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A big thankyou just for looking......
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chris-p's Portfolio.




Fenfotos Plus
6 32 3 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2021 6:17PM
Superb portfolio of landscapes.
philhomer 12 88 32 England
21 Nov 2020 3:53AM
Quite possibly the best portfolio I have seen - and that includes my own.
AndyCRevitt 15 12 United Kingdom
18 Jul 2020 2:01PM
A stunning portfolio, sublime images.
azurak 14 Croatia
31 Mar 2020 10:58AM
I enjoyed watching your portfolio, your work is simply outstanding and thank you for sharing it with us!
Drighlynne 11 131 1 United Kingdom
19 Dec 2018 4:07PM
A wonderful portfolio Chris wonderful colours.
Stunning Portfolio
Lontano 12 8 2 United Kingdom
10 Nov 2018 11:06AM
I don't often comment on colour photographs (dyed in the wool monochrome photographer) but some of yours make me sit up and take notice. Some of your landscapes remind me of watercolours and pastels by JWM Turner. Excellent work. And then there are the black and whites for me to feast on as well.
Mike_Smith Plus
15 912 2 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2018 7:48PM
Just had a look through your pictures Chris, very immpresive collection. Quite a lot I can imagine look stunning in print, keep up the great work I will return to look at more
john_starkey 12 2 3 United Kingdom
22 Sep 2017 6:18AM
Some lovely work here Chris.

chris-p Plus
16 75 England
1 Aug 2016 10:18PM
Thanks very much
Disee Plus
12 28 United Kingdom
1 Aug 2016 10:13PM
Wow i all I can say. A fabulous portfolio Chris
Dinah GrinGrinGrin
cimic 7 1 South Africa
23 Jun 2016 8:22AM
A truly outstanding portfolio; my favourites being your landscape and seascape images. Smile
10 Jun 2016 4:29PM
Excellent portfolio, inspiring
McBrian 17 101 Scotland
23 May 2016 11:35AM
Fantastic portfolio, absolutely stunning photography.
smitbar 14 136 England
31 Aug 2015 8:06PM
Stunning page Wink
mondmagu 12 75 Ireland
23 Aug 2015 10:21PM
Stunning pf Chris.

stunning work here. thank you for sharing Smile
avacreates 10 448 1 United Kingdom
1 Jul 2015 2:02AM
Spectacular PF
karlfox 11 4 United Kingdom
4 Mar 2015 2:42PM
Such a stunning array of photography! Cant fail to be anything but impressed.
31 Jan 2015 5:21PM
you have some nice work Tongue
titchpics 10 7 England
27 Dec 2014 2:11PM
A wonderful Portfolio Chris, some truely magical landscapes within it.

happy snapping

jacqs 11 United Kingdom
11 Sep 2014 7:53AM
Really loved meandering through your stunning portfolio. Really would like to get some shots like this in my collection. Going to have to read up on 'how to' now and get out there. Smile
kojak 9 14 United Kingdom
4 Aug 2014 4:38PM
Another cracking shot
IsabelC 8 51 10 Denmark
3 Aug 2014 9:43AM
What a beautiful portfolio. You can be really proud of this.
I especially like the photos that stay in one predominant colour family (like dawn unfolds) or the monochrome one "relics" Smile
marktc 11 101 15 United Kingdom
3 Jul 2014 8:16AM
Yours is an awesome Portfolio Chris and your images are something to aspire to! Superb!
ABPhotosUK 9 26 1 United Kingdom
8 May 2014 11:41AM
Stunning work Chris, a lot of skill and a great eye as well as tremendous camera and processing techniques!!
23 Mar 2014 8:18PM
Just had a good look at your portfolio. Excellent work. I particularly like your coastal shots.
ericfaragh Plus
18 149 6 United Kingdom
21 Dec 2013 1:18PM
Beautifully judged exposures.
chris-p Plus
16 75 England
8 Mar 2013 5:27PM
Many thanks Jenny and Gavin for your very kind comments.
8 Mar 2013 5:09PM
Great portfolio Chris.

A great amount of variety, your railway images are inspirational.

A pleasure to look at.


