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A little busy at the moment so not much time to comment, but hopefully I will be back on here soon.
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A quick view of chrisrudland's recent activity.

  • Frosty Thurne

    Very nice composition and refreshing to see a new angle.

    • 11 Feb 2007 11:28PM

    Very nice...

    • 19 Mar 2008 7:14PM
  • Mewslade

    Really like the contrast between the sky and sand, lovely presentation as well.

    • 31 Dec 2006 8:37PM
  • Blustery Too

    Another cracking shot from this viewpoint, you have some great detail in the distance as well, even the cement works is there.

    • 31 Dec 2006 8:20PM
  • Liquid Gold

    Beautifully presented with a superb composition, and what a wonderful colour you've used.

    • 17 Dec 2006 1:11PM
  • Harbour Reflections

    So many good images uploaded lately, its taken time to round to them all. Beautiful peaceful scene here Chris with much to look at. Just looked at this with the top third cropped off and it looks even better to me.

    I hope your printing some of these..

    • 17 Dec 2006 1:09PM
  • High Stone Barn

    The sky makes this for me.

    • 14 Dec 2006 10:28AM
  • Exceptionally good and consistent volume of work here Lloyd, your portfolio and website are very well presented.

    • Posted on lloydee's profile
    • 21 Dec 2006 5:37PM
  • Hi Janet,

    Another Portfolio I have discovered with exceptionally consistent work, inspiring and the highest quality images of some of my favourite birds, alas not the tree sparrow though who has evaded me.

    • Posted on chase's profile
    • 18 Feb 2007 3:26PM
  • A portfolio with some of the most consistent stylish land and seascapes on here. Your presentation of these is of a high standard and your use of the light inspirational.

    • Posted on angej's profile
    • 25 Jan 2006 2:27AM
  • Hi Dennis,

    Very creative and inspirational portfolio with some wonderful scenery.

    • Posted on den2il's profile
    • 23 Jan 2006 11:43AM
  • Steve,

    Your portfolio is of exceptional standard, especially your work in the Lake District.

    • Posted on stevie's profile
    • 13 Dec 2006 7:31PM