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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • Mr McGregor's Garden

    Ha! Ha! I've just been watching Peter Rabbit with my 2-yr-old granddaughter. Excellent.
    • 14 Sep 2014 11:56AM
  • Wasp Spider

    He looks a bit of a hard-case. Shouldn't want to see that crawling up out of the bath.
    • 13 Sep 2014 3:06PM
  • Dragonfly

    So who showed you how to change your lens? Wink
    Great shot John.
    • 13 Sep 2014 2:48PM
  • Not you again!

    That is superb. What an expression!
    • 13 Sep 2014 2:44PM
  • Lift off!

    Yet another Wow! shot. Superb, John
    • 13 Sep 2014 2:43PM
  • Juvenile Hare

    Have my UA award John, this has been a brilliant series. If the British Hare club had an award, I reckon you'd get that too.
    • 13 Aug 2014 6:59PM
  • Shackles

    I can only refer you to the words of the hymn "And can it be" by Charles Wesley . . . "My chains fell off and I was free", referring to casting off the burden of sin by accepting Christ as saviour.
    • 2 Aug 2014 8:17PM
  • Window

    A super set of images. Just the sort of thing I look out for in France. And thank you so much Woolybill for that link, that was my thought precisely when I saw the title of the series.
    • 2 Aug 2014 7:55PM
  • Through the Looking Glass

    Spot on! It's a bit like the old Kensitas cigarette packet that had a picture of a waiter bearing a tray, with a packet of Kensitas cigarettes on it, and on that packet you could see a picture of a waiter . . . ad infinitum.
    Well spotted and precisely taken, you should be a cabinet maker with that eye for precision.
    • 2 Aug 2014 7:51PM
  • Hiding Chairs

    Kind of them to stack them in a colourful array like that. Well spotted.
    • 2 Aug 2014 7:47PM
  • Hebridean Rabbit

    He looks a lot more relaxed than the average hare that you capture with that 400mm lens of yours.
    • 2 Aug 2014 7:45PM
  • Harvest Hare

    He just looks so alert. His ears, his eyes, both on full alert and ready to spring him into action.
    Another beautiful shot.
    • 2 Aug 2014 7:44PM
  • Snipe

    That long beak reminds me of somebody . . .
    Another beaut, pin-sharp as usual.
    • 2 Jul 2014 9:36PM
  • Redshank

    Why's it called a Redshank? Wink Only joking. Excellent!
    • 2 Jul 2014 9:34PM
  • Fulmar

    Cracking hand-held shot. Pin-sharp and just at the right moment.
    • 2 Jul 2014 9:33PM
  • Boat Abstract

    Well up to your usual standard. Super colours. A little late to wish you "bonne route", but I do anyway. And "bon randonner" (I've probably got the gender wrong, again!).
    • 21 Jun 2014 4:44PM
  • Afterwards

    Superb sculpture and an excellent capture. Interesting treatment of the laminates and surface textures. The rust gives about the right colour for the khaki uniform.
    • 21 Jun 2014 4:34PM
  • Fear

    Now that's well out of my comfort zone and knowledge base. Super work.
    • 21 Jun 2014 4:27PM
  • coloured leaf

    That's a wow! sort of shot. I love the colours in the background and the skeletal remains of the leaf. It works very well.
    • 21 Jun 2014 4:24PM
  • Beach huts at Blyth

    Excellent b/w pic. It might be interesting to load the colour version for comparison. I love the graphic feel of this though.
    • 21 Jun 2014 4:15PM
  • Boat Jam at the Needles - Round the Island 2014

    Love it, especially the letterbox format version. Don't know why I like it as I'm not into sailing, quality tells I suppose.
    • 21 Jun 2014 4:09PM
  • Skipper

    Super colours and detail.
    • 21 Jun 2014 3:59PM
  • Liittle wasp

    Super colours and detail.
    • 21 Jun 2014 3:58PM
  • Special couple, special day

    That is a super image. What a lovely thought for your brother and his wife. I like the treatment.
    Barbara, a ruby wedding is 40 years.
    • 21 Jun 2014 3:57PM
  • Beetle

    Superb! This is back to where you started after you broke your ankle, sold the windsurfer and bought the macro lens and camera. Amazing detail.
    • 21 Jun 2014 3:11PM
  • Hornet

    So you remembered you had another lens apart from the 400mm. Well done, it was well worth it. You must have been a trifle nervous looking at this little beast so close up through a macro lens. Amazing detail, probably best not to be able to see the sting in amazing close up.
    • 21 Jun 2014 3:08PM
  • Red-legged Partridge

    Super shot. What a surprised expression on its face. You would have made a superb poacher by the way.
    • 21 Jun 2014 3:02PM
  • Coming to say 'hello'....

    Running out of superlatives for these shots of yours John. Amazing quality. You've cracked it long ago, keep up the good work. Did you want a recipe for Hare Pie, by the way? Wink
    • 21 Jun 2014 2:59PM
  • Rectangles & Reflections

    Quote:Anarchic, wild, undisciplined distortion dragooned into order within rigid lines.

    My thoughts exactly Wink

    Actually, I thought, I like all that chaos in that neat frame.

    • 11 May 2014 3:48PM
  • The inevitable...

    That fern makes all the difference. Super shot. Your Hyacinthoides non-scriptaphobia is cured.
    • 8 May 2014 4:53PM