Jenny-D 12 1 United Kingdom
11 Feb 2013 10:12PM
Amazing portfolio, really enjoyed viewing Smile
chris-p Plus
16 75 England
16 Dec 2012 11:01PM
Thank you Des
mondmagu 12 75 Ireland
16 Dec 2012 4:48PM
Great pf Chris,the composition and lighting along with the details are superb.

chris-p Plus
16 75 England
20 Nov 2012 8:59PM
Thank you David...
SugarDJ 14 1 England
20 Nov 2012 8:48PM
I've just scanned through your pf. You really have a very special talent, I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 20 minutes looking through the most wonderful photography!!

chris-p Plus
16 75 England
13 Jun 2012 2:41PM
Thankyou Jeremy..
fazzer 13 54 7 United Kingdom
12 Jun 2012 6:29PM
Stunning images,the standard of work i aspire to
rgds jeremy
BrainResin 11 11 Ireland
31 Oct 2011 12:41AM
Ahhh Chris your work is just awesome manGrinGrin Stunning body of work and I only got to the second page and I had to leave a commentSmile

WarrenD 13 1 England
21 Oct 2011 8:35PM
Stunning portfolio Chris, Impossible to pick a favourite shot as they are all equally as brilliant!!!
luceombra 10 27 5 Italy
19 Oct 2011 8:33AM
Excellent portfolio. You are a real master of colours! Smile
mondmagu 12 75 Ireland
30 Aug 2010 11:24PM
Lovely mood and colours Chris.

cabbie Plus
15 31 United Kingdom
1 Aug 2010 6:58PM
Lovely capture well done

Harpic 12 13 England
15 Jul 2010 9:01PM
I cast my first ephoto vote for your latest pic and decided to look at your pf, glad I did, It's a very inspirational set. Brilliant
olbell 14 47 1 England
8 May 2010 8:59PM
A brilliant portfolio. Your recent work is particularly good - I love the elements in the foreground. Just the sort of photos I like to take but need to get to some of these fantastic locations.

Look forward to seeing more of your photos!

LukeParkinson 12 30 3 United Kingdom
24 Mar 2010 7:13AM
Absolutely Stunning!
lianna 12 13 United Kingdom
24 Feb 2010 6:26PM
a stunning colourful portfolio, every image is fantastic, detailed and just perfect. amazing. look forward to more of your stunning awe inspiring work x x
nishad1994 12 264 Oman
19 Feb 2010 5:22PM
Hey Chris, You have got a perfect PF. Love it !!
It is one of the most outstanding PF on EPZ.
Waiting to see more of your great photographs soon. Grin

Mynett 14 142 6 United Kingdom
13 Feb 2010 3:38PM
What a very beautiful pf, every image is just so perfect and so well composed - wonderful colours

keep them coming,

chris-p Plus
16 75 England
9 Feb 2010 11:15PM
Very kind of you to say Davey....thankyou.
davey 18 246 England
9 Feb 2010 10:52PM
Without doubt one of the best portfolios on here.
Simply outstanding.

If I was half as good I would be a very happy chappy!!!!!

chris-p Plus
16 75 England
2 Nov 2009 9:11PM
Thankyou Steve.....
No secret ....just a bit of luck and getting up at silly times in the morning.
sherring 14 46 13 United Kingdom
2 Nov 2009 2:34PM
These shots are all fantastic. I would love to know your secret. I seem to have great difficulty with these types of shot and just cant seem to get them to look right. Do you do a lot of post processing in Photoshop or are you in the right place at the right time?
chris-p Plus
16 75 England
26 Aug 2009 10:23PM
Thanks Rob.... very much appreciated.
26 Aug 2009 8:52PM
Stunning PF Chris, just added you to my "favorites" as your PF gives me so much inspiration! Hoping i can get results close to yours one day.

Regards Rob
Kenfromsot 14 61 United Kingdom
4 Aug 2009 11:58PM
My goodness me....what a stunning portfolio,wonderful images.
You must be very proud of such a collection.

Regards Ken
16 Jul 2009 12:08AM
A fantastic and inspiring portfolio. Many of these are very sell able. Keep it coming.

chris-p Plus
16 75 England
13 Jul 2009 5:53PM
Thanks Tim...very much appreciated and keep with epz....thats how i have learnt.
Emu72 13 7 1 United Kingdom
12 Jul 2009 10:12PM
Chris I've gotta say... just what a stunning PF mate, I can only hope that I am this good one day! particularly like mind the gap, but all are amazing. Keep up the good work! Regards Tim
RobboB Plus
15 133 1 United Kingdom
10 Jul 2009 5:59PM
Really great portfolio Chris. Particularly like the B&Ws

chris-p Plus
16 75 England
26 Jun 2009 4:13PM
Very kind of you Delene....thankyou.
Delene 13 United Kingdom
26 Jun 2009 12:50PM
Wow - what beautiful work. Stunning.
chris-p Plus
16 75 England
9 Jun 2009 4:18PM
Thanks very much Bill....
BillyGoatGruff 15 191 199 England
9 Jun 2009 4:06PM
What an incredibly good portfolio you have, Chris!!!
One of the very best I've seen on this site so far.
An astonishing body of work.

