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  • I'd simply ask yourself, what is it that you feel you are lacking in your current bag, that will help us to answer what you may need. Are your lenses limiting you or is it the camera, maybe have a look at swapping the 7D and 400D for the new 7D2.
  • I was fortunate enough to be able to use one, it's a beast! Not light but a great lens. Just wish I could afford one Sad
  • I use YN 622c, they never miss a bit and allow for manual adjustment from the camera menu. If your a camera doesn't have this option,then you can add the new YN 622c TX, which will allow adjustments
  • I have also switched to a 27" Mac from a PC and I am loving it. I use Lightroom as its what I'm used to. If you have the MAC disk you could try installing it and using the same product key. I know the disk I have for LR5 is for both Mac and Windows
  • not tried any of those I'm afraid. If its portability and power you're looking for I can recommend the Lencarta Safari2 600. As I've borrowed a set of these from time to time

  • Quote:I have got a 565II, buggered if I can get it to work wireless with my Canon 600D unless the on camera flash fires

    I have a 60D which I believe uses the same triggering system. The camera uses the inboard flash to send a signal to the slave unit which has the ttl settings. Typically the output of the onboard is so low it doesn't contribute to the overall exposure
  • I've used them twice now and both times had excellent service. In depth tracking data available on all deliveries. It's worth bearing in mind that the warranty isn't with Canon but provided by Panamoz, however I believe they have an agreement with a UK based repairer so the lens wouldn't need to go back to HK.
  • It may be worth investigating the international warranty first. Although this used to be the case canon as well as others have started clamping down on the whole "grey import" market. I have just had a quick look on the Canon USA, UK, Asia & Singapore sites and there is no mention of international warranties. I've also heard of cases where Canon have refused to work on imported lenses. I've nothing against these companies and have used them myself, but it's best to be armed with the correct facts first.
  • Exactly Mike, because the fewer numbers the more expensive Smile

  • Quote:Mozzy,

    I've pretty much decided on the 70D over the 7D, just got to have a conversation with she who doesn't understand camera's.

    I find this has benefits as they also dont know the prices Grin
  • Firstly as to Panamoz, I have used them twice now first for a 60D and second for a Tamron 70-200 VC, and on both occasions their service has been excellent and would be happy to use them again if the price warranted it and this brings me to my second point, price. Currently the 5D3 is available circa 18/1900 as a grey import, something I was considering until checking UK prices. I have just ordered a 5D3 with Canon grip and LR5/PSE bundle for 2299. So all things considered the body is costing 1870. (Based on 249 for the grip and 180 for the software) and this is for a UK supplied body carrying manufacturers warranty (which Panamoz or HDEW purchases doesn't) and this is before you take into account all the other aspects of Grey Imports. In a lot of cases now the savings are not as big as they used to.
    I have also heard from a reliable source that Canon UK along with other Manufacturers are starting to refuse to repair grey imports

  • Quote:. We must be Fools paying these high prices. Still the above price is better than 2300. Good Luck.

    You're right we must be, I've just done the same Smile
  • I have the Sport version which comes with the BRAD. I find it incredibly comfortable even when used with a gripped body and a sigma 150-500 or gripped body 70-200 2.8 and 430ex ii

  • Wollaton Hall

    Brighton Pier

  • St Albans Cathedral

  • Quote:Black Rapid straps are also worth a look. I've been using my Black Rapid Cargo for a few weeks and it's great. On it I've been carrying a D700, sometimes with grip, and Nikon 80-200 or 24-70; fairly hefty combinations. And a speedlight occasionally.

    I'm looking at the black rapid RS-7 do you know if it can be worn with a rucksack, I use the Lowepro Vertex 200.
    Sorry for the hijack Grin

    I use a Black Rapid sport along wit a Fastback 350 backpack, without any issues
  • As amateurs, why do we feel the need for labels. I would describe myself as a photography enthusiast who specialises in wildlife and bird, rather than a wildlife photographer. As long as you enjoy what you do, who cares. When asked if I am a photographer, I answer "no I just enjoy taking photographs"
  • Since getting mine, It's a great lens, stopped down to F8 it's sharp right the way to 500mm. Yes in low light the focus can struggle, I use BBF and AI servo to track BIF and it works fine. The OS works really well and makes it easier to frame when hand holding, a lot of the wildlife shots in my PF are taken with lens, all hand held. As with all lenses though I would recommend trying the actual lens before you buy. For more sample shots there is a group on Flickr dedicated to this lens
  • Hey CB great minds Grin

  • Quote:Depends how you define 'semi-pro.'
    I think that I've still got that on my pf.
    I put it there as a joke because I once took an image for a local newsletter. They gave me a tenner. It's the only photograph I've sold in my life.
    Thing is, it could now be said that I've made a part of my income from photography.

