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hi thankyou for looking at my p/f i like birds and landscaps ,i have a sony a55 Grin
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A quick view of christinecilia's recent activity.

  • Wild Kestrel , wide angle

    great shot
    • 13 Jul 2020 7:52PM
  • Barn Owl....Wild,

    well done
    • 14 Jun 2020 9:22PM
  • Golden Eagle (3)

    • 14 Jun 2020 9:21PM
  • Eagle

    beautiful shot
    • 14 Jun 2020 9:19PM
  • Mrs b just drying off after having a bath

    lovely shot Grin
    • 14 Jun 2020 9:18PM
  • Mischievous spring

    • 12 May 2020 6:41PM
  • Earthbound

    stunning photo
    • 2 May 2020 8:42PM
  • you have some beautiful birds shots love the littel owl GrinGrin
    • Posted on NEWMANP's profile
    • 29 May 2016 10:18PM
  • great shots of owls i work at a bird of pray center on a sun they have a little owl there and he is very sweet. christineGrinGrin
  • thankyou for your comment on my kestrel photo re gards christine Grin
  • thankyou for your comment on my kestrel photo re gards christine Grin
    • Posted on SueEley's profile
    • 24 Mar 2012 3:32PM
  • i glad you like my tree photo like your p/f thanks for your comment re gards christine Grin Grin
    • Posted on Niknut's profile
    • 17 Mar 2012 4:58PM
  • like your p/f great photos re gards christine Grin
    • Posted on Mynett's profile
    • 15 Mar 2012 2:20PM
  • thankyou for your comment on comming in to land i like your p/f re gards christine Grin
  • thank you for your comment on my photo comming in to land and for the advice on my lens re gards christine Grin
  • i love all your birds photos great Grin
    • Posted on Len1950's profile
    • 21 Feb 2012 3:57PM
  • hi love the close ups i would love to take photos like that .christine.
    • Posted on CarolG's profile
    • 30 Dec 2011 4:26PM