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I got my first camera at the age of 12 - my dad's old Voigtlander. Handheld lightmeter, manual non-slr focus and everything in feet (growing up in South Africa where everything is metric made this a challenge). I never had much luck with it (couldn't afford the ongoing developing costs on my pocket money).

Forgot all about photography until my wife and I spent a year travelling through Central America, Easter Island, New Zealand and Australia. Had a Canon Powershot S30 which was fabulous, but limited.

Since getting back to the UK, I've been lucky enough to receive a 300D for my birthday and this has rekindled my love of the whole process.

Recently upgraded to the 350D (fortunate to have a wife who has the same interest - who now has my 300D), and hoping to concentrate more on the technical aspects rather than relying on luck like I have in the past.

Thanks for looking and please never hesitate to leave any comments/feedback/critique - I am trying to improve and will always welcome your comments.



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