    I agree that the definitions are very subjective (maybe be EPZ could publish guidelines so as to get a uniform approach). Personally I would define semi pro as a weekend warrior, or someone who takes commissions whilst still having another job, or maybe to supplement a part time job. Whilst a pro uses photography as their only source of income. Somehow I have managed to sell a couple of prints, but I still think I am an enthusiast, albeit a lucky one Smile

    As to the OP I wouldn't get too hung up about using manual at the moment, I would focus on your technique and understanding of exposure and where the optimum apertures are for your lenses. Also shooting RAW gives a lot more flexibility to correct in PP. if you are shooting with a 70-300 you will need to work on trying to get close to you subjects, alternately look at upgrading your lenses. With the lenses you have I would avoid using teleconverters at all cost, you will lose AF.

    Oh and avoid the use of Pro in your profile Grin
  • I'm not too excited because the way canon are pricing new releases, I would need a lottery win to get oneSad I'd love a shiny new 5d mkiii to keep my 60d company, however I will have to wait a while for decent 2nd hand prices
  • If my memory serves me right, quite a lot of my old school meals could have been offensive weapons. If you caught one of the scones to the side of the head, that would be it, lights out!!! Grin
  • Usually yes, but surely something like that can be resolved

  • Quote:There's a couple of reasons for me leaving, but I don't believe it would be in anyone's best interest (legally or morally) if it is publically discussed.

    If you are going to leave in a very public way, perhaps you owe it to your public to at least give an outline of the reasons you are leaving.

    One can only imagine it is some sort of personality clash or the like, rather than some technical problem with the site.

    Reading between then lines CB, I think this goes deeper than a personality clash. I hope that between Prashant and Pete they can sort something, however if not I wish you the best of luck with your photography and will miss your work

  • I also use a Black Rapid, it regularly carries a gripped 60d with 150-500mm. It does fit to the tripod thread which lets it hang ready for use. I use it with manfrotto RC2 plates. There is a replacement bolt available that means the strap clips directly to the plate
  • Thanks for all your help everyone, after playing about with the Mantra theme and in the end have ended up getting one from theme forest. It has given what I feel to be a much more polished look however I have had to forego the Nextgen plugin option, oh well.

    Thanks again

  • Quote:I did read earlier and forgot you had paid so my appologies for that, which to me means that he excepted the Contract,

    I wouldn't be so sure about that TBH.

    If you pay by Paypal doesn't the money just get taken from the buyer's account and deposited in the seller's account automatically? Therefore, surely the seller has no choice over whether or not the money is taken, only whether to accept it or refund it.

    This is not like a direct credit card transaction where the money doesn't actually get charged to the card until the seller actually requests it - in which case it can be said that the contract has been made. If there is a problem with the price, availability or any other reason not to make the contract then the vendor simply doesn't request the money from the card issuer.

    Under UK contract law, there must be an invite to treat, negotiation and agreement by both parties before a contract is reached, offering something for sale is classified as "an invite to treat" what this means is that it is an invitation to enter into negotiations with the seller, by sending the funds you have opened the negotiation phase, by returning the funds they have declined the offer, therefore no contract has ever been reached. I will add that I am not a solicitor however I do work in the motor industry and part of my management training covered contract law. It is a common misconception that if something is priced, then the supplier has a legal obligation to sell at that price. If it is incorrect they can reject the sale. This can be further complicated by distance selling regulations. Where it is recommended that the supplier makes it clear to the puchaser at what point the contract is formed and becomes binding. A lot of companies use the point of dispatch to be this point, because most of the time order confirmations are automated. An acceptance cannot be made on someone else's behalf. Once you get into it is a minefield!

  • Quote:I'm still trying to figure out what the best way to keep my pictures all backed up. I've had so many external HDD's fail over the years.

    Me too. I'm starting to thinking about adding cloud to my backup solution. Ie photos backed up to external drive and the cloud
  • Just thought I'd give a quick update, I have just ordered the components for my new machine, in the end I decided on the following spec

    Intel I5 3570K 3.4ghz
    16GB (2x8GB) Corsair Vengeance Jet Black Low Profile 1600MHz CL10 DDR3 Dual/Quad Channel Kit
    MSI Z77A-GD65 Intel Z77 Socket 1155 DDR3
    Samsung 250GB SATA III SSD
    2TB WD Caviar Green SATA III HDD

    This will all be attached to my existing Graphics card, DVD RW and External 2GB HDD. All this for about 700.

    Thank you for all your advice and help, and thank you for not turning it into the usual Mac V PC mines better than yours

  • I decided to make the most of the weather today and took a trip to a nature reserve near me. Once there I decided my goal was to get images of the birds in flight, trees etc. So I mounted my Sigma 150-500, clipped it onto my BR RS Sport, locked my bag in the car and off I went. I was out for a few hours and didn't once miss my other kit. Other people I saw were laden with backpacks, scopes mounted to tripods hooked over the top of bags and so on. This set me thinking how much equipment do you all tend to carry on a day trip?