'Portrait Photography' Competition - Win A Samyang 85mm F/1.4 FE II Lens!

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  • Commented on 'Canon 24 105 L Error 01'

    I live in yorkshire.
    • 20 Jun 2016 1:37PM
  • Commented on 'Canon 24 105 L Error 01'

    My lens has this fault, cannot connect with camera clean contacts, apparently this is a common fault with this lens, can anyone recommend a repairer other than canon? and any idea of cost?

    • 20 Jun 2016 1:27PM
  • Commented on 'Raw+JPEG'

    Thanks it did the trick.
    • 31 Oct 2015 1:02PM
  • Commented on 'Raw+JPEG'

    Why is it when i import my JPEG+RAW files into lightroom 5 my jpegs cannot be seen?
    • 30 Oct 2015 3:42PM
  • Commented on 'Places in England where you can photograph big cats with no glass'

    yorkshire wild life park doncaster, its the best zoo ive been too in a long while, plenty of access to the animals. without the glass.
    • 8 Jan 2015 2:11PM
  • Commented on 'LR5 to Elements 10'

    Can anyone tell me why after editing in LR5,I then transfer my image to elements,the picture looks more crisp and sharp than in LR5
    Also will I get a better quality print if I print as a raw file in LR5.
    • 12 Apr 2014 8:41PM
  • Commented on 'How to disable colour management, help'

    Thanks Railcam
    • 12 Apr 2014 12:28AM
  • Commented on 'How to disable colour management, help'

    thank you all for you help, but iam not there yet, how do i load the profile onto PSE so it shows up on select paper, it shows up when i go to more options then colour management, its in my printer profile. but not in the paper type box.
    • 11 Apr 2014 10:36PM
  • Commented on 'How to disable colour management, help'

    Thanks dave, but when i go to advanced settings to set paper type my permajet profile is not there just the default one's canon etc and i still see no option to turn of colour management, in the more options box the permajet profile is there and stays selected and of course it says remember to turn off colour management, i click on printer preferences but still cannot find the option to turn off colour management.
    • 11 Apr 2014 1:10PM
  • Commented on 'How to disable colour management, help'

    I have a canon pro 100 printer, i want to use permajet profiles which i downloaded, i follow the insructions up to the point where it says disable color management but no matter where i look i cannot find this option, can someone please tell me where to look, i use photo elements 10.


    • 11 Apr 2014 10:42AM