chris-p Plus
16 75 England
3 Jun 2009 10:41PM
Thanks Wolfy and Keith..
KBan 17 512 4 United Kingdom
3 Jun 2009 10:36PM
too many great shots to comment on here, superb Portfolio...........I'll be back !!!!!!

wolfy 18 36 United Kingdom
25 Apr 2009 9:49PM
Superb PF of stunning shots Chris, I hope I can build up one half as good! I particulary like the Ravenglass ones...
chris-p Plus
16 75 England
21 Apr 2009 10:36PM
Thankyou very much for your kind comments...they are highly appreciated..........
nuts 15 Netherlands
20 Apr 2009 10:17PM
Hello Chris stunning PF some topp class images i keep a closer watch at u wurth it regards aj
mcgannc 13 389 3 England
12 Mar 2009 9:13PM
You're work is absolutely stunning, massively inspiring for beginners like me!

srqkud 13 South Africa
12 Feb 2009 9:44AM
Stunning portfolio.
chris-p Plus
16 75 England
14 Nov 2008 8:27AM
Thankyou Dougie for your very kind comments....
14 Nov 2008 5:17AM
A wonderful folio of high quality images, full of life, light and colour, you use your talents well to portray the land and sea around our Countries, so very well done Chris.

All the very best
User_Removed 15 11 11 United Kingdom
1 Nov 2008 6:43PM
A stunning PF Chris and very nice to meet you this morning.


Chris C
jonathanbp 14 99 Thailand
27 Oct 2008 6:28PM
Amazing portfolio, an inspiration - Jonathan
chris-p Plus
16 75 England
4 Sep 2008 10:18PM
Thankyou Steve..
3 Sep 2008 5:18PM
You have an amazing PF - some great work.
chris-p Plus
16 75 England
23 Jul 2008 4:00PM
Thankyou Dorothy...
dwarf 14 52 United Kingdom
17 Jul 2008 1:51PM
beautiful work . inspirational dorothy
chris-p Plus
16 75 England
7 Jul 2008 10:15AM
Thankyou for your kind comments...
7 Jul 2008 12:32AM
Absolutely amazing PF!
Great work Chris.
NEWMANP 14 1.6k 574 United Kingdom
11 Jun 2008 12:58PM
breathtaking PF very inspirational
sherlob Plus
16 3.3k 133 United Kingdom
8 Jun 2008 1:30AM
Lovely work Chris. It was nice to meet you the other week. Some of your landscapes are to die for. The Cornish coast serise is superb.

marecki 14 Poland
29 Apr 2008 10:03PM
Wish I had just one of your pictures on my wall. Great job. Looking forward to see more. marek
GillyB 17 317 8 United Kingdom
26 Apr 2008 9:16AM
Landscape photography at its best ...... a pleasure to view!

chris-p Plus
16 75 England
22 Apr 2008 8:58PM
Thankyou for your very kind comments..
StevenPrice 17 30 2 England
13 Apr 2008 10:30PM
there are some superb images in your portfolio it has been a pleasure to view.

dawnmichelle 15 12 United States
6 Mar 2008 10:14PM
wow lovely PF...
chris-p Plus
16 75 England
4 Mar 2008 4:13PM
Thankyou Catherine....said all the right things Wink
Dad x
In my opinion the best portfolio there could be Smile amazing work!
redstag 16 100 15 United Kingdom
15 Feb 2008 11:52AM
For some reason I've been overlooking your PF recently. Definitely my loss, there are some absolutely gorgeous images here. Very inspirational.
Nick_w Plus
15 4.4k 99 England
10 Feb 2008 10:20PM
When I joined EPZ this was one of the PFs that inspired me .. and it continues to do so, breathtaking.

10 Feb 2008 3:06PM
I love your Portfolio.
Its great
chris-p Plus
16 75 England
9 Feb 2008 9:56AM
Thankyou...appreciate your comments..makes it all worthwhile.............
franfoto 14 2 32 England
8 Feb 2008 4:06PM
I've enjoyed looking through your PF, there are some outstanding landscape images and your work is of a good standard, thanks for sharing with us all.
sherlob Plus
16 3.3k 133 United Kingdom
22 Jan 2008 10:23PM
Wonderful PF. Some truely inspirational work. Thanks for sharing.

olbell 14 47 1 England
15 Jan 2008 11:52AM
A breathtaking portfolio of my favourites, landscapes and seascapes. Keep up the excellent work.

