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Thanks for looking at my portfolio. Any comments are greatly appreciated.
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  • Daves world

    Fantastic environmental portrait, well done
    • 1 Nov 2010 6:45AM
  • Green Eyes

    Dualy noted Smile I have spent so much time taking images underpressure and in dangerous situations that basic skills of flash tecnique has really faded Sad
    • 27 Jun 2010 10:06AM
  • Extraction

    and thats why Photography is subjective Smile

    Thanks for all the coments
    • 6 Oct 2008 7:17AM
  • Search and Rescue

    Thanks. I didn't think it looked like the sea either but thats sunny cyprus for you!! Smile
    • 20 Jun 2008 3:38PM
  • Seven Locks

    Like the sky, it draws me straight into the image. I love the colours. HDR is something i really want to get into so it would be interesting to hear how you went about taking it and editing it, and with what software.
    • 14 Jan 2007 9:08PM
  • Summer Sunset

    You have a very good eye for the abstract and beautiful things around you. Keep up the good work and the practice and one day you will be just as good if not better than your father!!
    • 29 Oct 2006 6:45PM
  • Scar House Reservoir

    Great image. Love the mood of the sky.
    • 8 Feb 2008 6:08PM
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