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A quick view of CHRISB911's recent activity.

  • Mares' Tails

    a gem dave, keep your chin up mate.
    • 2 Dec 2014 2:46PM
  • View from Mount Alice,West Falklands.

    great pov
    • 29 Aug 2014 10:17PM
  • Alanya Harbour

    nice pov, a lot of softness in the forground maybe a smaller aperature would have worked re sharpness or up the iso to avoid blurring in the boats in the forground, try a smaller aperature f13 or 16, works for me, cheers hope this helps
    • 26 Aug 2014 2:47PM
  • Looe Bridge

    thanks for the comment yes i know that a sky with more colour in it is always best, on this occasion yes it was dark but the shot i feel work and captures what i wanted at that time, thanks for the advice re tripod, not in favour of f8 yes its probably the sweet spot on most lenses but i like to shoiot at f11 to f16, hope that helps it works for me.
    • 26 Aug 2014 2:22PM
  • Mermaid Street

    superb capture
    • 21 May 2014 2:54PM
  • Motogp 2011 silverstone

    superb shot
    • 9 May 2014 5:09PM
  • Billy Goat's Gruff aka Clapper Bridge at Postbridge

    like it very much, the same weather today, great shot.
    • 6 Apr 2014 10:00AM
  • love the portfolio susan and your pics of spain
    keep up the good work
  • excellent work
  • green army for ever ollie is a god nice portfolio carl
    • Posted on Carl40's profile
    • 2 Feb 2007 9:34PM