
    • 15 Dec 2019 11:01AM
  • From the past

    Really nice feel to it
    • 13 Dec 2019 8:33PM
  • Under the bridge

    You said in forum topic that you weren't that happy with your night images. I can see why, there's a fair bit of blur, I wonder if you knocked the tripod ever so slightly, or, if you used the shutter button instead of a remote release which would introduce just enough wobble to blur some of the image. Your settings seem okay. I'd probably try slightly higher ISO, open shutter for less time, try aperture of f8.0 but really make sure focus is accurate, set manually. Did the course tutor instruct on settings?
    • 13 Nov 2019 1:27AM
  • Flying fisherman

    Looking at your portfolio after seeing your A9 for sale, I can see you are catching some great moments, I think many could have been shot at f2.8 - letting you get a much faster shutter speed or lower iso, a lot of the stuff in my pf was shot wide open. Sony's lenses are good enough and so are the bodies or have you found you don't get sufficient dof at f2.8?
    • 15 Oct 2019 10:12AM
  • These are great, I just found your portfolio after seeing your video post. Love your muted colours
  • You're getting there - few more years and you'll have this photo-taking malarkey nailed Grin
    • Posted on keithh's profile
    • 15 Sep 2014 6:53PM
  • Think you're starting to get the hang of it now