Rgds Ollie
cheesey 16 2 United Kingdom
14 Jan 2008 10:51PM
You have some stunning images in your pf. All I can say is keep up the good work. Theyre up with the very best on this site. Regards Cheesey.
peely 15 13 England
27 Sep 2007 8:58PM
I agree with all the above,keep it coming.
chris-p Plus
16 75 England
21 Aug 2007 4:29PM
Thankyou very much for your kind comments..
ian walker 17 717 United Kingdom
22 Jun 2007 9:31PM
An excellent portfolio that has inspired me and i am sure countless hundreds of others.

keep uploading
bayliner185 15 16 1 Northern Ireland
21 Jun 2007 4:31PM
Delightful Chris, simply delightful. Absolutely nothing but praise for this shot. Click.

dathersmith 15 565 12 United Kingdom
19 Jun 2007 9:36PM
Just stumbled upon your portfolio and could end up leaving an 'excellent' comment on every shot. No time for that unfortunately so thought I would simply leave one comment here.


Each shot is superb in its own right,inspirational.

Imagine23 16 241 United Kingdom
18 Jun 2007 8:24PM
Your portfolio is spectacular - easily amoungst the best on the site in my opinion - if not THE best. Lynn Smile
jobswotter 16 2
30 May 2007 1:13PM
Only recently been told about your portfolio Chris. Inspiring and must be among the best. 'keep em coming
dionne 18 29 United Kingdom
2 Apr 2007 5:53PM
WOW -WOT a PF!!! Fantastic - extremely inspirational!!
chris-p Plus
16 75 England
30 Mar 2007 8:17AM
A very big thankyou for your kind comments...
rangerpaul 15 19 7 England
29 Mar 2007 9:21PM
A truly inspirational portfolio. Truly something for us all to aspire to.
KevinGoodchild 20 1.2k 9 England
27 Mar 2007 3:49PM
A stunning portfolio

rickys 15
19 Mar 2007 4:03PM
some fantastic pics there. love the beach ones
canongirl08 17 18 United Kingdom
17 Mar 2007 6:08PM
Wow what can i say Stunning pf you have!
Always a pleasure to look through
Really admire your work
angej 17 479 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2007 8:03PM
lovely images Chris, especially of BarmouthSmile))
VintageRed 16 15 1 United Kingdom
7 Mar 2007 6:09PM
I'm bowled over by the consistent quality in your p/f Chris. I particularly enjoy your compositions and capture of colour. Stirring stuff.
21 Feb 2007 9:21PM
Great Portfolio lovely images and atmosphere some of the Peak District areas are familiar to me, we get up there when we can, your work gives me inspiration.
jeanie Plus
18 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
24 Jan 2007 8:31PM
It's always such a delight to view your images. What a great portfolio.

Maddie 17 2.7k 2 United Kingdom
8 Jan 2007 9:31PM
i love looking at your uploads and have watched you improve with joining epz chris, look forward to your future images.
25 Oct 2006 9:29AM
Hi Chris

What a excellent profile! I am really admire your work. Shan Smile
chris-p Plus
16 75 England
1 Sep 2006 6:33PM
Thankyou for your encouraging comments
SH2006 16 222 United Kingdom
29 Aug 2006 12:01PM
Great collection of images Chris. You have captured some awesome colours and atmosphere.

Regards, Stuart
TrevorPlumbe 16 60 England
3 Aug 2006 3:41PM
Superb portfolio Chris, keep at it bruv
crash39 16 24 England
30 May 2006 10:58PM
An amazing collection.

26 May 2006 9:04AM
amazing portfolio..keep up the outstanding work.
Kim Walton 18 145 30 United Kingdom
25 May 2006 5:02AM
Hi Chris,Although i`ve seen your images---they tend to jump out at you,i`ve not really picked up on your PF.Its a cracker and stands up well on the top shelf of PF`s,well done.
MattB 16 251
6 May 2006 9:38AM
Is it ok if i just leave one big click here! Your images are truly top class. I shall enjoy looking at your new stuff as you post it.

BillS 16 27 United Kingdom
26 Mar 2006 11:32PM
A brilliant collection of images , very impressive !
eyperry 16 1
15 Mar 2006 10:16AM
love your stuff . absolutely breathtaking. xx
old timer 18 55 1 Scotland
23 Feb 2006 9:16AM
Don't know how I've missed your work so far as there's some fantastic stuff in your PF.
vtoth 18 271 Croatia
18 Feb 2006 5:50AM
Lovely portfolio with stunning landscapes, full of detail. Keep it up!!

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